Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 5


Episode 5

My FF Are Gunna Be Much Shorter Because I Am Gunna Start School And I Won’t Have Much Time To Write But Will Update Daily But It Will Be Short

(Oberoi Mansion)

*Dadi walks in with Ansh and Jhanvi, Shakti and Pinky are confused*
Jhanvi: Mummy Jhee Whose This?
Pinky: Oh My Mata Itna Cute Bacha , Yeh Kaun Hai?
Shakti: Maa?
Dadi: I was having difficulties and this beautiful soul had helped me, he was alone so I bought him here.
Jhanvi: Apne Bahut Acha Kiya?
Shakti: Thank You Beta for helping my mum.
Pinky: Naam to Batao?
Ansh: Mera Naam Ansh.
Pinky: Aur Dusra Naam
Ansh: Sirf Ansh He Hai
Dadi: Teek Hai Puttar Dusra Naam Be Nahi Zaroori
Pinky: Well You helps mummy jhee so Mujhe be madat ke zaroorat hai, help Kareyga mere?
Ansh: Teek Hai
*Pinky and Ansh are having fun decorating the temple and they talk about Ansh and his family.*
Pinky: So what Kaam your mum dids?
Ansh: Woo Catering Ka Kaam
Pinky: Aur Papa?
Ansh: Mujhe Nay Pata Papa Kahan Hai.
Pinky: Udas Mat Ho Wo Zaroor Wapas Ayenge, Hum Bhagwan say pray Karengey
*She tells him i will pray that your father comes back into your life and God will listen to you as you are a child too, and he never disheartens children*

(Unknown Location)

*Ridhimma tells the guy if the work will be done today or not cause she Crnt wait any longer , he tells her target is front of eyes. The work will be done today itself. Ishana is walking across the road the truck is speeding towards her.*

(On The Road)

*A Ishana is walking across the road the truck is speeding towards her. A women’s scream is heard and there is blood everywhere.*
Unknown: Boss There’s been a problem?
Ridhimma: Kya?
Unknown: Someone else has been hit and I have fled from the scene
Ridhimma: Can you not get one simple task done.
*ishanas is saved by Anika. Anika Offers to Drop her home because she is in shock*
Anika: App Teek Hai, Main Apko Ghar Chor de The Hoon
Ishana: Woo Larke?
Anika: Ambulance Usey Hospital ale Chuke Hai App Fikar Matt Karo
Ishana: Thanks
Anika: No Problem

(Oberoi Mansion)

*Shivaye comes home talking on the phone and sees Ansh with the family. He goes to Dadi and says he will be late home as there is work at office.*
Dadi: no you will not work today, KAAM!KAAM!KAAM! You jus returned spend some time at home. Mar Khaney Hai Kya
*Ansh laughs*
Shivaye: Why?, Tum Kyu Has Rahe Ho?
Ansh: My mum also shouts on me like that.
Shivaye: Soo? is that funny
Ansh: Your a big boy and you still get shouted at.
Shivaye: Hm what else can I do than get shouted at? Tell me!

(Anikas House)

*Anika gets a call that Ansh didn’t come school today Anika worries and calls everyone if they have seen him she runs out the office and screams ANSH!

Precap: Anika Goes To The Temple Crying To Get Her Ansh Back, the she is told by a man that he left with an old lady. While Dadi Goes To Drop Ansh Home. Soumya and Rudra come face to face at Romi’s party.


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