Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 17


Episode 17

I will try my best but I will start school tomorrow so it will be impossible to update every single day as I will be very busy but I will upload at least two/Three every FF are also going to be quiet short so pls understand my situation and keep supporting me with your comments as it encourages me to keep writting.

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{Oberoi Mansion}
Next Morning At Oberoi Mansion, Anika Comes Out Of The Shower,
Ansh Complains That You Take Hours In The Shower Mama, Don’t Worry Even If You Don’t Take a Shower Papa Will Still Love You, Anika Says What Did You Say? Now See What Happens She Runs After Him With Chameli In Her Hand. They Run Around The Whole House And Everyone Starts Laughing. Shakti tells Ansh To Watch Out. Anika Says Wait Ile Show You. He Says Mama You Have gone Mad! Anika Slips And Falls Right Into Shivayes Arms.
*O Jana Plays*

They Share A Very Sweet Eyelock, They were Both Lost In Their Own World. Ansh Laughs And Says Told You Mama Papa Is Mad For You Anyways. Anika Says Will You Keep Quiet Or? She Try’s To Run After Ansh But Shivaye Holds Her Hand And Says Let Him He’s Only a Small Child And You Will Also Get Hurt Running Around Like This. She Says Fine And Makes A Weird Face To Ansh. Shivaye Says Your Are Also Like A Kid, Even Our Son Is More Mature Than You. They Start There Argument. Dadi Smiles And Says Our Shivika is Back, Pinky Shouts Oh My Mata, Yeh Phirse Shuru Hogaye Everyone Laughs And Ansh Says Offo Mama,Papa Stop fighting Like Tom and Jerry.

Ishana Gets Ready For Haldi While Ridhimma Plots Another Attack. Omkara enters the room and says Ishana can you not jus keep your self on the bed, is it necessary to get up continuously working around the house,there many people to carry out these tasks relax. Plus doctor said you need rest and I carnt afford to have anything else harm you understood. She says fine baba but let me just keep these safe, Dadi gave these items for the haldi ceremony. Hm so just one more day a couple of hours you would have become Mrs. Ishana Omkara Singh Oberoi. She blushes and he says ouyyy hoy. She says Shutup now and leave from here I need to rest. He makes a face a leaves.

{Unknown Location}
Ridhimma gets a call from Om saying just a reminder tomorrow’s the wedding and I hope you’ve kept your day free as I really need my friend to be there and witness my wedding. He says thanks for understanding me at the time and one day you will fine someone who loves you as much as you will, like me and Ishana. Ridhimma is fuming and says Omkara sure but right now I have important work he says fine I know your busy so and she cuts the calls, Omkara says she cut the call strange but says she must be really busy and keeps the phone down. Ridhimma screams and says how does she keep surviving. Is she a human or what? She doesn’t even die. But I will never give up, Ishanas not an easy one but I’m not less I like challenges so Miss. Ishana get prepared for the game of your life. Ridhimma seems determined.

{Oberoi Mansion}
Shivaye And Ansh Play Together, Anika Falls Over A Toy And Onto Shivaye. Ansh Laughs And Says Mama You Just Need An Excuse To Get Close To Papa And He Runs Out. Anika Try’s To Get Up But Falls Right Ontop Of Shivaye Again. While He Smiles And Says It Must Be Difficult For You To Stay Distant From Me So Shall I Assume You Have Forgiven Me Then We Can Stay How Close You Want Us To Be Without Making Excuses.

Precap: Anika And Shivaye Spend Time With Each Other On Ansh’s Insistance. Ishkara Have A Sweet Conversation, While Dadi Is Worried For Everyones Safety As An Abshagun Occurs, Ishana Accidently Drops The Aarti Plate And Red Powder Splatters All Over Her. While She Also Falls To The Ground Due To Weakness. Later Om Scolds Her.

Whose Life Is In Danger? Will Oberois Enemies Achieve Their Intentions? Wait To Find Out…..

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