Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 9


Episode 9


{@ The Bank}

Police are trying their best to reach inside and bring the hostages out safely. Shivaye yells at the officers to hurry up or will they wait till the hostages are harmed. He is getting restless, he says he Crnt take this suspense and he shall rescue Anika he will risk his own life for her because he Crnt afford to lose her like this. He rushes in without a second thought. He spots Anika and rushes towards her when he gets hit from the back. He drops on the floor due to dizziness. Anika is shocked and scream Shivaye! She cries and tries to wake him up as he lays there unconscious next to her. Anikas Tears drop on his face he opens his eyes and she gets relieved. He wipes her tears away and says don’t worry. He gets up and catches the terrorist off guard they start fighting. Anika is tensed and prays that nothing happens to Shivaye whilst Shivaye is seen beating the guy black and blue. Shivaye is suddenly held at gunpoint while Anika is pleading them to let him leave she feels helpless as she is tied up and Crnt move. Just then the police reach inside and tell the guy not to move otherwise they will have to shot him, he surrenders. The hostages are set free and Anika runs towards Shivaye to hug him but drops unconscious on the floor and Shivaye rushes to her.

{On The Road}

Shivaye holds Anika in his arms and prays that nothing serious happens with Anika. He stares at her and gives her a kiss on the forehead as he puts her down in the car. He is confused as to where he shall stop her as he doesn’t know where she lives, he then checks her purse for an address to find out where she lives. He rushes to drop her home,

{Anikas House}

when he reaches there he bumps into Ansh,Ishani and Prem. He then realises Anikas state and lays her on the bed,Shivaye caresses her face and holds her hand telling her to wake up as he carnt see her like this. He goes out to inform the doctor. whilst Ishani, Prem and Ansh rush to Anika. Ansh tells Anika to wake up he Crnt lose her pls Mama wake up! Ishani send Prem and Ansh to their rooms and sits beside Anika telling her to get up she sprinkles water on her face. Shivaye returns to the room and it’s beside her. Ishani calls Soumya and Ranveer that Anika has been bought home and she isn’t waking up pls return quickly.

{Oberoi Mansion}

Pinky and Dadi are worried but Rudra comes there and says cheer up you should be happy,In fact we should be celebrating, pinky tells him to shut up she says this is no time to joke have you not seen the news Anika and now Shivaye is putting his life in danger. Rudra says no need to worry now as Bhaiya is fine and is with Anika Bhabi. Everyone is releaved and Dadi thanks god that he protected them and finally they are back into each other’s lives. She thinks that’s Shivaye and Anika will live happily with Ansh and she will be extremely happy if that happens. Pinky hugs Jhanvi and says finally my daughter will come back into Shivayes life and make him happy once again. Everyone talks about them and pray that they return home together.

{Anikas House}

Ranveer and Soumya return home and run towards an unconscious Anika, Shivaye gets thoughts towards Anika and Ranveers Relationship, as he witnesses Ranveers concern for her. He feels Anika and Ranveer are married now looking at Ranveers closeness towards Anika and Ansh is their child, He moves away from her in pain and shock he tells Soumya that he called the doctor he will be arriving anytime soon and to take care of her, Soumya gets back to her senses and realises that Shivaye saved Anika, she thanks Shivaye but tells him to leave before Anika gains conscious. Shivaye leave devastated and hurt.

Precap: Anika refuses to take her medicine while Ansh blackmails her that if she loves him she will take the medicine otherwise he will move far away from her. She remembers Shivaye and she cries. Whilst Shivaye is driving recklessly on the road

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