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Hey guys annie Again I wrote An os Before and Here is The epilogue of that.. Os Link here
[Part 2] is good,have a look at it!

Ranveer arrests Them and leaves..
Shivaay Goes to anika Again who’s laying On sofa fully drenched in blood..
And again Puts her head in lap but Now she was Fully unconscious… Shivaay Asks Everyone about doctor..
Jhanvi Replies.. doctor can’t come We’ve To go hospital By our self..
He lifts her up In his Arms… And rushes out everyone drove off to hospital…

In hospital They take her inside OT..
Everyone was walking like pendulum Except ShivOmru..
Shivaay was collapsed on floors And Was Crying Terribly …omru was consoling him… But he was just blaming Himself for all the happenings..
Shivaay’s P. o. v
She’s in this Condition just because of me… I’m the Culprit… I should have believed her in the Beginning only.. First I denied believing her that tia was hugging someone else… Than i Accuse her of Faking attacks… That all happened just because of daksh and tia.. they filled my ears.. They manipulated me.. They.. I I’m culprit If i should’ve believed her.. So nothing Would’ve happened To her now… I I’m behind all this…

And after 3 hours Doctor came out from OT..
Shivaay collecting his all strength Rushes To doctor And Asks him how’s My wife…
Doctor Replie.. she’s not Well still in danger.. As she is Pregnant so Critical condition we are moving her to ICU … Just Pray that she get Concious soon otherwise we May lost her or Maybe she’ll slip into comma… Excuse me..
He lefts Shivaay Shocked Omru holds him…
They all Prays..
Ranveer comes there…
And Gets Shocked seeing everyone crying
He goes to prianku And asks her how’s my Sister ..?
She was shocked..
Ur sis?
Yes mine sis Anika is my Long lost sis…
He replied..
Everyone was Shocked by his Statement..
And he explained Them How he lost her and how he identified her by that pendant..
They all was happy but Sad too as she was still unconscious…

Shivaay was continuously crying so omru talked with doctor and have him some sleeping dose and he Sleeped and After 3 more hours she got conscious… And sees omru There rudra on left side om on right side… She got disappointed as she was expecting shivaay..
Omru.. Hey bhabi Are u fine?
She nods but her Eyes was searching shivaay just than she realizes and says..
Omru I’m not ur bhabi anymore me and ur bhaiya signed divorce papers And now we aren’t husband and wife anymore..
Omru smile
Anika you’re still our Bhabi as that was marriage registration papers not divorce papers .. Om replied

Anika asks.. What do u mean?
Rudra = fb
When u told Us that u both signed Papers we leave to ask shivaay… And he says that Was Marriage registration papers as he decided to marry Tia till she delivers baby… Than he will announce u as his wife he didn’t wanted to divorce u as He thought to Be with u Because he had already Hurted u and don’t want to hurt u more..

She was overwhelmed.. And wanted to meet him..
But omru tells that shivaay was Brokend after ur Critical condition… So we gave him sleeping pills dose And make him Go while he was sleeping.. With all family members..
She insists to go home doc discharge her as they says they will Arrange everything in home…
They get her home It was early morning so Everyone was sleeping they took her to Shivaay’s room and lay down on bed and left…

She caresses his face saying i love u billu g…

In evening everyone wakes up.. And get to know About anika’s return..
Anika was still sleeping when shivaay woke up and sees her beside him he was overjoyed… He Caresses her face and says..
Anika I’m sorry i loveu my sunshine.. And his tear drop fell on her eye and she wokeup too..

Shivaay = anika I want to confess something
Anika nods in approval..
Shivaay = anika i know I’ve hurt u alot by disbelief and my harsh words and by manhandling u.. And what not.. But.. Anika.. I.. Anika… I… Woh.. I…
Anika= leave it u can’t say..
Shivaay = anika i know this marriage was forced but Now i want u to be with me for forever.. And i want to see our child ?happy.. With both of us.. And for that you’ve to stay with me.. U got it?
Anika= leh? Are U telling me or ordering me? Look shivaay it so simple you’ve to just say i love you..
Shivaay= yeah i love u.. Dadi kehti haina.. Kisi se dill lagane ko ho dill raazi zaroori.. Par umar bhar sath rhne ko ishqbaazi zaroor… But our Love is different .. And that’s what they call Ishqbaaazi takkar ki
Anika = i love you… Too.. and smiles..
They hugged eachother still thinking about what just happened..
anika= btw what About my lineage.. Bloodline
Shivaay= anika i was wrong about that and now i don’t believe on those statements because that was true than daksh And tia wouldn’t have stopped so low.. And U still without Any lineage Never Done anything wrong so It doesn’t matter.. ?
He caresses her stomach and says i love her too..
She = i love him because it will be boy just like u kanji ankho wala bagadh billa..
He= no it’ll be girl
She= no it’ll be boy..
Dadi= stop fighting..
Just come in hall shivaay with Anika we’ve to tell something and there’s pooja..

They got ready.. shivaay gives support to anika.. And Takes her in hall.. There They do pooja ..
Pinky apologize to anika..
Ranveer comes Everyone tells her That he’s ur brother she got emotional they hug each other ..

After 6 months
Anika working in kitchen with baby bump..
Shivaay comes and scolds her for working in this stage and lifts her in his arms and take her in hall and make her sit on sofa… Jhanvi and pinky comes.
Shivaay= mom u want to see Ur kanji ankho wale grandchildren?
Pinky= yes ofc..
Shivaay= good than take care of her and feed her some healthy food and Fruits I’m going for urgent meeting so don’t let Her move Out or work..
Anika= but billu ji..
Shivaay= not a single word..
She makes puppy face..
Shivaay Caressing her baby bump..
Hey anshi Take care of yourself and mama Ok..
Anika= he’s ansh..
Shiv= i don’t have time we’ll fight later..
Jhanvi and pinky smiles while anika makes puppy face..

After 3 more months they Get her Addmited un hospital..

She Gave birth to twins..
One boy And One girl..
Ansh and anshi..
They Are happy after One week…
Shivaay.. lifts anika and Spins… Saying I love u anika… U gave me so much happiness.. She i love u too shivaay…
Done with writing
Here it ends happy ending..
Thanks for the response u gave in os.. Now please shower same love here..

# annie

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