Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 6


Episode 6


(On The Road/Temple)

*Anika cries herself to the temple worried about Ansh whereabouts she thinks about Shivaye and says that was their love mark and she already lost him she doesn’t want to lose her Ansh. She asks God to bring him back. The pandit knows her and says Ansh went with an old lady i thought he was related so I let him go. She asks who and he said the owner of Oberois Industry. Anika is shocked.*

(Oberoi Mansion)

*Shivaye nearly falls from the stairs while on the phone Ansh hold him by the arm and says slowly. he remembers Anika doing the same. Shivaye gets sad. Ansh asks is he remembering a loved one. He asks how he knows. He said because my face looks like that too when I remember my father. Shivaye says am sorry he says don’t be God will return my father soon pinky aunty said. Dadi calls Ansh and says we have to drop you home your mum will be waiting and worried about you he says oh no mama.*

(Ishanas Residence)

*Ishanas is traumatised and still thinking about the truck. Jhanvi calls and asks her to come over tomorrow for pooja she goes you seem low. Ishana starts crying she tells her about the incident and swears not to tell Om. Jhanvi asks her to take care. Ishana says she will attend the Pooja as she feels it’s important for her and Om to get the blessing of God before their marriage. Jhanvi Tells her to take rest and they will meet tomorrow then*

(Anikas House)

*Anika is about to go to Oberoi mansion when ranveer sees Ansh coming in she is relieved to see him. Dadi is shocked to see Anika and Ansh running up to her yelling mama am sorry and hugging her. Anika scolds him and says sorry after. She tells Ansh she was frightened that she had lost him, what would she do without him he is her only support pls don’t ever leave me and do this again. pinky promise! Anika looks up and find Dadi there she is shocked.

(Romi’s Party)

Rudra enters with many gifts for Romi as its her birthday she asks him to dance but he refuses and takes a drink and then another. Soumya taps his shoulder and says if you drink more you will become drunk and Romi will force you to dance. Rudra gets happy and says Soumya you? He says this thin? They talk and then Romi takes Soumya to dance. Romi takes Soumya to the dance floor and blackmails her that she would send Rudra to jail by this fake rape case so she better stay away from him. Soumya is hurt and confused as she doesn’t want to leave Rudra or Want him in jail. Soumya tells Romi she is so evil, she is so madly in love with Rudra one day this junooniyat will cause you damage. Karma will get you back Romi for separating me from my best friend. Romi says Oh Friends, I can see much more for him in your eyes and actions you want to steal him from me.

(Anikas House)

Dadi says Anika? She sees ranveer and misunderstands Anika has moved on. Dadi is upset. Anika goes to hug Dadi and they both cry. Dadi says your son is very much like you I’m glad you moved on. I have to go bye! Dadi returns half way and remembers Ansh talking about his father and realises he is Shivayes son. She shouts Anika!

Precap: Jhanvi chooses Anikas company as the caterers, Everyone tastes the samples and Shivaye has the sample dish and remembers how Anika prepared the same dishes with the same taste.

Will Shivaye Know That He Has A Son? Will Shivika Unite? Is Rudra And Soumyas Relationship More Than Friendship?

Wait Til The Next FF For More.

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