Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 2


Episode 2

(Oberoi Mansion)

Dadi: My Billu is coming today, I want you too make everyone of his favourite dishes.
Servant: Yes Dadi
Dadi: Properly Ok, my Billu is a perfectionist there should be no problems okay
Servant: Sure Dadi
Omkara: Dadi you look extremely happy today.
Rudra: Why wouldn’t she be Bhare Bhaiya is coming today.
Omkara: Finally your Billu has remembered us and is returning.
Rudra: I just remembered a poem,listen. Bhaiya went London and never returned. 4 years later he made a u turn.
Dadi: Crazy
Omkara: Dumbell Oberoi has started his poetry again.
Rudra: Oh, my poetry is mind blowing don’t say anything about it
Shivaye: Dumbell Oberoi!!
Rudra: Oh, what happened to your voice
Shivaye: Long Hair Oberoi

Rudra: Bhaiya?
Dadi: Billu, my son, my lovely your Here
Rudra: am I not your lovely Dadi?
Omkara: Shutup Rudra
Rudra: Oh, again you started
Shivaye: Can you two stop arguing like cats and dogs. Will you not meet your older brother
Shivaye: Okay That’s enough Rudra
Omkara: Before it was emotional now it’s awkward.

(@Anikas House)

Ishani: Hello Soumya.
Soumya: Hello Isha Di, Prem, Jiju.
Prem: Mamiiii!!
Soumya: How are you? You went there and forgot me. No phone calls,messages.
Prem: I don’t have a phone
Soumya: Hmm Excuses.
Prem: I have bought you chocolates
Soumya: No I’m on a special diet
Ranveer: Seriously? But your already thin how thin do you want to be
Ishani: eat a little it won’t harm you

Prem: yes mami I bought this for you pls eat it or I will feel bad
Soumya: okay fine I will eat all of it happy!!
Ishani: where’s the light of the house?
Soumya: Ansh, he’s gone to school, he will just be home.
Ranveer: And where’s my sweet sister-in-law?
Soumya: does she ever leave her work? She just focuses on work and when the work is finished she look afters Ansh. She jus distracts herself all day.
Ishani: This girl she will never understand. She never thinks about herself.
Soumya: tonight we are all going out so we’re going to have so much fun. And guess who planned this all?
Ranveer/Ishani: Who?
Soumya: Anika Di Did.

(Oberoi Mansion)

Dadi: Where are you three going?
Rudra: Dadi if we are walking towards the door, isn’t it obvious we are going out.
Dadi: You be quiet, Shivaye you just came and your going out now.
Shivaye: these two wanted to take me outside
Dadi: No ones going anywhere I want to talk to you Billu
Omkara/Shivaye: Okay Dadi
Rudra: Dadi? 🙁
Tej: Om I need to talk to you! Now!
Omkara: Okay

(In Tejs Room)

Tej: Omkara now that Shivaye has come back he would want to rejoin the business
Omkara: Yeah ofcourse the post I have belongs to Shivaye and I’m not interest in business I jus took care of the business In Shivayes absence.
Tej: Your taking me wrong Om, I jus want you to keep the position but you can work with Shivaye you can share the position. I jus want you to learn about the business as you will continue the business after me.
Omkara: Dad I tried my best but business isn’t for me.
Tej: Om try harder because I want you to join the business I don’t want to hear anything else
Omkara: Dad please I don’t want to and you Crnt force me. Shivaye can handle the business alone just like he did before
Tej: But Om…..

(In Shivayes Room)

Dadi: Billu, How are you? Were you staying alright in London?
Shivaye: Dadi I’m fine and everything was okay.
Dadi: Billu I missed you a lot, a part of me was missing. You are the light of this house along with your brothers don’t ever leave me again.
Shivaye: Dadi am sorry I have hurt you a lot.
Dadi: Promise me you won’t ever leave me again, promise!
Shivaye: I promise dadi.
Dadi: Why didn’t you come earlier, after 4 years you came? What’s the reason for you coming now?
Shivaye: Dadi I was missing you all and I jus needed some time out
Dadi: Are you sure?
Shivaye: Ofcourse why else?
Dadi: Anika?
Shivaye: it’s too late Dadi
Dadi: Billu for 4 years I have not just missed you but Anika too pls bring her back into our lives
Shivaye: Dadi it’s impossible and I don’t want to talk about this topic anymore. I think I should go Rudra and Om are waiting for me.
Dadi: But Billlu…..

Precap: Om and Ishana are talking on the phone about their wedding. Omkara, Shivaye and Rudra reach the same restaurant as Anika, Ansh, Soumya and the others.

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