Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 19

Episode 19

I might finish this FF in 10/15 episodes as I don’t have time to keep on writting with everything else going on. But I promise these last episode will be long and full of surprises. So keep on reading and comment below if you are enjoying it so far.
3 Weeks Later;:

Ridhimma and an unknown figure are shown discussing the plan to bring down the Oberois. The light is shown and it is revealed that her partner is in fact none other than Roop. Roop says veer Je you have always made my plans unsuccessful but this time how will you survive this. They both laugh and ridhimma says finally I will get my revenge Ishana.

Om and Ishana are getting ready for their marriage. Ishana and Om both think about all their moments together. Ishana gets interrupted by Anika who nudges her and starts teasing about her focus and where it is, Soumya joins Anika and Jhanvi comes and tells them both of for teasing her daughter. Jhanvi tells Ishana how beautiful she looks and Ishana asks about her father. Jhanvi says he’s welcoming the guests I knoe you want to talk to him right now as you are leaving his house and your going to miss him but that’s the fate of a girl when she gets old she has to leave her parents house. Soumya says that’s unfair if only girls Didn’t have to leave their parents, it’s so much pressure on them. Rudra says Dw sumo when you get married well leave you at your parents house?. Rudy that’s not nice to say. Anika Di leave it Theres no use talking to him he duffer Oberoi and will remain duffer Oberoi he won’t understand. Excuse me sumo.. Rudra pls check on Omkara he will need you now and don’t waste time as the wedding time will be late because of your conversation. Okay mama but sumo this isn’t settled yet wait…..he compliments her beauty on the way out Soumya gets shy and all the girls laugh on her. Jhanvi smiles and thinks Rudra is the only son that is gunna get married now and am sure that’s pretty soon whole time staring at Soumya. Scene switches to Omkaras room Shivaye wishes him best of luck, he says your thinking how beautiful marriage is now spending time with your loved one for life but trust me that’s not the case take me for example I’m going crazy. But Shivaye Anika is your life support you love her and cannot stand her distance from you that’s the best part of marriage and you know what it’s so complicated but I will try my best and keep Ishana happy. Rudra joins them and says now bare bal wale Bhaiya is going to get married you will all leave me huh?. Shutup Rudra!!! We still live in the same house you duffer! Every time Shutup Bhaiya think of something original and different This time. Ok Shivaye he’s not gunna Shutup lets go get me married and then we will continue this. Oh Ho Om your very impatient for your wedding relax Ishana is not running anywhere.

Ishana and Omkara are exchanging garlands and taking Saat pheras. Shivaye smiles and looks at Anika. He is mesmerised by Anika and rgoes near her she tells him to move away as she doesn’t feel like talking to him and he says Hm do you rather me standing near you or shall we go somewhere private. As Shivaye holds Anikas hand and is about to kiss her Dadi comes and say stop irritating my puttar. Anika stands beside Dadi and makes faces to Shivaye. ANSH comes running and says papa and hugs him tightly, he says mama why are you dressed extra Hm are you trying to impress papa Anika says be quiet do you not have any other place to be Shivaye tells her to not scold Ansh as he is Shivaye Singh Oberois son and we both don’t take it when people scold us so. Ansh says papa don’t lie mama always controls and scolds you Dadi starts laughing and Anika makes a confident face. Shivaye tells him whether he is favouring his mother now as he is merely supporting him. Dadi tells them to stop wasting time and concentrate on Om and Ishana as its their day today. Anika and Shivaye makes weird faces to each other.

Ishana and Om take everyone’s blessing and they all hug each other, Rudra and Soumya are in the kitchen Soumya says she is fasting and it’s time for her to open her fast. Rudra stops her and says let me help you and takes water and makes her drink it she stands still and watches him and is stuck in the moment, Rudra stares at her and says I bet you were going to make someone else break your fast but that will never happen. He stares at her. Scene shifts to Anika and Shivayes room Shivaye decorated the Room and apologised to Anika and says for whatever I Have done to hurt you I am sorry and I promise that I won’t do anything stupid next time, she stands without saying a word Shivaye says fine he bends on his knees and says I love you Anika! And I Crnt stand to be so close yet so distant, pls forgive me and if you ever loved me pls accept my apology, she leaves him tensed and then finally she reacts and bends down to hug him they finally make up, later the family photo is taken.

