Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 8


Episode 8


{Oberoi Mansion}

*The Oberoi Family And Ishanas Family Gather For The Aarti, It is done by Om and ishana and everyone else as a couple Shivaye does it by himself and feels sad remembering old times with Anika. {Flashback}
*Anika is shown waiting for Shivaye to return home so they can start the Aarti, everyone is doing Aarti but Shivaye hasn’t came yet. Dadi tells Anika they cannot wait for Shivaye any longer so just do the Aarti, Shivaye enters the Oberoi mansion and Anika confront him she makes a angry face towards Shivaye but doesn’t speak a word, they complete the Aarti while Shivaye tells her sorry she doesn’t budge and when the Aarti is complete he threatens to kiss her in front of everyone if she doesn’t forgive him she walks away while he grabs her hand and pulls her closer. There is no space between they share an intimate eye lock and then Shivaye gives her a kiss on the cheek, everyone else turns away whilst The two are in their own world unaware of everyone else’s presence, this is broken by Rudra screaming Bhaiya get a room. Everyone laughs while Shivaye and Anika feel awkward.
{Flashback Ends}
*Shivaye is angered as Anika is not with him anymore he then walks of when everyone give ishana and Om blessings for their wedding and children. Ishana and Om stare into each other’s eyes
*O Saathiya Plays*
Rudra comes and hugs both of them, and tells ishana welcome to the family. Om asks about Shivaye, Dadi tells him it will take time for Shivaye to forget what has happened, Don’t worry all will be fine soon.

{In The Bank}

*Anika is about to leave the bank when she is confronted by a hooded man with the gun, the bank was in a chaos as everyone was trying to escape and they were screaming shots were being fired and she was scared and she was held hostage among others. She is devastated at the situation and tears roll down her cheeks as she gives us her hope after being captivated for a many hours.She worries about the state of Soumya and Ansh*

{Oberoi Mansion}

*Whole family is together spending quality time whilst Tej recieves a phone call in which he gets shocked and tells Rudra to turn on the news channel quickly, everyone is confused and ask what happened, while watching the news pinky spots Anika and shouts oh my Mata and cries everyone asks her what’s happened she says Anika. Shivaye is standing near the stairs gets shocked and asks what about Anika? She says she’s held hostage, look. He says what rubbish maa she shows Shivaye. Shivaye is tensed and runs out of the house to rescue her. Everyone shouts Shivaye and are worried about him. Everyone is worried and they try to console pinky and Dadi.

{Anikas House}

*Everyone gets shocked on learning Anika is at the same bank that has held hostages. Ansh comes asking about his mums return from work, Soumya wipes her tears and hides her worry from Ansh and and they turn of the channel so that he doesn’t get worried too much, ranveer requests Ishani to take Ansh and Prem out to the park. Soumya and ranveer rush to the bank after Ishani leaves with the kids.

{On The Road}

*Shivaye talks to himself he carnt let anything happen to her he won’t lose her again. He begs God to protect her whilst he gets there. Soumya is in tears praying to God to save her while ranveer drives and assures her nothing will happen to her. Shivaye reaches there and Tries to find Anika, he spots the media outside the building he paces towards the building and notices Anika through the window, he stops and stares at her remembering when he last saw her she told him she will never forgive him and that he should never show his face ever again. Shivaye is in tears.

Precap: Shivaye saves Anika she isn’t in her senses but Shivaye takes care of her and he drops her home and there he sees Prem, Ansh, And Ishani.

Will Anika and Shivaye come closer once again? Will Shivaye get to know he has a Son? Wait Till The Next FF To Find Out

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