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Now I’ve come-up with some super idea According to me,now you decide if it really is or not!

It’ll be a long FEW SHOTS of Shivika or take it as Ishqbaaz one *No epilogue, not even on demand*

It’ll start after the leap of 3 month…

“Oberoi mansion known for the happiness of oberoi’s very rare thing to be seen… which was praised for its beauty and the liveness…was dull to the core drowned in blackness which was never without lighting… no sound were coming from inside not the cackles of the brothers and Sister, neither the sound of fight of pinky and jhanvi was heard everything/everyone seemed to be dead… none was happy none was alive all were dead inside for their own reasons…”

“A chawl there was only a small light which was on the girl who never stays in darkness never sits silent was all mum and sitting in darkness…”


*The room of omkara*

Om was sitting on a bed beside a person laying on bed having lot’s of wires and machines attached… every pulse, beats, were tracked he was looking at the person, soulless person being laid on bed. a lone tear escapes from his eye, he brushes it away and held the person’s hand in his and kissed it. covers her with blanket properly and walks upto a couch and Sat holding a pic of his family from the sangeet

His pov

“I wish, these moments comes back… we were all happy… i shouldn’t have listened to bhabhi and gave promise to her then this wouldn’t have happened… i wish i could undo everything but alas! I can’t… I’m so helpless… we all lost the meaning of life… never meets eachother like we used to meet still staying in a same house… what kind of exam is this god nothing left to be happy? We have nothing to do with our life’s why you snatched it from us…! Why? Why punishing us like this? Gauri… i miss you please be back soon… *tears fell* bhabhi come back we need you… i miss uh dadi! *tears continue* please i beg *hugs the pic* i shouldn’t have pushed you… i should have listened uh… it’s my fault and I’m bearing it… but 3 months are enough gauri comeback *cries*

He lays down closes his eye’s

*3 months back flashback*
“Om was calling gauri *u all know how he sees them and mistakes it* he runs out of room but fell as there was some water and his shirt tangled with the door lock, gauri frees herself and runs out of pool shouting omkara ji buamaa hides behind staircase and gauri runs up and at the edge om comes… “omkara ji buamaa ji wants to kill me” told gauri all drenched and sweating “hey uh stop it okay i know u wanted to kill her i saw by my eyes! Stop lying” shouted om and walks of but gauri held his arm ” hum jhooth nahi bolrahe (I’m not lying)” she said, “shutup” and he pushed freeing himself… she goes back with a jerk and slips she shouts, om turns “gauriiiiii” tries holding her hand but fails and she falls down the stair rolling and end up hitting her head on stair and falls unconscious in a blood pool “gauri” again om shouts and runs down jhanvi comes and shouts “gauri” all gathers, buamaa was smirking
Om lifts her and takes to hospital *she slips in COMMA due to internal deep hit* shifted to home “i never pushed with this intention, i was just… I’m sorry”he said and sat crying near her one servant came and gave him the mobile of hers found near poolside he checks and found last closed recording *convo of buamaa and gauri was recorded* he fumes in anger and calls police arrested buamaa was taken to jail he felt guilty and apologised a sleeping/in comma gauri but it was late…

*flashback ends*

Tears again escape from his eyes…

*Room of rudra*

He was silently laying on his bed Hugging his pillow crying “why this happened with me, first bhabhi left, even somu and this bhavya she cheated me” *tears fall* “nothing is left for me in this world even bhaiya And O are like soulless bodies, after anika bhabhi left bhaiya is acting to be stubborn while he’s not, and after gauri bhabhi went to comma my O just became a dead person, no SHIVOMRU are left only Rotlu not a single sign of happiness, my dadi i wish u could Get fine ? but no… no hopes… why the hell no hopes for all things GOD please return me my everything… i won’t ask anything else give me my everything back my bhabhi’s my somu…my Dadi…my Shivom my mom my everything please *tears escaped * *seeing a pic* atleast u can comeback Somu please” *cries hugging pillow tightly “after bhabhi left she took everything with her lights,happiness,love everything” *cries more*

Scene in a Room seems like a hospital room settled in OM an old lady is on bed sleeping peacefully many machines and life support systems attached to her,slow breathes, low pulse rate,