*A Whole Month Later*
Shivaye standing in the kitchen cooking and thinking of planning to take Anika and Ansh on a family vacation.
Anika comes from behind and hugs Shivaye which brings him out of thoughts, Shivaye smiles and asks Anika at her sudden change and romantic mood. Anika says fine if you don’t like it I will leave, Anika walks away with a smirk on her face , Shivaye grabs her waist and pulls her closer. They share an Eyelock *O Jaana Plays*
Ansh is at schools with friends bidding them bye as he makes his way home. The drivers opens the door for Ansh as he is about to sit he notices the ice cream van and tells the driver to wait as he Will be back.
On the other hand, Ridhimma sees Ishana and Om and laughs as she failed their brakes. Ishana and Om enjoying their romantic drive, while Om takes his eyes of the road as he reads out a poem dedicated to ishanas beauty, they both get lost in the moment.
Ansh Suddenly realises someone is following him across to the van and tries to run as fast as he can.
Ansh appears in front of Oms car running from a hooded man. Om sees Ansh and tries to break while Ansh Will Meet An Accident, Ishana And Om Hit Ansh With Their Car Accidently. Om and Ishana panic, Om rushes Ansh to the hospital whilst Ishana caresses Ansh’s hair and tries to wake him up. Anika recieves Oms call and Faints Hearing The News,and slips down the stairs. Shivaye Rushes Her To Hospital.Ansh Is Critical And Evryone Is At Hospital, Shivaye gets informed about Ansh and is in a dilemma. He breaks down in tears and pinky tries to pacify him and tell him that it’s his family and for sure Ansh will be fine as he is your blood and he won’t give up, he won’t accept defeat and Anika she won’t leave you this is my promise to you son. Shivaye hugs pinky and says I hope so mom, I just want Anika and Ansh to be fine. Everyone is emotional and Om appears in front of Shivaye he hugs him and breaks down too he apologises for putting Ansh in this situation if only he looked whilst driving this wouldn’t have happened. Shivaye tells him not to blame himself and says nothing will happen he’s the son of Shivaye Singh Oberois and the Oberois don’t give up they are not that weak and they will never lose against anything understand. Doctor comes out and informs Shivaye that Anika is now fine however she hasn’t gained Concious but she will very soon. Shivaye is relieved and asks about Ansh. Doctor tells him they carnt say anything yet as Ansh is case is very serious. Shivaye asks to see Ansh just once, doctor tells him this is not possible as he shall wait to meet him later. Shivaye goes to Anika.
Roop enters the Oberoi mansion with Swetlana as everyone is at hospital and they do something leaving with a wicked smile.
On the way out Swetlana breaks a photo frame of tej and Jhanvi making a disgusted face. Anika regains Concious and questions Shivaye about Ansh , Shivaye tells her she needs rest of now, Anika says have you gone mad,
She rushes to Ansh. Ansh is starting to respond to treatment. The doctors find it to be a miracle as Anika opens the door the doctor comes outs and congratulates her that she got her son back from a difficult situation and that’s all because of God he worked some kind of miracle. At the hospital
Ansh regains Concious and gets up after 2 hours and Shivika are releaved. Anika hugs him tightly and says my world how can you scare me like that, you won’t ever leave me again okay and… Ansh says mama okay that’s enough or will you break my bones even more. Tears roll down Anikas cheek. Shivaye holds Ansh’s hand and kisses his forehead telling him not to ever do this again as he doesn’t understand how much pain they went through. The doctor asks if he is fine he says no actually my head hurts a little Anika gets worried and the doctor assures her it’s just a side effect to the treatment and he suffered minor injuries and the complication is over so he can be discharged today with a private nurse at home if you prefer.
Back at the Oberoi mansion Rudra sets to thinking and recalls all the incidents and then discusses this with saumya and then other join and They all put two and two together and realise all these attacks are not a coincidence. Shivaye says he will find out whose behind these events and will not spare them. They have dealt with the wrong person. Dadi comes and says that later but dont you think you should be somewhere. Everyone teases Shivaye and he leaves towards his room bidding night to everyone. Shakti and tej start the investigation and call up the commissioner to discuss the attacks. Omkara tells the security to tighten up as there is danger upon the family and they need to be alert. Everyone is tensed at the situation and change of events in a day. Dadi prays that all will be fine by tomorrow. Everyone is shocked to hear a shout, Jhanvi is shel shocked to see her family photo broken she tries to pick up the pieces and ends up pricking herself , tej holds her hand and tells her carnt she be careful this is just a frame and isn’t worth her getting hurt Jhanvi remains upset and tries to convince herself and listens to tej . Pinky asks the servants to clean up the mess and re new the frame. Everyone goes to their respective rooms.
Dadi cries as everything is falling apart someone castes their evil eyes on this family, Rudra and Om promise to keep this family together and they will never let anything happen.
