Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 15


Episode 15


{Oberoi Mansion}
Shivaye Asks Anika Whether He Is Important? Anika Looks On. She Turns Away And Says Let Me Go, He Is Saddened While Anika Leaves.
Rudra Says Sumi You Shocked Me, Weight Loss And All, He Calls The Waiter And Picks Up Samosa And Juice, He Offers Soumya And She Says No I Am On A Diet But When Did You Ditch Protein Shake And Hold Samosas Instead. He Laughs And Says That Now Your Holding The Protein Shake So What’s The Need For Me To Hold It, Plus If You Hold My Protein Shake Whose Going To Hold Your Food . Soumya Says What a Bad Joke. Rudra Makes a Face.

{In The Car}
Ridhimma Says Ishana Now Your Countdown Begins, and this time the work will be completed as I am coming and I leave no room for mistakes. She laughs wickedly.

{Oberoi Mansion}
Dadi Ask Ishana To Dance And Hinting At Omkara, Ishana Says Sure And Gets Up She Performs On O Haseena Zulfo Wale. Ridhimma Enters And looks at Omkara and says my sweet sweet Om poor thing, soon you will need a shoulder to cry on don’t worry because I will be by your side. She goes and sits next to him, he doesn’t realise her there as he is mesmerised by Ishana and her dance. Ridhimma hugs him and says congrats Om only one more day left ? in her mind she thinks the wait will be more than one day, as long as I’m in your life you will not meet until 7 rebirths even. He thanks her and says what a surprise you said you will be out of town, Ridhimma says om I’m only here to give you and Ishana many surprises you will never forget, she corrects herself and says obviously you only get married once and it’s a very special event in life it needs to be made memorable so I thought why not give surprises after surprise. Om says how sweet of you Ridhimma, you still haven’t change and I’m glad you have forgiven me after all I’ve done to you and look how much you still care, thanks. Ishana sees Ridhimma and feels weird she goes and Ridhimma says congrats and hugs her making a face. She says you look thirsty let me get you a drink, you have been dancing a Lot. She mixes something while everyone looks away and sends the servant to give it to her. Ishana thanks her. She says first time I’ve seen someone sayin thanks to their enemy for giving them death. Bye Ishana. Ridhimma says I have got an important call, I have to go and Yh I will be attending the wedding don’t worry and turns around giving a wicked smile. Ishana finishes the drink.
Shivaye rushes out and gets in his car, Anika gets worried and says where is he going, she runs after him. She opens the car door and says you should be with Omkara right now and shouldn’t be driving in this state. He replies in anger that what’s it to you? Anika grabs his hand and pulls him in, he removes her hand and says she only does what she likes, so why carnt he do the same. Anika shouts and Says maybe living with you I’ve become cold hearted right stone Singh Oberoi that I do what i feel like without taking others emotions in consideration, she shouts that It’s not that easy to forgive him after what he did, maybe she will never forgive him. Shivaye gets upset and says just for not fulfilling my promise to you, this much anger and hate for me. Anika realises Shivaye lost his memory and is on about another past incident she says she doesn’t wish to talk about this any further as there is no use and walks away Shivaye tries to call her but is cut of bye Ansh screaming Mama!!! Anika turns around shocked as to why Ansh is here. She says Ansh Yaha Kaise? Ansh says Mama and runs to Anika and Shivaye watches this and is unable to recognise him. Anika looks at Shivaye. Mama why didn’t you bring me here,I thought to give you surprise, she asked who dropped you and he points and says Priya’s mom. Shivaye walks to Ansh and says who is he? Ansh says uncle you? Shivaye is confused why he called Anika Mama and him uncle. Ansh hugs him and says he forgot him already? Shivaye looks at Anika. Anika is about to tell Ansh That she is here for work and he should leave but But Pinky Comes In, She Says Oh My Mata Ansh Tu Yaha? He says actually I came to surprise mama. He says where is she? He points at Anika and says Anika mama! Pinky understands that Ansh is Anika and Shivayes son. She smiles and says today you got your father back and i got my grandson. Ansh looks at her in shock. Papa? Shivaye realises that Ansh is his son and not Ranveers and Anikas {He is pretending to lose his memory,to get closer to Anika} He asks Anika whether Ansh is his son? She doesn’t say a word, Ansh asks Anika whether Shivaye Uncle Is His Dad? They both look at her waiting for her answer.

Precap: Ishana Gets Unconcious And Everyone Try’s To Wake Her Up, Omkara Looks On Shocked Screaming For The Doctor. Anika Gives Shivaye Medicine. Rudra Kisses Soumya.

Will Anika Reveal The Truth? How Long Will Shivayes Fake Illness Be Hidden? Will Ishana Leave Omkara?

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  1. Nida

    Loved it amazing

  2. Akshaya

    Interesting and the precap too . Please please update the next fast

  3. M so happy to know that shivaye is pretending of memory loss..amazing ff and plz post next as soon as possible..

  4. Shaza

    Amazing yar..can’t wait for the nxt ep…hope shivaye comes to know that he is his son …

  5. Dobhsh

    Loved it. Interesting twist. Waiting for the next update. Pls do it soon ?

  6. Am a silent reader 14th episode???

  7. Priyanka.N

    Hai…i m sorry I didn’t find 14th part

  8. I didn’t get the plz update it. today’s epi s awesome. memory loss drama too gud…

  9. Wow.. it’s just Amazing Emmkay!! U just Rocked it..plx waiting for next episode desperately..plz plz yaar…Sry becoz I couldn’t sleep with out ur episode…plz

  10. Priyanka.N

    Kya baat hai Rudy…kiss nd all haaaa….i loved these parts yar…..awesome ….i thought shivay was acting…thanq fr revealing

  11. I knew that shivaay is just acting that he lost his memory. Really love the episode and also the precap ???

  12. Emmkay wow u nailed it waiting for the next eagerly I loved it

  13. Anika is the most irritating and ugliest female lead……..what is she doing in Oberoi’s house day and night and enters every room where private conversation is going on? A wedding planner doesnt impinge on the privacy of people she works for. Ridiculous………..they could have chosed someone better looking and less irritating…… the way whey are Oberois putting up with her stupid sense of humour, her bhashans and her total interfernce? She can walk into any and every room and take part in all the discussions. She has the most annoying and irritating brother who is too big for his boots. Disgusting…..

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