Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 11


Episode 11



Shivaye is rushed into the hospital in a stroller, with blood all over him. The doctor shouts and tells everyone to move out of the way they need to admit him into the emergency room. He is taken into the room and the nurse starts the procedures. While the Oberoi family rushes in the hospital looking for Shivaye. The doctor comes out of the emergency room and Omkara asks him if Shivaye is okay, the doctor says he met with a severe accident and we cannot say anything yet. The whole family is left devastated.

{Anikas House}

Anika gets up and goes to get water. She finds it difficult to walk due to weakness. She falls down on her way and a vase is knocked over waking up the whole house. Ranveer asks her if she is mad to get up in this state. She says its nothing and I’m well so stop telling me I’m not I feel absolutely fine. Soumya gives her water and says fine di but Atleast take rest today you’ve been through a very tough incident today. Anika walks away but stops midway asking Soumya how she got home in an unconscious state. Soumya stummers and says oh…em Wo some guy she asks did you get his name? Soumya says no di actually I didn’t I jus thanked him and he left. Are you sure Soumya or? No Di why would I lie. Anika was boggled as she questions herself why she felt Shivayes presence when she was unconscious, she felt his touch.

{On The Road}

Om don’t worry am on my way, keep strength Shivaye will be okay. Ishana how can I my brothers life is at risk and I Crnt even do anything to help him. Why does Shivaye always land in trouble. I wish I could help lessen his pain and problems. Om you always try your best and I know you, your always thinking about others always putting them before yourself. Ishana I hope Shivaye will be okay he will won’t he?? He will am sure of it, he loves his family too much and he Crnt leave you again he promised you remember and am sure he won’t break his promise. I love you Ishana I’m so glad to have someone like you in my life that can understand me and my situations. Ishana smiles while tears roll down her eyes.


Shivaye condition is very critical. Doctor any updates on Shivaye, how is he? Am sorry mr Oberoi but we are trying our best but he is not responding to any treatments he only has 8 hours if he doesn’t get up them am afraid he won’t survive. Dadi panics and shouts billu! You Crnt leave us not again pls puttar. She prays to God to take her life as she has lived but to just save Shivaye somehow show me a miracle pls. Om and Rudra break down too and pinky cries aloud Jhanvi and tej try to console everyone but are also affected badly by the news given. Rudra leaves silently and makes his way outside the hospital.


In the morning Rudra is still walking on the roads and the doctors words echo in his mind that Shivaye only has 8 hours, and Dadi asking for a miracle. Rudra sees the temple and walks inside, he falls on his knees and prays to God that he cannot live without his brother he just got him back after 4 years and it haven’t even been 4 days yet and my brother is going away again, he tells God to make miracle pls as Shivaye is his best friend, brother, his everything. Anika comes to the same temple and complains to God that it’s been four years and she never asked for anything but today she wants to ask something and that is too keep Ansh happy and safe, you never answer my prayers you have always created problems in my life you separated me from my love but that’s it you have to listen to me this time and she also breaks down in tears, as she is about to walk away she witnesses Rudra crying in front of God and gets concerned she taps his shoulder and Rudra gets shocked. He thinks Anika to be that miracle for Shivayes life. He hugs Anika and thanks her for coming at such a difficult time he always knew that she Crnt see Shivaye in pain. Anika gets shocked, she asks if he is okay? And how is Shivaye? He tells her everything and she rushes with him to the hospital.

Precap: Anika holds Shivayes hand and tells him that he hurt her immensely years ago, and he hasn’t changed til today your the same stone Singh Oberoi with no emotions and only cares about himself I hate you!

What was the past that tore the sweet relationships of Shivika? Wait To Find Out …. ???

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  1. It was an emotional episode.waiting for next episode.

  2. Really good one. I started crying while I was reading your ff. ?? Too good keep going.

  3. Emotional epi actually awsum

  4. Pritha1234

    Nice.. I liked your f2f so much .. 🙂 keep writing

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