Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 12


Episode 12


{On The Road}

Anika and Rudra rush to the hospital on the way Anika is praying that nothing happens to Shivaye, she asks god why is he testing her patience he has always have her pain why doesn’t she deserve any happiness. First she lost her parents, and now her love, why? Rudra consoles her and says with her alive and by Bhaiyas side nothing can happen to him am sure. Your love will bring him back to us safely. He hugs Anika hoping that Shivaye will be fine. Anika wipes her tears and promises Rudra that she will bring Shivaye back anyhow, she won’t let him leave this easily.


Anika runs towards Shivaye she bangs into a nurse on the way and helps her up, the nurse tells her to walk carefully next time. This is a hospital not your running track. Anika apologises and walks around she asks Rudra where he is and he takes her along, the family sees her there and are elated to see her come. Dadi thanks God and hugs Anika she tells her now that your here nothing bad can happen am sure. You have always protected Shivaye and never let anything harm him and this time I know it you will save him from death. Pinky holds Anikas hand and asks why she is here after leaving her son and making his life hell, let him die what’s it to you. Anika is hurt by her words, pinky then hugs her tightly saying if you came any later I wouldn’t have forgiven you now pls go to Shivaye and tell him get up he will listen to you since he loves you madly he always put your firsts na. She says don’t return without Shivaye okay. Anika rushes in and sees Shivaye lying their, she stops and stares at him, the past flashes through her mind.

{Anikas House}

Ansh comes out looking for Anika he screams mama, Ishani tells him not to scream as neighbours will complain, Sahil says so what not like they think about us always partying at 12am. Ranveer comes and tells them Anika has gone out for important work and she will return late. Ansh complains that she never takes care of herself, let mama come I will take her class. Everyone laugh and Soumya says its as if your the parent and Anika Di is your child, she hugs Ansh and says your the best as you made my Anika Di’s life complete your her world and happiness. Ansh gets happy and says my mama is the best too! If only papa was here, Soumya says cheer up you.


Anika walks towards Shivaye slowly, her heartbeat gets faster, she sits beside him and caresses his face, tears roll down and land in his face. She says Shivaye please get up, you always create problems for other don’t you. I swear if you don’t get up I will slap you, chameli is here with me and I’m warning you… She cries uncontrollably and places her head on Shivayes chest.
Anika holds Shivayes hand and tells him that he hurt her immensely years ago, and he hasn’t changed til today your the same stone Singh Oberoi with no emotions and only cares about himself I hate you! You want to leave your family that loves you, once upon a time you would die for them and now…. I HATE YOU! Shivaye opens his eyes slowly and looks up at Anika.

Precap: Doctor Tells Anika That Shivaye Has Suffered A Lot Because Of The Accident And Scans Are Showing He Has Had Partial Memory Loss. Everyone Stands Shocked.

Has Shivaye Really Lost His Memory? Wait To Find Out

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