That’s dadi… jhanvi sitting beside her crying “everything changed after she left annika come back we all need you now only you can save us!” Prayed jhanvi crying

Scene in a room where tej is sitting

“Nothing is more than a family, i learnt it but late! My family is shattered, losted and i can’t even buy back the things we lost i learnt it we can’t buy everything with money… svethlana Is nothing not even good for whom i wasted a long phase of my happy life i can’t forgive myself, i thought annika’s exit will not affect anyone and it didn’t even affected infact it just Got destroyed, i was wrong to think i could use the illegitimacy truth against him in bussiness, we lost the happiness i wish i could bring all the happenings back here i just wish *a-lone tears escapes*”

Scene in a room of shinky

Shakti PoV
“I hate my life i never came in help for anyone neither for mahi nor for shivaay, neither for rikara nor for rumaya neither for priveer nor tejhanvi not even for maa, i hate my life”

“Shakti ji is this girl look cute for shivaay” pinky as usual being nonsense asked about the girl for shivaay and shakti just looked away

“Jabse annika gayi ha apni manhosiat chorh gayi ha kuch krna hoga warna ahista ahista sb mjhse or dur hojayege iski wajah se ghr se to chligayi pta ni ku inke dilo me reh gayi (after she left, she left her bad luck here I’ve to do something or else slowly slowly everyone will go far from ne because of her, even she had left from here but still staying in everyone’s heart)” thinks pinky

*okay so it was how everyone in OM, & yeah u know how shivaay is*

Nothing was hidden from shivaay very well known to each and everyone’s situation he decided to bring everything back to normal

Scene to a chawl

“Annika have something please” said chanda “no chanda i don’t want” replied annika “annika you’ll work like this?” Asked chanda “what’s wrong in working like this?” Asked annika ” i mean empty stomach, annika just look at yourself how much Weight u had lost, no checkup? And don’t eat much and not for 2 days for sure” replied chanda ” it’s okay” said Anika “you’ll die annika” said chanda “not a big deal” said annika and left

Outside some building annika reaches and sees shivaay
Shivaay comes to her
But she ignores her and tries to go away…. shivaay held her hand “i want you to come back” “you want whom? Me,?” “Yes ASSO i want you to be back at OM”

Annika- mr.oberoi you’re forgetting one thing, I’m not ASSO anymore!

Shivaay- still there’s time in divorce and I’ve cancelled it so come back annika…

Annika- forget it

Shivaay held her hand tightly and and pin it back and pin her to the car door

Annika- i ain’t scared of you

Shivaay tightness the grip and she winced in pain… A layer of tear form in her eyes and she starts trembling little bit…

Shivaay- are you sure!

Annika- 100%

Shivaay- forgetting something?

Annika- i know you won’t do that again…

Shivaay- you know me very well… chuthki!

Annika stumbles but shivaay was holding her…

Annika- y..you how you know her *stammering*

Shivaay was lil worried but doesn’t show

S – i just know come or should i?

A – i don’t Believe you!

He tightens the grip more and pull her she now winced more and tears fall… *shiv* she utters and stops…

S- agree annika?

Just then rain starts… and in seconds the got drenched …

S – I’m waiting for your reply…

Annika starts trembling/ shivering more her face turns pale

And she hardly nods in yes crying…

Shivaay wanted to console her but he was Acting to be stubborn…

S – great you’ll be paid for that!

Annika got really hurt and by passing minutes her situation was only getting worse…

S – okay now will see you at mansion…

She cries shivaay was still holding her and feeling that her shivering was increasing and she was turning into cold ice like thing her face was Dull so does pale… her lips were turning blue and she took 3 heavy breaths holding shivaay’s arm clenching them tightly her eyes rolled “annika?” He shouted and she fell unconscious like a soulless body and shivaay sat down like statue but soon picked her and get into a car turned on heater and puts his blazer on her

“Oh God shivaay! What the heck is wrong with you? You came to bring her and give happiness and here you did opposite hurts her and Put her into a state near death! Why don’t i just die” he blamed/cursed himself “SHE is already weak, + she was hurt + she didn’t even tried freeing herself because she wasn’t having that much strength and that trembling and heavy breaths what’s wrong with her?” Thought shivaay

