Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 16


Episode 16

{Oberoi Mansion}
Ishana Feels Weird After A While, She Holds her head and begins to feel dizzy. She finds it difficult to breath as she finally collapses to the floor, everyone rushes to her. Outside Shivaye Asks Anika To Say Something! Is Ansh My Son? as Anika is about to speak Om screams Ishana and they all rush inside to find out. Om drops on the floor by Ishana in shock and try’s to wake her up but she doesn’t respond she looks at Om but cannot say anything. Tears roll down her eyes as she says to herself in her mind that sorry Omkara but I broke our promise, we said we won’t leave each other but look at this. Omkara tells her to get up, he won’t let anything happen to her. Shivaye tells him to relax we won’t let anything happen just calm down Yh, Omkara screams for the doctor he says no one has called yet and tej calls the family doctor immediately. The doctor arrives as everyone surrounds Ishana who is unconscious there laying on the bed, doctor does a check up and informs the family that she has consumed poison and Omkara asks if she will be fine or? Shivaye holds him and doctor tells him don’t worry I have given her medicine and she will regain her senses sooner or later but Yh she needs complete bed rest as her body will be very week after this incident. Omkara thinks who can mix poison into anything? Who would stoop so low? He says I will find that person and not spare them.

{Unknown Location}
Ridhimma unaware that Ishana has been saved. Party’s for her victory and says the plan must have showed its effect by now and Omkara is probably shattered in need of a shoulder to cry on. she laughs crazily. She says Ishana you are finished, now I will get back my place in Oms life. She pours wine and cheers with some people {Faces Aren’t Shown}.

{Oberoi Mansion}
Anika Talks To Soumya And Tells Her To Take Ansh From Here as they had been enough drama today and she doesn’t want to create a problem right now. Pinky comes from behind and says you will be creating a big problem if you send Ansh away, you are like a daughter to me and I love you and Shivaye both equally, but you are as wrong as Shivaye, Shivaye betrayed you years ago fine am not forcing you to forgive him as he has made a massive mistake he had broken your trust, but you are also doing the same by keeping Ansh away from his dad, okay forget Shivaye but what’s Ansh’s fault that poor child is desperate to find his father he probably never tells you because he can see your hurt but think about Ansh and his future the differences between you and Shivaye will destroy his life, so decide what you want to do, the choice is yours but chose wisely otherwise you will lose Ansh. Anika is stunned by pinkys words and somewhere feels that she is right and she thanks pinky for opening her eyes as she only thought about herself she always taunted billu for being selfish but she herself became so self absorbed she ignored Ansh’s pain what kind of a mother am I? Anika was in tears and promised herself she would tell Ansh right at the Moment about his father. Anika reaches her room and sees Shivaye in pain she grabs the medicine and Anika Gives Shivaye Medicine. He thanks her and says I know that even in such anger you care about me and carnt see me in pain.

He holds her hand and she moves it away, she says she wants to tell him something which she kept from him, he says what ? I don’t like suspense so???? She says he was asking a question outside and if you’d like to know the answer, yes Ansh is our son. Shivaye has a mix of emotions and gets up and hugs Anika saying he has a son, Ansh is our son. Anika is happy inside to see Shivaye excited on hearing that he is the father of her child, but doesn’t show it. Ansh runs in and comes up to Shivaye and just as Shivaye is about to hug him he says stop! First I want to ask you something why did you make my mama upset? Why did you not see me all these years? You know i thought I would never see my dad and I always used to see everyone had a dad all my friends except me. Ansh starts crying and Anika realises how much she hurt Ansh unintentionally. Anika hugs him and says sorry It was all my fault pls don’t cry you know I cannot see you in tears. He says your the best mama but I cannot believe you also Lied to me.

Shivaye and Anika try to pacify Ansh but he says that he will forgive both of them on one condition that they will always stay together like a happy family. Anika and Shivaye look at each other and promise they all three hug. Anika in her mind says I can do anything for Ansh’s happiness. Shivaye says now nothing can tear us apart.

Rudra sits by his bed, when Soumya knocks on his door, he says Sumi come In, she brings in hot chocolate and parathas. He stays upset and Soumya says i know that you always get upset seeing such events so here you go this will relieve all you worries and tension. He begins to eat while she looks at him and laughs and says who would have known that fitness freak Oberoi would ever be eating this kind of food. He says actually someone once said that you should take control of your own life and that’s what am doing. Soumya says but eating like a maniac is taking you towards wreckage relax otherwise you will become mota. He says but you will still be my friend right? Even when I am mota? she says it’s the heart that matters and as long as you stay loyal I will always be there for you. They share a cute eye lock and it’s broken by Rudra Kissing Soumya. Soumya remains shocked and he says you know I have a habit of flirting so I cannot go without ten minutes talking to a girl and not flirt. Soumya says you can never change right and she takes a leave, saying they will meet soon. She will surely get her revenge for the kiss? Rudra smiles and says we will see Sumi darling.

Precap: Shivaye And Ansh Play Together, Anika Falls Over A Toy And Onto Shivaye. Ansh Laughs And Runs Out. Ishana Gets Ready For Haldi While Ridhimma Plots Another Attack.

Will Ansh Bring Shivika Together Once Again? Will Ridhimma Get Caught? Wait To Find Out…..

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