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After warm welcome from shekhawat everyone started moving inside and before anyone say anything Shivay take his seat on sofa which is in front of stair case and staring at the stairs

“Dekhi Hai Tasvir Hi Aaj Milenge Darshan
Haay Re Badh Ne Lagi Hai Uljhan” ??

which is notice by Rudra who is planning to pull Shivay’s leg and Ishana who is coming down due to Jayshree’s call and after talking something with Jayshree she again went upstairs and now here in living hall Shehawat servant serves breakfast and all are discussing over something and after few minutes finally Shivay’s mom tell Anika’s mom to call Anika and she agreed and give call to Ishana to bring Anika and after hearing this Shivay’s eyes glued to stairs like something precious is there but to his bad luck Ishana and Anika enter in living room from kitchen gate which is behind Shivay’s back and being a gentle boy now he can’t even turn to look at her so he curse his luck and mutter something under his breath ???? and Rudra laugh lil due to this which again stopped after earning glare from Shivay and may be some luck is in favor so Shivay’s mother call Anika near her whose seat is in front of Shivay and after he see her he felt like angel from heaven is descend today

“Roop Ki Raani Aayi Hai Jaise Gagan Se Utarke
Mere Liye Kyaa Mere Liye Aise Sajke Savarke”???

After few minutes Shivayy’s mother asked Anika few question in reply of which either she nod or she replied yes or no that too to much slowly which is barely audible by her and his mother and meanwhile Shivay is busy in stealing glances and glimpses of her beautiful angelic face which is twicely noticed by Anika
“Sabse Chhupake Idhar Udhar Se
Mujhko Hi Dekhe Chor Nazar Se”????

After few minutes they done with their questions and finally Shakti speak to Anika’s dad.

Shakti: We liked Anika but let them both talk with each other.

AD: Of course after all its matter of their life.

After hearing that for noen second Taani and Rey look at each other.

“Do Anjaane Ajnabi Chale Bandhane Bandhan
Haay Re Dil Mein Hai Ye Uljhan
Milkar Kyaa Bole Kyaa Bole Kyaa Bole
Re Milakar Kyaa Bole
Nayi Umang Nayi Khushi Mehak Uthaa Hai Aangan
Haay Re Ghar Aaye Man Bhaavan
Milkar Kyaa Bole Kyaa Bole Kyaa Bole
Re Milkar Kyaa Bole”

And they all started leaving and went to garden area and here in hall a soul is confused and another one is scared as well as confused

“Bechaini Betaabi Aaj Mujhe Ye Kaisi
Aaj Hai Jo Pehle Na Thi Dil Ki Haalat Aisi”

Few minutes passed after all left them alone but yet Anika is still sitting in sofa and now she is playing with her dupatta and her eyes are glued to floor after another few minutes finally Shivay got up and sat beside her which increased Anika’s even his own heartbeat none of them know from where to start so finally Shivay speak

Shivay: Hi. I am Shivay singh Oberoi but you can call me Shivay.??

Taani: Hi Shivay I am Anika. (Amazing way to start conversation????? … )

But yet she is not looking at him and now her grip on her dupatta is tighten which is noticed by Shivay so he speak

Shivay: Listen relaxes Anika. Today both of we have to take decision of our future life together and for that at least you have to calm and relax. And all I want to know is that whether you are forced by any one for this relation then let me know I’ll find out way to make you free so feel free to express yourself.

Finally after hearing this Anika gather little courage and look at him and bith share a lil eyelock and after that all she replied to him is

Anika: No, nothing is like that. (With a small smile on her lips)??

Shivay: Okay,☺☺ and Anika till I know you are 20 and I am 24 so are you okay with this 4 years age difference because till I know girls are not okay with such sort of thing.Girls make fuss over….

But before he can complete his sentence impulsive Anika speak

Anika: By the way I am turning 21 next month and you turned to 24 previous week only that I know and moreover my favorite Sahid kapoor and his wife too have too much age difference so(And all in sudden something strike in her mind and she realize where and in front of whom she is speaking this all so stopped)

And her innocent answer make Shivay smile at her and even he got the answer which he is searching. And on other hand Anika is feeling hell embarrassing ??????? due to her own answer which is notice by Shivay so to make her normal and divert her mind he speak

Shivay: Anika if everything work properly then we will be life partner so I do not want to hide from you that I’ve dated few girls before but I am not serious about any of them.

Anika: (Look like finally all her courage comes to her) I know.??

Shivay: (Shocked) How??????

Anika: Actually yesterday Ishana goggled you so…????

Shivay: And who is Ishana?????

And before Anika can speak a voice come from behind

Ishana: Meet Ishana Mehta aka me aka Anika’s best friend cum sister. And now everyone is waiting for you both in garden so shall we?????

Shivay-Anika: Sure ….☺☺☺

And trio leave to garden where everyone are waiting for them and as they come to their sight directly their respective family come to them and ask about their decision and both of them look at each other smile a little and nod in agreement. And finally they family decide to keep Kum-kum tilak ceremony for next day at Oberoi farmhouse in presence of family member and close friends and with that Oberoi family left from there and while other family member are busy in biding bye to each other Anika and Shivay too bid bye to each other through their eyes…

So done with writing… I tried my best but I know I’ve made so many gadbad… And about song I do not use in proper line as per movie but I use it as situation in my update hope you all like it… So buddies leave your precious comment….☺☺☺☺

And yeah there will be Shivika nokjok. RuIka’s bond and even Ishkara and Raumya story but that will be come with flow of story so wait and watch and keep motivating me to writing…. And all who commented in previous part thank you so much buddies your comments means alot to me and I’ll try my best to reply to all of your comments..☺☺☺☺

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