Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 18

Episode 18

Sorry for updating too late I have had multiple exams and school work to complete but i promise too make it up with a upcoming long FF with some surprising twists.

The episode starts with Ansh upset over the differences between his parents and discusses this with Rudra. He says cool uncle actually I need a plan which will bring mama and papa together what do you say? He gives an idea to Ansh and Ansh approves he says what a plan. I will just be back. Anika passes by a crying Ansh and gets worried she tends to him and finds out the reason he is crying he complains that he will never get his happy family because you and papa are always fighting and I will never be happy. I feel like we should go back to our house as you don’t like it here leave me and my feelings if you don’t like it we will leave right now. Shivaye who is on the phone notices Ansh and rushes to them he asks what’s wrong and takes Ansh into his arms and he says leave me you and mama are not getting along so I don’t want to stay with a unhappy family,mama lets go. Shivaye says will you leave me then, Shivaye gets upset and Anika notices this and says Ansh to stop his drama and there not sad there happy so he doesn’t need to worry. He should go do his homework now. He says he doesn’t believe her and Shivaye says your right Ansh your mama is not happy but, Anika starts arguing and says me, are you serious am trying to pacify him and your trying to make him feel worser. He says I told the truth what’s wrong in that. Ansh says both of your be quiet and see this is what am saying you always argue. Shivaye and Anika both asks him what he would like. He says he wants a sibling. Shivaye and Anika both feel awkward and Shivaye smirks a little and Anika is too embarrassed and says what kind of wish is this he says fine then and tries to walk of, Anika says something else whatever you say, he says fine you and papa on a date. Shivaye agrees and gets Anika to agree for Ansh’s sake. Anika is reluctant but agrees at the end.

Ishkara Have A Sweet Conversation, they both compliment each other and get loved up whilst Rudra interrupts and says Ishana di well you will be taking away my barr ball wale Bhaiya from me after a few days so let us have our brotherly moments. Ishana days don’t worry you will still have right on your brother am not gunna stick him to myself after marriage. Ishana is about to leave whilst Rudra hugs her and says I don’t mind you taking my brother away as you are the reason for his happiness and whatever makes my brothers happy makes me happy. They both get emotional and Omkara laughs that Rudra finally found someone who is equally as emotional as him, Ishana takes a stand for Rudra and Rudra says looks like I got Bhabi on my side now, oh sorry di?. Ishana smiles and is about to leave when Omkara asks her to remember there date tomorrow. Rudra laughs on while Ishana leaves.

Soumya is cooking something and Rudra comes and joins her, he says fhat the whack what’s happened in here? Soumya comes from under the table and he laughs his head of he says why do you look like a ghost aha he goes move aside while he Crnt stop giggling. She says I’m trying to make tiramisu but the flour dropped ontop of her instead. He says its fine he will help her. He tells her to get cleaned whilst he clears the mess. They both then team up to make tiramisu and some other things. Once their done they high five each other and Soumya says what would I do without you and they both look at each other gazing at one another?.

On the other hand, Anika gets ready and is all dressed up according to Ansh’s wishes and Shivaye comes out from the bathroom and he finds Anika getting ready in a saree he gets closer to her and she feels his presence she turns around and he smiles and says someone has put in effort, Anika says if it wasn’t for Ansh she wouldn’t have came with him and she. He says he knows that she is angry but Atleast forgive him once give him one more chance he will prove himself. Anika says I had forgiven you ages ago but things won’t ever be the same will they. Shivaye holds her hand and tells her he will make everything back to the way it was and he will do anything to see her and Ansh happy. Anika gets teary eyed and Shivaye hugs here she doesn’t react, Shivaye holds her hand and takes her towards the car. Ansh stops them and says you both look amazing, but obviously not more dashing than me, that brings a smile on everyone face, Shakti says don’t worry Anika I will take care of him as you both need some time together. He says papa please fulfil my promise, you know that promise ? Shivaye laughs and says anything for you my prince and Anika confused says what promise, he says you will find out. He gives Anika and Shivaye a kiss and Anika tells him not to stay up late, eat ice cream or go outside. He says okay boss! Shivaye asks her shall we leave now? She say okay and pinky tells her not to keep her focus on Ansh as we all are here to look after him.

Shakti, Rudra and Ansh are playing football around the house. He Accidently breaks the vase that belongs to tej he gets shocked and says tej dada will murder me I better hide this and remembers him seeing a similar one in the storage. He walks into the storage and finds the vase as he reaches got it he finds a album and says wow family photo album he comes across the pictures of Shivaye grandad and say bare dada! I need to see this whole album. He replaces the vase and takes the album to show everyone. He gathers everyone and shows them the album. They see all the pictures of their childhood and etc he comes across a picture that shows another man standing with tej and Shakti and says dada and tej dada whose this man and these little kids. Shakti, Dadi, tej, Jhanvi and pinky get saddened and Dadi takes be album of Ansh and says he must be some business man I don’t remember his name but leave this isn’t it time for you to sleep, he says Dadi can I just watch one cartoon and then sleep Dadi says sure and send him to his room. Dadi sits down saddened and tej and Shakti walk towards her and try to cheer her up and says Ma everything is in the past and we should leave it that way. She says yh no one should know about vikram. Otherwise it will only bring about pain in this family what happened 30 years ago shouldn’t ever be mentioned.

Shivaye and Anika reach the venue and find it empty Anika says no ones here he says it was all Ansh’s plan he probably wanted us to be alone and… Anika says I feel weird here we should go another place, he goes I know you would love to go to the Dhaba but at this time everything will be shut so we will have to do from here, she sits down and Shivaye asks the waiter to serve. The waiter gives them pasta. Anika remembers the moment where she burnt his pasta and he has eaten all of she starts laughing Shivaye asks her what’s the matter don’t worry this pasta isn’t burnt she asks him how he knew what she was thinking. He goes he knows her very well. She asks him whether he knew her well then why didn’t he believe her. The atmosphere gets abit dull and she says sorry she didn’t want to bring it up but, he says its fine and that he made a mistake. They finished their meal and Shivaye asks her for a dance they get close and enjoy each others presence. The night passes by and they each home. They find Ansh fast asleep and they join him on the bed, Shivaye kisses Ansh and Anika and says thank you for today she says you don’t need to thank me but we need to thank Ansh, it Was all his idea they go to sleep.

The next Morning Dadi does Aarti and Is Worried For Everyones Safety As suddenly An Abshagun Occurs, Ishana Accidently Drops The Aarti Plate And Red Powder Splatters All Over Her. While She Also Falls To The Ground Due To Weakness. Later Om Scolds Her as she Crnt take care of herself, he asks her whether she ate anything she goes no I am fasting and he says what’s this nonsense first you are ill on top of that you are fasting what’s the need health comes first and if anything happens to you then. Ishana says Om your are worried about me look at this Abshagun that just happened Dadi stand on shocked and prays to the god that nothing happens to anyone and to protect her family from evil. Everyone is tensed.

Precap: Roop is shown to be Ridhimmas partner in crime. Roop says veer Je you have always made my plans unsuccessful but not this time. Shivaye proposes Anika once again, while Ansh is being followed.
Ansh Runs On The Road while Someone Is Running After Him. Ishana and Om are out on a drive while there car hits someone. Anika gets a phone call and faints. Shivaye rushes her to hospital as she isn’t getting up.

Is Ansh in danger? Whose vikram? Wait and find out.

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