Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 14


Episode 14

{Oberoi Mansion}

Jhanvi says to Omkara I think we should post phone the Mehndi ceremony as Shivaye has gone through a rough time and should give a bit of time. Shivaye enters and says no way, Omkara will have his Mehndi ceremony today that’s it I don’t want my brother to suffer because of me. Omkara says but…Shivaye says no Omkara Am Fine and I think we should not push it further as it will only make you suffer I know how difficult it must be for you to stay away from Ishana, Omkara laughs and says ofcourse who would knoe better and hints towards Anika, Shivaye sees that Anika is still upset he has a Plan in mind. Shivaye says so get the preparations started. Anika tells Dadi she is going out for important work so she will be back late.

{Anikas House}

Anika arrives home and looks for Ansh. Ishani tells her that he is at school. Ishani asks what was her important work that she had to leave so early. Anika says Shivaye! Ishani is shocked she says your husband? Ansh reaches home and says Mama? Anika gets shocked and thinks Ansh has heard it, but he rushes towards her and she extends her hand to hug him but he scolds her and says why didn’t you see me before you go you never did this am angry with you. Anika makes a sad face and Ansh gets melted he forgives her and she hugs him. She tells him to pack his bags as he needs to go somewhere. He asks where? She tells him it’s a surprise so he will have to wait.

Tej calls Jhanvi and says I will be leaving early as its Oms Mehndi He will not miss it. He starts talking about their pre wedding rituals and they get all emotional. Pinky comes shouting that much work is needed to be done and your here romancing Jethani Je. She tells tej she will call later. Jhanvi says pinky I know and tej jus called to inform me…. Yes yes Jethani Je whatever you says but Oms pre wedding ritual is today’s and we are very busy we need as much helps as we can get.

{Oberoi Mansion}
In The Evening the Mehndi ceremony has started and everyone is enjoying. Rudra gets mesmerised by Soumya he first thinks that it’s his dream but when she comes up to him and hugs him he gets extremely happy. He says Sumi your really here, you look stunning. She says ofcourse? they smile and he asks her for a dance. They dance on Matargashti. Anika walks out mid way through the performance and Ishani follows here she asks Anika what is this and why she is back with her husband? And if she is okay? Anika tells her its not the time for all these questions but I am fine don’t worry. Shivaye comes after Anika and sees her with Ishani. Ishani introduces herself as Anikas friend. She leaves and after she goes Shivaye tries his best to pacify and make up with Anika.

She ignores him and after trying to apologise multiple times. He puts his hand over her waist and she closes her eyes, he turns her around and caresses her face. She gets in her senses and tries to walk away but he grabs hold of her hand and lays her on the bed he says if you don’t forgive me now I will not let you leave this room. She says you Crnt do this function is happening downstairs we have to be there he says so you are my wife and I can spend time with you whenever, wherever I don’t mind we can spend our Nightt together here otherwise if you wanna leave just forgive me. She is Adamant on leaving and tries to walk out but he stops her. She says fine she forgives him. He says it doesn’t look like it. She says when will your demands stop I need to go Dadi must be waiting. He asks isn’t he important to her? She looks on.

Precap: Ridhimma Comes In And Mixes Something In Ishanas Drink, Ansh Reaches Oberoi Mansion And Says Mama,Shivaye Gets Shocked.

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