Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 4


Episode 4



(On The Roads)

*Shivaye on his way to the Oberoi industry*
*anika and Shivaye duppata scene as shown in the precap*
Shivaye: Anika?
Anika: Shiv?
*They look into each other’s eyes, lost in their love*
*Shivaye hugs anika*
Shivaye: I’m sorry Anika, I know I did wrong by not trusting you but give me a chance I will prove myself this time to become a good husband.
Anika: Apko Ye Char Saal Baad Yaad Aya, Pehle App Mujhpe Trust Nay Karthe The Agar Ye Phir Hua Fir.
Shivaye: Pls I am nothing without you, I love you pls Anika pls don’t leave me again
Anika: You only see your pain and what about me? App Bilkul Nahi Badle Mr. Stone Singh Oberoi :'(
*Tears stream down Anikas cheeks Shivaye apologises and tells her he loves her*
*As Shivayes looks up to face Anika She Disappears, All was of Shivayes day dream*

(Oberoi Mansion)

*Tej and Jhanvi spend quality time
being watched by mysterious man*
Jhanvi: Tomorrow is Pooja don’t forget to come home early, Varna Mujse Bura Koi Na Hoga
Tej: Acha my beautiful wife, Mein Ghar Jalde Aaunga.
Jhanvi: That’s like a good husband 🙂
*They hug*
*pinky doing preps for pooja*
Pinky: Oh My Mata Itna Kam, Where’s is Everyone’s, Dadi Sab Dissapears Hogaye.
Dadi: Bhai Mein Tu Gurudware Ja Rahe Hoon, call Shivaye puttar and let him know what to arrange for the pooja
Pinky: Mummy jhee I will call when he picks up Naa
*dadi gets ready to go temple*
Dadi: Mein Jarahe Hoon Sab Sambalna Teek Hai


*Dadi finds it difficult to climb up the stairs Ansh comes and helps her. Dadi feels a connection*
Dadi: Bacha Tum Bhot Pyare Ho, Apka Naam Kya Hai
Ansh: I seen you and you were struggling and mere mama kehte hai ke older people ko kayal rakhna chaheye. Aur Mera Naam Ansh Hai
Dadi: Acha Aur Apke Mama Kaha Hai?
Ansh: Wo Yaha Par Nahi Hain, Kaam Pe Hai Hamesha Ke Tharha
Dadi: Aur Apke papa?
*He put his head down tears fell out his eyes.*
*Dadi says sorry and takes him inside temple he tells her that I come here to pray that one day my papa comes and me and my mama will become a happy family. Dadi gets sad while Ansh talks about missing his father she asks him to come home with her since she Crnt leave him alone her it’s not safe to walk around by yourself*

(Oberoi Mansion)

*Rudra is listening to Love Angel still unknown About Soumya being love Angel*
*He is eating paratha and samosa*
Shivaye: Tum Kabse Ye Fat Foods Khana Shuru Kiya.
Rudra: Wo Na Sumi Ne Mera Routine He Kharab Kardeya
Shivaye: Hm this seems interesting
Rudra: Bhaiya Don’t start teasing me now
Shivaye: Okay, Okay I won’t
*Romi comes to meet Rudra and he is not paying her attention*
Romi: Ruddy Baby Look here
Rudra: Romi pls am not in the mood and I want to listen to Love Angel
Romi: Ruddy im more important okay.
*Romi turns of the fm chanel*
Rudra: Romi What the hell thum Mera life control Nahi Karte Ho let me do what I want
*Romi cries and leaves*
Shivaye: What was that?
Rudra: Bhaiya give me time Ile explain everything , but this Romi is a wild tornado don’t know why I let her enter my life. Creating chaos everywhere

(Unknown Location)

*ridhimma is shown to be angry throwing darts on ishanas picture*
*tells a hooded man to finish ishana once for all*
Ridhimma: Mujhe Ishana Ko Khatam Karna Hai
Unknown: Acha, Don’t Worry The work will be done and the money.
Ridhimma: Do what I said and you will receive the money.
*Cuts the call and throws it in anger*
Ridhimma: You ruined my perfect life, stole my Om, you don’t know who you’ve messed with.

Precap: A truck is speeding towards Ishana. While Pinky and Ansh pray to God for his father.

Will Ishana Survive Ridhimmas Attack? Will Shivaye and Anika Finally Meet?What Is The Past Between Anika And Shivaye? Wait Til The Next FF To Find Out.

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