” i looked at her she was laying in front of me like a lifeless soul… no i won’t let it happen i can’t lose her now never…!” Shivaay’s POV

Scene in OM

Mummy ji will be fine soon and gauri too just I’ll do this aarti of them and yeah omkara please close the doors and windows of house outside is heavy storm and rain it’ll come in – jhanvi

Pinky – oh my maata jethani ji house? This isn’t houses its mansion

Jhanvi ignored her and went to gauri’s room did her aarti and put on tillak… make omkara fill her maang and tie the mangalsutra around her neck… give both blessings

Then she went to dadi’s room and puts on tillak “mummy ji see everything will get fine soon i have hope and faith”

A car Comes in speed at the entrance of OM and applies break that the sound came and reached everyone’s ear in OM even in the sound of heavy rain and thunderstorms

A wind blew and dadi’s room window opens and rain drops fell on dadi…

*Deva Shriganesha* plays in BG

Shivaay comes out of car and takes annika in his arms and walks in

Dadi’s hand tips moves jhanvi notice it and calls the doctor immediately…

Shivaay took further steps… and Enter mansion hiding in between flying curtains of mansions door

The house gets full of air every curtains starts dancing and the windows thudding with eachother were giving an amazing kind of sound and the falling rain added more music with thunderstorms sound following, the house was Lighten up everyone was wondering how this is happening as even b4 these kind of storms have came and never made music like sound b4…

Rudra was the one came running down the hall standing infront shivaay who was carrying annika

For rudra it was not less than a dream he stood still and kept on staring till shivaay was vanished from his sight “bhaiyaaaaaa” he shouted and ran behind him “rudraaaaa what happened” shouted om asking him

“O, annika bhabhi” and he enters the room “annika bhabhi” he shouts and runs behind him

“Annika? Manhos came again” muttered pinky and came to hall…

“Did he really said annika?” First time tej came out of room running

“Annikaaa” shakti too came

“Annika came, dadi annika came” says jhanvi while holding her hand and squeezing it little dadi mutteres “annika” jhanvi hears it and ran out like a child all were in hall except the trio and annika…

Shivaay lays her down and ask them to call the doctor omru leaves shivaay closes the door and changes her clothes and make her wear his kurta and trouser

After a minute there was a knock on door “bhaiya doctor came” he opened the door and allowed doctor and closed it again… after half an hour he left and told he’ll send everything shivaay covered her in balnket and turns the heater on and leaves the room with light red eyes…

In hall there were happy faces only… except one Pinky Oberoi… shivaay was happy seeing them happy but again got sad…

J – annika came? How’s she? Why doctor?

S – nothing temporary fever!

O – shiv..

S – om I’m saying truth only!

Tej shakti smiles…

R – I’m very happy now I’ll tell my bhabhi my jokes and we both with will enjoy alot and…

P – OMM how can you all forget what she did? Shivaay why you brought her here?

Shivaay ignores her and leaves to dadi room where doctor was checking her

In dadi’s room

Doc – nothing serious now… she told *pointing toward jhanvi* there was movement in her fingers and even she was saying something so it’s a good news soon she’ll be back to her form…

S – yeah Thankyou please check Gauri, om take him…

And they both leaves

R – bhaiya…

S – rudra go have a look at my room everything fine? Please

R – sure bhaiya

He leaves…

S – badi maa come sit! Please door…

She nods and closes the door and sit on bed beside dadi and in front of shivaay who was sitting on a stool…

S – look badi maa..! I brought her back… now everything will be fine…

J – Ofcourse shivaay!

S – no badi maa… she’s not! She’s not fine i saw some weird symptom in her and told the doctor and he said he can only tell after test and asked me to take her utmost care…

He cries laying in her lap!

She caressed his hair…

J – beta don’t cry everything will be fine now we’ll make her perfect and strong again…

S – why mom ain’t like you? Why she hates her? What she did to her? I can’t forgive her ever it’s just the promise made to mahi otherwise i would have thrown her out till now!

M – i knew it if i haven’t tied you in a promise you would have done something till now! Said mahi sitting next to shivaay and laying in jhanvi’s lap

J – you both na had lunch?

M – badi maa he forgot to send me!

S – because i went to bring your bhabhi back…

M – really she’s back? Well better late than never… the trio hugs…

Knock on door *thak thak*

S – whose there?

