Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 13

Episode 13



Shivaye Gains Concious And Sees Anika He Wipes Her Tears And Anika Gets Stunned. Shivaye pulls her closer and tells her that he will never leave her and as for her hatred he will turn that into love, you carnt stay angry with me for long. Anika is surprised at his behaviour. He pulls her even closer and tries to kiss her but screams due to pain in his arms Anika attends to his pain and calls the doctor, he smiles. Anika walks out and is tensed, pinky shouts and says I told you not to return without Shivaye, Anika is lost and wonders why Shivaye was behaving like nothing happened. Pinky nudges Anika and Anika comes out of her thoughts.

She tells pinky that Shivaye is okay and the doctor is checking him she tells Anika to go home. She is shocked, Dadi says what is she saying, it is Anikas right to be be here. Pinky says I don’t cares go home and pack your bags your coming back to your real home, your sasural understand. Anika refuses pinky and says I came here because I was worried for Shivaye and I was worried at the state this family would have been if anything happened to Shivaye, I haven’t forgotten the incident which happened four years ago and am sure you haven’t too so pls let me go as Shivaye is fine. She takes Dadis Leave. But She is stopped by the doctor. Who calls her Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi, she turns around and asks him what happened. Doctor Tells Anika That Shivaye Has Suffered A Lot Because Of The Accident And Scans Are Showing He Has Had Partial Memory Loss. Everyone Stands Shocked. Anika says What? Doctors says you have to keep him away from stress and Yh he only remembers part of his life he won’t remember recent events so pls take care of him, other than that he is fine and can be discharged later.

{On the Road}

Soumya walks by her old college and remembers how she used to study with Rudra and how they became best friends and helped each other out. She remembers how Rudra treated her like a princess and was always by her side. She cries and says why does life always give me happiness and then steal it from me.

{Oberoi Mansion}

Anika Puttar Wait.Shivaye and Anika are Stood At the doorway and Pinky does their Aarti. Anika is upset and Shivaye notices this he takes her to a side and asks if she is still angry on him? She says nothing and walks of, Shivaye is determined to pacify her while Dadi thanks Anika for forgetting the past and giving Shivayes side In his difficult time, I know it’s hard for you Puttar but pls until Shivaye remembers his past and regains his memory pls stay here. Anika tells Dadi she came here now but she cannot leave Ansh as she cannot live without him and she won’t stay here leaving him alone there as he cannot stay without me too, Dadi Requests Anika to bring Ansh Here. Anika thinks about it and says I don’t want Ansh to know Shivaye is his dad. Dadi says why he has a right to know his dad, Anika walks away upset. Dadi says I’m her mind sorry Anika but I have to do this all to bring your family together, I want you and billu to become one again and bring Light in this house with your love your Ansh. If only you knew how badly Ansh is waiting for his dad to come to him I will fulfil his wish as I am his great grandma And he is my own my loved one.

{Art Gallery}

Hmm so Zulfi SO Yaha Par Hai, Ishana creeps up behind Omkara just about to scare him when he grabbed her hand and pinned her to the wall, she asks him if he has eyes behind his head, he goes I don’t need eyes their as I can sense you when you are near. She stares at him. He holds her hand and tells her that she is the most beautiful girl he has seen. She tells him to stop buttering her, and she says that he’s not too bad either. He starts his shayari and Ishana compliments him. They talk and Ishana asks if her would be husband would like to go on a coffe date with her he agrees and they both set of.

{On The Road}

Soumya holding a box blocking her view collides into Rudra and says you idiot can you not see I am carrying this big box I Crnt see but you have eyes don’t you look where your walking, he says excuse me but I don’t move but people move from my path, he laughs and says it was just a joke and he apologises and asks if she needs any help.she tells him he is very dramatic and must watch a lot of movies and accepts his offer she says here take this and help me then I will defiantly accept your apology. She hands him the box and goes to get more items from the car she reaches her shop and sees Rudra and realises he was the one who collided with her. He says Oh Sumi this is your shop I was looking around your shop is ok but I can make it better, she says so know you think your do better work than me. He says no but my ideas are great. Soumya says your impossible. Rudra says he is in a hurry but will catch up next time since he I know where you spend most of your time. Soumya says where am I stuck now how will I save him from Romi?

Precap: Omkara and Ishanas Mehndi Ceremony Is Going On, Shivaye gets intimate with Anika and Soumya and Rudra dance with each other on Matargashti.

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    Amazing and the twist is mind blowing…..keep going like dis…..waiting for next one

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