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Ishqbaaz (Shivika,Ishkara,Roumya) Part 1


Episode 1

Hi Its Emmay And I Am A Fan Of Ishqbaaz and I Have Read Many Fan Fictions And I Thought I Would Write My Own.


(Anika's House @ Dinning Table)

Soumya: Good Morning Di
Anika: Morning Chutki
Sahil: Anika DiDi your late breakfast at 8 sharp
Anika: Good Morning Sahil
Sahil: My Mornings have stopped being good since years ago
Soumya: Chote don't talk about this now, it's not the time.
Sahil: Sorry DiDi
Anika: Its Okay, just finish your breakfast.

(Oberoi Mansion)

Tej: Jhanvi where's my breakfast? Hurry up am getting late.
Jhanvi: Just One minutes Tej
Pinky: Oh My Goshs Jethani Ji panshakes, So Yummy.
Jhanvi: Pinky It's Pancakes not PanShakes.
Pinky: Yh that
Dadi: The Smell is great what's cooking?
Pinky: Pancakes
Dadi: Billu used to make really nice pancakes. wonder when he will be back
Pinky: Oh My Mata Dadi he's not thinking about us and just left and never came back
Dadi: 4 years have past but he hasn't returned
Rudra : Dadi why are you worrying?
Dadi: He's my grandson and he's alone in London, why shouldn't I worry?
Rudra: Because Bhare Bhaiya is coming back
Jhanvi: That's great news? When?
Dadi: really?

Rudra: why will I joke?
Pinky: My son is returning oh my Mata.
Tej: Jhanvi!
Jhanvi: Coming Tej
Tej: Where's Om?
Jhanvi: He's gone office
Tej: I'm proud of him, finally decided to take up business.
Jhanvi: After Shivaye left there was no other for him. He did this for his dadi
Tej: well he's learning and he's doing the right thing by joining the business. This is what I wanted.
Jhanvi: I just want him to be happy
Tej: he's getting married ofcourse he would be happy and his brother is returning after so long.
Jhanvi: your right

(At the Oberoi Industries)

*Shivaye On The Phone*
Omkara: So your coming back
Shivaye: Yes
Omkara: What's the reason that you decided to come back after 4 years?
Shivaye: I just needed to be alone and I think it's time for me to come back. I missed you all
Omkara: So now you remember that you have a family here
Shivaye: You know it's not like that Om.
Omkara: Shivaye I know it's been hard on you but you have put us through a lot these 4 years and dadi she doesn't talk much and what about me and Rudra? You have forgotten us
Shivaye: Am sorry Om, please forgive me I was jus thinking about myself
Omkara: You just come back, I carnt handle this business. I'm a expert at handling statues and you at handling business. Have a safe journey.
Shivaye: Okay see you later Om.

(On The Road)

Anika: Be a good boy at school today okay
Ansh: Okay Mama
Anika: Prem will be back today so we will go out once they come
Ansh: Yay!
Anika: Okay I need to go now I have a big order today. See you later
Ansh: Love You Mama Bye!
Anika: Bye Mera Bacha have a amazing day.

Precap: Dadi tells Shivaye what really made him come back? Tej Says to Om that now Shivaye has come back but you will still work in the family business.

  1. 😳👌nice but it needed some spice in it becoz ishqbaaz storyline is known for its comedy 2 sorry if my words have spoiled any1 mood or feelings

  2. Manya


  3. I know its a ff but i wanna ask who is prem and ansh??

    1. they are kids of anika. so that means anika is married , interesting.

  4. Anika is married 💑 to whom ?

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