P – OMM..

M – not again I’ll leave and send my food he kissed dadi and jhanvi on forhead and hugs shivaay and turns the lamp upside down and there a staircase opens on floor and he goes down and closed the door…

J – you wanna spend time or want to go ?

S – I’ll leave…

He kisses dadi and hugs jhanvi and leaves ignoring pinky

Jhnavi too ignores her turns off the light and leaves

“She came again now they’ll not even look at me” thought pinky

After the checkup doctor leaves saying gauri will be fine too…

Om hugs gauri and cries…

R – bhaiya you came,?? I was keeping an eye…

S – it’s okay i even have to change I’ll see you go give food to dadi’s room…

Rudy nodes and leaves singing…

Rudy’s POV

I’m so happy today 2 good news dadi getting fine and bhabhi back now just somu and gauri bhabhi gets fine and… prianku she to forgot us never turned to us never called us never i never expected this well… if she’s happy with it that’s good… well what would have happened if somu had given me her Australia’s number but no she moti needed to make it a biggest secret as it is some RAW information… I’m singing today wow… this house looks so cool today… and everything beautiful I’m gone mad

He took the tray and went to dadi’s room…

Calls mahi and closes the door mahi comes…

R – so how’s you bhai?

And they hugs

M – first class just missing outside fun…

R – even i miss you as you know bhabi back? And I’m going crazy over it and want to share this craziness with someone and none better than you!

M – come spend it down with me…

R – yes nice idea I’ll ask bhaiya till then you have your lunch…

Mahi leaves and so does rudra…

He goes to shivaay’s room…

*knock knock*

Come in rudra…

R – bhaiya how you know that’s me ?

S – simple camerA!

R – okay…

S – came for what?

R – bhaiya can i go to mahi bhaiya’s house ?

S – n… okay go but make sure none sees you and yeah no drinking…

R – okay…

He leaves shivaay locks the door and went near annika sat beside her…

His pov

Annika you shouldn’t have done this, I’m wrong i know it but you could have told me about pinky maa… she blackmailed you and uh just kept silent, you yourself thought i won’t handle that truth…annika I’m not that weak it hurts more to lose you you’re my everything and if you leave everything goes in these 3 months i just felt incomplete nothing else i missed you alot but never had enough courage to come to you but today i gathered and look you’re here but my way! Dammit they’re always wrong…! It ended up like this but i promise you i won’t let anything happen to you from now own words you’re my responsibility and I’ll fulfil it, you’re my wife and will have proper rights? i just wish you gets fine soon… i want to know what is wrong with you is there something really serious about you… please wake-up annika… i kissed her forehead lovingly wraped in blanket kissed her again and went out of room…

Pov ends…

In hall tej shakti jhanvi pinky were sitting…

T – shivaay please tell us how you got her?

S – actually bade papa i met her outside a building we were talking *lied* and she fainted so i brought her here, she’ll be safe here…

Shakti – you did good beta take care!

J – well I’m going to make some tea want anyone?

Jhanvi pov

Here after 3 months for the first time we 4 were sitting in hall together all were happy except pinky! God give her some sense, i can just pray only! I asked about tea and they were like no, not tea It’s raining get some thing Like pakora’s and then tea i chuckled and left for kitchen all is well today just gauri need to get fine… and mummy ji concious…

End of pov

P – so it means you bring her for humanity’s sake? I was worried for no reason Don’t worry I’ll ask Servent to take her care and you get ready I’ve seen a girl with NKK and very decent beautiful you need to meet her…

Shivaay’s anger reached it’s peak!

