Ishqbaaz ShiVika Vivah (Part 1)


Part One

After entering in home Anika starts shouting in excitement
Anika: Ma where are you??? I’ve so many things to share with you come here na please. I need to tell you so many things of collage…

Meanwhile Jayshree (Anika’s mother) came out from kitchen with 2 glass of water she give one to Anika and other to Ishana and sit beside Anika and speak

Jayshree: Ani beta thodi sans bhi le lo… and pahele pani pi lo and bad me batao muje…

After drinking water Anika again starts

Anika: Ma this year too I top the collage and you know I’ll get award for it in our farewell and yeah our principal request me and Ishana to perform a dance last time in our collage.

Jayshree: Kitni jaldi tum logo ka collage complete ho gaya pata hi nai chala…

After hearing that line Anika starts crying so her mother stop and asked her

Jayshree: What happen ????? Mera bacha ro kyu raha hai??????

Anika: Ma ab thode dino k bad collage nai hoga… ????

But before their conversation can continue Anika’s mother phone buzzed so she received call and Anika and Ishana witnessed her side of conversation

Jayshree: Ji ha Acha kal??? Nai we do not have any problem… Yeah I know that… Yeah Anika bhi ghar pe hai kal Sunday jo hai… ha aaiye… courier mil gaya aapko??? Ok mil jayega hume… (Meanwhile a courierboy deliver a courier which is received by Anika) mil gaya ji… Thnk you ji… Kal milte hai…

After disconnecting call she looked at Anika and Ishana and both are looking at her with confusion so to clear their confusion she speak

Jayshree: Taani kal tume ladke wale dekhne aa rahe hai wo bhi Oberoi family and is courier me us ladke ki photo hai so dekh lena and Ishana tum aaj yahi ruk jana Anika k pas because she needs you…

Ishana: Aunty I’ll be with Anika but do not you think this all are to early for Anika yet she completed her collage only.

Anika: yeah ma…

Jayshree: Beta this is correct age for getting married… In this age you can easily be with each other and can understand each other and your relationship will be deep and sacred and Anika I too get married to your Papa in this age only…

anika: Ok ma…

After that both girls leaves to Anika’s room and after settling on bed in room Anika open courier and see picture of boy (Boy’s pic)same time Ishana ask her

Ishana: So how is he looking Anika?? Let me see pic…

Anika: He is so handsome and dashing and good lokking I am sure he won’t say yes to this alliance Ishana… he’ll reject me… (Nervously)

Ishana: Anika he won’t say no to you in fact no one can so no to you so chill and relax… By the way did you notice his eyes????

Anika: Not yet, let me see.

And Anika snatch pic.from Ishana’s hand look at his eyes and speak

Anika: O bete ki he has same “kanji eyes” like our economics professor.???

Ishana:Ohhh so “Kanji aankho wala baghad billa” tume dekhne aane wala hai.????

Anika: Do not call him baghad billa ha…??

And later day passed like the same Anika blabber something after every few minutes nervously and Ishana starts relaxing her after that…

Same day in same city at Oberoi Industry Shakti singh Oberoi MD of industry knock door of his elder son Shivay’s cubicle’s door and enter in to find his son is indulged in laptop doing some work and at the same time speaking to someone over phone so he stand infront of him and listened his side of conversation.

Shivay:Ok done I’ll be there but it might not be possible for me to stay there in whole function sir. Thank you… Bye Cya at day of function.

After completion of his call he just look at his dad who is standing yet so he speak

Shivay: Dad Why are you standing yet and behaving oddly today??

Shakti: Beta I am here to give you this picture and to inform you that tomorrow we are going to see girl for you…

Shivay: Ok Papa but you do not think is to early for this all??? Because I just join business before few months

Shakti:Beta this is correct age for getting married… In this age you can easily be with each other and can understand each other and your relationship will be deep and sacred and Shivay I too get married to your mother in this age only… And Shivay every person need an inspiration in his life to achive something and may be she’ll enter in your life as an inspiration, and she will live each moment of your life with you, She’ll be with you in every up and down of life… (I take this from movie because I liked it…) and after that he leaves from there and Shivay look the picture of girl.

and mesmerized by her innocent beauty and smile.

Scene shifts to next day morning.
Anika have chosen her favorite baby pink dress and she is getting ready with lil nervousness.

Since her mother told her that Oberoi family are coming to see her for marriage she is behaving totally nervous after a while Ishana enter in room with smile on her face and speak Boys family are down and he is more handsome and fab then picture. After listening this Anika’s nerviusness increase more… And on other hand Shivay is lost in Anika’s innocent beauty since he have seen her picture and after entering in Shekhawat mention his eyes are searching her only and this is noticed by his younger brother Rudra and he pulled his leg and he stopped it after earning dead glare from Shivay…

So buddies done with update now you all have to inspire me to write next part by your precious comments.???????

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