Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 10


Episode 10


{On The Road}

Shivaye remembers the bank incident and how he thought he had just got her back and she showed concern for me as if she still loves me. but then remembers Ranveers closeness towards Anika and misunderstands that they are together and have a child, he thinks that Anika has forgotten him and has moved on but I am still stuck in the past, I Crnt forget you because you are my identity you complete me I LOVE YOU ANIKA. How can you be with some one else. He drives rashly in anger.

{Anikas House}

Anika wonders how she got home and she remembers seeing Shivaye before falling unconscious. Ansh asks her where she is lost she replies with nothing just like that. He tells her to eat her medicine, he complain that she’s lucky that she woke up otherwise if she had left him he would have never forgiven her. She says she will never leave him ever. He smiles and gives her a glass of water she refuses to eat the medicine calling it tasteless and boring. He goes she will have to eat this for him if she loves him otherwise he will never talk to her and move far away from her as she will prove she doesn’t love him. She sulks and makes a weird face. He goes eat it otherwise you can get more ill and eat more medicines and soon your room will become a medicine shop. She goes into flashback.
*Shivaye is ill and starts to take multiple medicines. She holds the packets and shouts at him that these medicines will make him worser. He tells her to give them back otherwise he won’t talk to her. She says oh so your trying to blackmail me she says fine I’d rather you stay Alive and not talk to me but I Crnt risk loosing you because of these medicines. She gets emotional and he apologises he pulls her closer and he gets romantic he kisses her hand and promises to never eat all these medicines again, they hug*
{Flashback ends}
Anika is in tears and Ansh consoles her saying fine she won’t have to eat the medicine but don’t cry. She takes the medicine and says sorry.

{Ishana/Oberoi Residence}

*On the phone*
Omkara tells Ishana that finally Shivaye has found his Anika i jus hope Anika forgives him and they come back home together. Ishana says haven’t seen Anika but seems like she was someone that fixed the family and bought you all together, she was precious for Shivaye that’s why he was so broken on losing her. Ishana tells Om to promise her that they won’t ever separate as she Crnt live without him. Om says promise that I won’t ever do anything to make us separate and I will never leave you but..Ishana says but what? Om laughs and says its much fun teasing you. Ishana gets annoyed and says Atleast one day don’t annoy me any ways I will see you tomorrow and papa is coming so let me keep the phone and listen I love you Mera Zulfi Wala Singh Oberoi. Om smiles and says I love you aswell. They cut the call.

{On The Road}

Shivaye is driving rashly and doesn’t see a truck and he collides with the car he falls unconscious the car. Anika feels like something bad happened and she prays that everything is all fine but is confused as why she feels this way. Ansh consoles her and tells her everything’s fine don’t worry. Anika lays down but finds it hard to sleep as she feels very suffocated.

{Oberoi Mansion}

Someone calls on the landline and Dadi picks up she recieves some news which veins tears to her eyes and she drops the phone and screams Shivaye! Everyone is boggled and rush towards Dadi as she collapses on the floor.

Precap: Shivaye is rushed to hospital, the Oberoi family reach their and asks the doctors and about his condition he says it was a very severe accident. Rudra bumps into Anika @ the temple and Ishana consoles Om.

Will Shivaye Survive This Accident? What Will Happen Next Wait To Find Out.

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