Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 7

Episode 7


{Anikas House}

Dadi tells Anika that she thought Ranveer was the father of her child but she is too dumb to realise that Anika Crnt love anyone but Shivaye, she says forgive me Anika Puttar, I’m so glad to know that Ansh is my great grandson, My Shivayes Son. She Says Shivaye Will Be Glad To Hear This. Anika Stops Dadi And Forbids Her From Telling Anything To Shivaye About Her Or Ansh. Dadi Tells Her To Forget The Past And Return As Both You And Shivaye Have Sufferer And Along With You Two Your Child Is Also Suffering, Pls Come Home Puttar. She Refuses and Says Shivaye Has Betrayed Me And I Can Never Forgive Him Neither See His Face, So Returning To That House Is Impossible. Anika Makes Dadi Promise Otherwise She Will Leave The City With Ansh.

{Oberoi’s Office}

Omkara and Shivaye Are Working in The Office When A Girl Comes By And Creates Chaos And Demands To Meet The Boss. Shivaye Shouts That This Is Not a Supermarket But An Office Leave Right Now. SECURITY!!! She Is Taken Out. He Returns To The Cabin. Omkara Laughs And Says Gussey Wala Oberoi Is Back. Shivaye Tells Omkara To Focus On the Work Or Leave. Omkara Notices That Shivaye Is Disturbed. Omkara Leaves For a Phonecall. Shivaye Stares @ a Picture Of Him And Anika On His Desk And Tears Roll Down His Eyes. Omkara Notices This And Says He Will Do Something To Cheer Up Shivaye.

{Oberoi Mansion}

Everyone Returns From Office And Jhanvi Gathers Everyone In The Hall She Calls Them To Have Tasters From A Catering Company Closeby As She Has Chosen Them To Cook For Om And Ishanas Mehndi. Shivaye Says Ofcourse Om decided to propose without letting his elder brother know but now he will surely be here to attend the wedding functions. Omkara comes forth to taste and they all enjoy the food. Shivaye tastes the Dishes and remembers how Anikas dishes were prepared with the same taste. He leaves from the hall quietly. The Family Notice His Behaviour and are feeling bad for him. Omkara says This Dish was Anikas Favourite he was probably reminded of her that’s why…Shakti says he needs to come out of his past and move on because it’s been four years and Anika isn’t likely to come back he has made a mistake which has broken his marriage he realised when it became too late. I Crnt see him torture himself like this, we need to help him forget his past. Rudra is angry and says no one can replace Anika in Bhaiyas life am sure God will bring them back together somehow and they love each other so much if Shivaye heard this his anger will reach space, pls Chote papa. He leaves in anger, Omkara follows him

{Romi’s Party}

Rudra has left the party ages ago and you are looking for him here. Soumya probably sent him home that wicked girl when will she let him be and stealing him from me. Soumya storms in and says excuse me Romi his friends left with him and any ways he wasn’t in the mood why are you forcing him what a girlfriend, Poor Ruddey. Romi slaps her and says how dare you come between and comment on our relationship who are you? Soumya cries and says from childhood we were friends and your madness and obsession to win over Rudra has torn or friendship and ruined three lives pls Romi don’t do this. Romi says this is nothing you’ve jus seen a slap next time Rudra will be at the end of my anger so do as I say and stay alway from him understand.

{On The Road}

Soumya reminisces Romi’s words and tells herself she Crnt let Romi ruin Ruddeys life and she will have to stay away from him, it will be hard but it’s for his benefit, my wish to be with him isn’t more important than his safety and his future. She remember the past and their moments together how Rudra was drunk and confessed his love to her and she too, but due to Romi’s blackmail she had to hurt Rudra and herself and stay away from him.

Precap: Om and Ishana do pooja together and Shivaye gets upset as he does it himself. {Flashbacks} whilst Anika is held hostage in a terrorist attack.

Will Anika Survive The Attack? Who Will Be Her Saviour?

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