“Naam khoon khandan isse aagy apko kabhi kuch nazar aayaa bhi hai? Mjhy to sharam aati ha apko maa khne me but kya krun dunia ko dikhawa krna prta… or annika yaha hi rahege or uska khyal me khud rkhunga agr apko Zaroorat ho kisi cheex ki to naukar istemal kre kyunke meri annika ke liye uska shivaay abhi bhi me uska yaha humanity’s sake ke liye nahi balke as my wife Laaya ho and don’t you ever dare again to insult her (NKK you can’t anything instead of this? I feel embarrassed to call you my mom but to show the world i do call you, and annika will live here only and I’ll take her care by myself if you need something use servants because for my annika her shivaay is still here and i brought here not for any humanity’s sake i brought her because she’s my wife and don’t you ever dare again to insult her if you do so you’ll see the wrost side of me” Shouted shivaay and went to kitchen area

Tej was relaxed from inside and shakti were all angry on her for making shivaay angry , pinky wasn’t getting why shivaay said that because she didn’t know that shivaay knows everything jhanvi was hell angry on her but controlled herself and stayed in kitchen

Om listened to this but couldn’t come leaving gauri alone…

Rudra and mahi were celebrating happiness by dancing on light music…

Shakti stands up and starts leaving

Tej holding his hand
“Com-on shakti stay here why you leaving, you should sit the one did mistake should leave” taunting pinky

P – I’m not at mistake okays jeth ji it’s all yours you people are spoiling my shivaay

*thad* a slap on her face by shakti ” leave pinky”

She leaves and tej shakti settles…

S – I’m sorry bhai shab from her side…

T – leave it shakti everyone knows how she behaves i sometimes feel we should… *stops* well leave it today’s wether is so nice na do you remember when in our childhood it used to rain we used to dance in that?

S – yeah that days were really golden❤

T – yeah…

They both kept staring the rain…

Om’s POV

It’s so good to see and hear that bhabhi is back but why she’s noy concious i hope she’s fine… even dadi is recovering just gauri you are left *hugs gauri* please get fine na *cries* i need you * shouts* please wake up i love you gauri kumari sharma ? *and miracles happen, she mutters* om… gauri yes speak up I’m here only *she slowly slowly opens her eyes* gauri i love you *hugs* i missed you *cries* “omkara ji” she mutters again… yes im here only… *she faints* i got really worried and called the doctor after telling him he congratulated me and said nothing to worry now as she just fainted due to weakness soon he’ll come and check her… i was overwhelmed…
I hugged her and kissed her…

Pov ends

Om’s happiness had no limits he ran like a rocket and arrived at kitchen “maa gauri is awake” he said while hugging her from back “really om?” Asked shivaay ” yeah” he hugged him “let’s go and see” said jhanvi “mom she’s unconscious again doctor said nothing to worry we’ll go once he come” said om

S – that’s great everything is getting fine!

O – it’s because you brought bhabhi back she’s our lucky charm…

S – i agree…

J – now help me making these pakora’s then tea we’ll have some fun…!

O – sure! But, where’s this rudra?

S – umm uh yea he went to mahi’s house…

J – great…

After sometime they all settles in hall except those who are unconscious partying and Mean *pinky*

T – now it’s great so yummy Awesome jhanvi

J – thank you…

S – bade papa you know even gauri is fine now…

Shakti – that’s again a good news i think annika is a lucky charm for us…

O – chode dad you still think? We strongly believe that!

They all were eating and talking…

Rudra comes back to see his family enjoying rain with pakora’s…

R – cheaters you forgot me? I hate you none love me! *fakes crying*

T – don’t do acting there are still some come get them…

R – really?

He moves shivaay and om looks at eachother and pick up both plates of pakora’s and runs…

R – bhaiya O please give me *he runs behind them*

They chase eachother and all laughs…

O caught by rudra

R – look i caught you, you can’t run away from me Long hair creature with the heavy weight of you hair…

He looks at plate and all cracks up

R – where are pakora’s?

O – dumbbell oberoi The plate which have pakora’s is with shivaay and knock on his head…

R – cheaters… well no worries I’ll get that from bhaiya the way i got it from you… *haha laughs*

They start the chase again…

Shivaay bumps and pakora’s plate goes up in the air everyone looks at the plate *none sees with whom shivaay bumped*
They all shouts nOoooooo

Rudra catches it the No turns into yessss and they all laughs including shivaay and then sees pinky fuming shivaay’s face turns angry from happy and he leaves to his room… everyone starts going

O leaves to his room with doctor who came…

Rudra leaves with pakora’s and tej shakti too leaves jhanvi picks the plates and leaves

Pinky’s Pov

OMM none talks with me? I have to do something else… annika have done some Blackmagic on them…


Hope you’ll like it if yes? Then please do comment below And silent reader you too please…


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