Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 3


Episode 3



(On The Road)

Omkara: It’s been time since we all hanged out together
Rudra: Ha O it has
Shivaye: Ya
Omkara: Four Years
Rudra: Yeah O your hair has started to fall out waiting for Bhaiya
Omkara: For Four Years
Shivaye: Ok guys don’t need to rub it in my face
Rudra: Cream Thorey Hai Jo Face Par Rub Karengey
Omkara: Dumbell Oberoi is back again
Rudra: Chaar Saal Baad
Omkara: Duffer Tu Tho Hamesha Yahi Tha Mera Siir Ka Kar Kharab Kiya Hai Ab Tu Kab Break Leyga
Shivaye: Tum Dono Pehle Se Pagal Hogaye Ho, Will you stop fighting
Rudra: Bhaiya!!!!
Om/Shivaye: Kya?
Rudra: Gobbar
Shivaye: What’s that language
*A Girl Throws Gobbar On a Boy, lands on Rudra*
Rudra: Mere Kapre
*Shivaye Remembers When Anika Throw Gobbar at His Car*
*Shivaye Starts Laughing*
Rudra: Bhaiya this is not a joke, girls won’t be able to see me but this Gobbar :'(
Omkara: You always carry an extra pair go change
Rudra: O what a brain? Never knew you had one under all that hair.
Omkara: Rudra Shutup

(In The Restaurant)

*Anikas Family Already At The Table*

Anika: Sorry!Sorry! I am so late, actually there was so much work to do
Ansh: Mama this is not fair, you always do this, I am angry with you.
Anika: Okay am sorry Ansh, Please Forgive Mama. One last time 🙁
Ansh: If you promise to come to my school play soon
Anika: Okay Done.
*Pinky Promise*
Sahil: DiDi Your always late nowadays to breakfast, dinner and lunch you don’t even bother to come. What’s this, is work more important than family?
Ranveer: You even remembered Anikas Timetable. Very Sharp
Anika: Leave all of this, we shall order now. WAITER!
*Shivaye,Rudra And Omkara Enter The Same Restaurant*
*Shivaye Enters And Feels Anika Is NearBy And So Does Anika*
*O Jaana Plays*
Omkara: Shivaye?
Rudra: Bhare Bhaiya?
Omkara: Are You Gunna Stand Here And Eat
Rudra: Bhaiya We Can Afford To Sit On Tables You Know, We’re the Oberois. O, am sorry I forgot this is Bhaiyas Line.
Omkara: Rudra Will You Be Quiet
Rudra: Bhaiya London Mein Jam Hogaye. Bhar he Nai Nikhal Rahe
Shivaye: What?
Omkara: Shall We Sit?
Shivaye: Sure
Rudra: Bhaiya I thought you were gunna stand here and eat
*They Sit Away From Where Anika Is*
*All Finish Their Food, Anikas Family Leaves and Shivaye is also done*
Shivaye: pay the bill, I will just be back
Omkara: Okay.

(Outside The Restaurant)

Soumya: Felt nice to come out and have dinner all together.
Ranveer: We should do this more often
Ishani: Yh we should, what do you think Anika?
Ansh: Well i enjoyed and Mama also did so we will all come again tomorrow
Anika: Acha, so know your Mamas speaker now. Actually today was good and sure we can do this another time. But now I have to go finish up the work so you guys please go home and take rest.
Ansh: Mama please leave the work, come home.
Soumya: Phir se Kam Di, you also need to rest.
Anika: Soumya.
Soumya: Fine, Ansh your Mama will come back soon
Ansh: Are you mama?
Anika: It won’t take long Promise.
Ansh: Okay
Anika: See you all at home
*Rudra And Omkara Leave After Paying*
*Soumyas Necklace Had Fallen Down And Rudra Finds It And Remembers He Gave It To Her*
Omkara: What are you looking at?
Rudra: Nothing, Where’s Shivaye Bhaiya?

*Anika Waits For a Taxi*

*Shivaye Walks Past*

*They Don’t See Each Other, But Feel Each Others Presence*

(Oberoi Mansion)

Dadi: You brothers finally came home, seen you all together after a long time feels good.
Shivaye: Yeah feels good to be home again
Rudra: Then don’t leave us again
Omkara: You don’t even know how much we missed you, Rudra was crying a river.
*Rudra remembers Soumya calling him cry baby*
Shivaye: I’m back now, I promise I will never leave you guys.
Dadi: that’s good
*Om remembers Ishana and leaves the room to call her*
Omkara: I need to make an important phone call, excuse me
Rudra:his long hair is kept to cover his secrets Hm like he hid Ishana for years until recently
*Dadi,Shivaye,Rudra Laugh*
*Pinky and Jhanvi discuss about keeping a pooja for Shivayes return and for the wedding of Om and Ishana*
Dadi: Yes great idea, we should do this.
Jhanvi: mummy Jee we didn’t see you enter, We knew you would like our idea.
Pinky: Yass mummy Jee we shall stars the preparations now.

(Oberoi Mansion Garden)

*ishana talks to Om about the wedding and how she is nervous
ishanas dad asks for her during the call with Om*
Ish Dad: Hello Om?
Omkara: How are you?
Ish Dad: Fit and fine thanks to you
Omkara: That’s great
Ish Dad: Actually I wanted you to come for dinner tomorrow since the wedding date has been fixed and I want to discuss a few things
Ishana: Papa? 🙂
Omkara: Sure uncle
Ish Dad: you can start calling me papa now
Omkara: Ok
Ish Dad: Cut the phone now it’s late and you should get rest bye.
Omkara: Bye

PRECAP: Anikas scarf gets stuck in Shivayes watch. Ridhimma calls someone to get the job done. Whilst Dadi bumps into Ansh in the temple.

Will Dadi Get To Who Ansh Is? What Is Ridhimma Plotting? Will Shivaye And Anika Meet?

Find Out In The Next Episode.

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