Ishqbaaz- Spoiler for this week


The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show that Shivaay and Anika’s love-hate
story has added misunderstandings in their lives. Shivaay is very much angry seeing
Tej’s MMS has leaked on video which makes OM shattered. Shivayy can bear anything
but he cannot see his brother OM in any sad condition. Shivaay finds out as a girl brought
chip here and sold it to them. Shivaay feels that it was Anika’s deed and meets him angrily.
Shivaay accuses Anika for selling his chip for money but Anika accuses for it. Shivaay and
Anika argue over the chip but Shivaay believes that Anika tried to insult his family and now he
will not leave her. Shivaay’s terror in Anika’s life Anika challenges Shivaay that he will not
do anything of her but Shivaay tells her that nothing is impossible for her.
Shivaay warns Anika that now she will show his real side that will never let her stay peacefully.
How Anika handle Shivaay’s angry avatar?

Shivaay’s brother OM’s life is going to enter in love world after entry of IShana in their life.
Ishaana is a con woman who has taken money from OM be fooling him but OM does not see her face.
OM feels some attraction and pain in her eyes but does not think about her more.
Now, OM and Ishaana bump with each other again where Ishaana recognizes OM while OM feels that he has met her before too.
OM and Ishaana are different from each other as OM has differences with his family while Ishaana loves his family a lot.

Apart from OM’s love story, Shivaay and Anika has united with their revenge.Both Shivaay and Anika want
not to see each other face but situation bring them together again and again.Challenges between Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta)
and Anika (Surbhi Chandna)Shivaay misunderstands Anika for selling his chip for which his brother OM put his life in danger.
Shivaay comes to Anika house and throws water on her which makes Anika shocked. Anika tries to say something
but Shivaay tells her that now it is just started as she should to be habitual of this. Shivaay tells Anika that he

will destroy her life so that she herself bends down in front of him. Anika challenges to Shivaay that she will never
bend down in front of him and he can do whatever he wants.
OM gets a bangle and reaches to dance academy returning it to the girl. Ishaana who a dancer is impressed seeing
OM and likes his attitude and style. Ishaana dances happily on the song Nachu Main Aaj Cham
Cham in front of OM.OM does not react much but sees her dance which makes Ishaana surprised.
Ishaana falls in love with OM After ending dance, OM returns bangle to Ishaana and
Ishaana gets mesmerized seeing OM’s style.
Ishana falls in love with OM in first sight and decide to win OM’s love.
Ishaana is after Omkara and does all research about his likes and dislikes.
Ishaana has some master plan to trap Omkara by making him fall in love with her but all goes in vain.

Ishaana tries to go closer to Omkara to trap him but Omkara doesn’t pay much attention to Ishaana.
Ishaana’s trap for Omkara Ishaana is doing all under some hidden plan as she wants to fulfill her hidden aim.
Ishaana will soon start to really like Omkara in her false love attempts, Omkara will be unaware about it.
Ishaana’s love story seems no start, it would be interesting to watch that how will Omkara develop liking for Ishaana.
Shivaay gave 3 days challenge to Anika for making her down on her knees in front of him. Shivaay first snatches
Anika’s canteen tender, then destroy her catering business making her weak with money.
Anika does not accept defeat then Shivaay buys Anika’s house which bring storm in her life.
Shivaay comes to meet Anika on road and rain gets started which makes Shivaay upset as he does not like rain.

However, he forgets his hate for rain celebrates the moment of defeating Anika.
Shivaay insults Anika by telling that everything is money and handover a black check to her.
Shivaay insults Anika giving black check to her Shivaay tells Anika that no one can defeat
him and now she got to know as how much price of her self-respect.

Shivaay leaves Anika alone on the road while Anika breaks down recalling Shivaay’s words.
Will Shivaay realize his mistake of punishing Anika for that crime which she did not do?
Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

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  1. thanks dear for the spoiler as u wrote so much to explain the serial’s up coming story to us and i had more interest in omkara’s love story because shivaye had many to support him in every matter but om had none to support him specially in the family atmosphere he upbringed he will had many mental stress and sadness in his heart so it will be interesting to watch his love story

  2. interesting day by day……

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