Days pass and Ansh and Anika are getting better and the family spend a lot of time together looking after one another. A weeks passes by and Anika is doing Aarti and gives prasad to everyone she doesn’t find Shivaye and goes to their room she finds Shivaye still asleep and rushes to wake him up. She nudges him and he asks her to let him sleep pulling the cover on top of him. Anika says fine me and Ansh are going out you sleep. Anika walks out telling him to eat the prasad when he gets up. Ishana and Om spending quality time with each other. Om and Ishana talk about their Small family and Ishana says she is impatient for them to have a child and to become a mother. Om tells her she would be a great mother very loving and caring Om and Ishana hug Ansh comes running and says so I will have A little sister Om and Ishana laughs and Om holds him and says how do you know it’s your sister and not brother? He says I really want a sister and Dadi says whatever kids ask God for is fulfilled by God so I want a sister. Ishana hugs him and says whatever gender it maybe I carnt wait, Hm lets see if it’s your sister or brother, They all hug.
Anika calls out Ansh and tells him to get ready as they are about to leave Shivaye rushes and says Hm so you were planning to leave me behind huh, Anika says it was you who was sleeping away! Rudra comes and tells Dadi sumo isn’t ready to leave my room yet when will I get it back I Crnt even go to Shivaye Bhaiyas room as he is married and has his own family there I have become homeless. Dadi says duffer just a few days Soumya is settling in her new home and as soon as it’s done she will leave. Rudra says what? Dadi says don’t be surprised I thought you would be happy he goes my best friend is leaving and.. Dadi says no you want her to get out of your room so problem solved. Soumya comes and Rudra asks whether she is leaving for real she goes sadly yh. I don’t want too as I feel this family is my own now it’ll be hard to leave but I have too now Crnt stay here for life he goes you have to for me and then becomes Concious of what he said and says no no actually em everyone laughs and says we all know what’s going on between you two so stop this drama and Soumya gets shy and Rudra says no no you all are confused, Om slaps him and says duffer trying to hide it from your brother didn’t expect you to become so secretive. Rudra says I need to go some important work came up and everyone says OK!! Anika, Shivaye and Ansh leaves too
A anonymous figure is shown from the airport til the mall and I turns out to be whose returns from london and she bumps into Anika, Anika without noticing it’s Tia apologises and Tia gets up and says it okay and realises it’s Anika she insults her and Anika is shocked she says this is not the time and place and we should move on, Tia says ofcourse cheap people like you have everything planned this is not the time when you plan something to do come back disgusting middle class, Ansh insults her back. Tia is about to slap him but Shivaye holds her hands. Shivaye says thats enough you apologise to Anika, she says to this girl who has no class no way.! Shivaye says your tia your thoughts are lower class so Dw I don’t expect you to apologise. Tia walks away saying he did a big mistake 6 years ago and even now.
Back home Anika is disturbed and thinks about what Tia said she says what if Tia is here with another motive, Shivaye assures her there is nothing as such and he won’t let her do anything I promise they hug.
Malika returns from U.S and hugs Anika she says long time and sidartha comes and hugs Ansh and says wassup little man, Shivaye is surprised to see them and says how. Malika says we knew everything me and Anika are very close so! Shivaye and Malika start their nok-jok and sidartha stops them and says you two it’s been years but you guys still haven’t changed still argue on everything ? Anika and sidartha makes fun of both of them and Shivaye gets angry he goes Panika!! Malika says don’t ruin her name kanji akhon wale bagad billa, Malika laughs how Anika can cope with Shivaye and she says I’m living one way or the other, Shivaye says oh really it’s impossible to live with you and your complaining about me, they start their arguement and Ansh comes and screams that I’m having a sister am having a sister! Shivaye and Anika are shocked Shivaye asks Anika whether he is becoming a father again are you pregnant? She says where did this come from I would know whether am pregnant or not! Malika says his sisters not gunna fall from the sky so obviously he has heard this from somewhere he says bare bal Chachu, Om comes and they all hug him and congratulate him ?
On the other hand, ridhimma gets annoyed and her plans failing one by one and Ridhimma screams and says this time we have to do something big and by big I mean destroy and wipe out the Oberois and we will start with Ishana Omkara Singh Oberoi. So get ready Ishana because this time I won’t let you live.

Precap: Ishana and Om and Shivaye and Anika Romance away, Rudra confesses his love to Soumya once again on full senses, he proposes to her in a very unique and cheesy way, Soumya laughs while he makes a face.The whole family is having dinner together whilst Ridhimma, Roop and Swetlana begin a countdown.

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