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Hello peeps…????? 3rd update in same day but till it come to you all may be it’ll be first update for tomorrow… Hope you all will like it…..????

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Part 2

After completing her sentence Jayshree take out Anika’s red dress and other accessories and she is about to reach to Anika, when Rishi called her from downstairs so she told Ishana to help Anika in getting ready and left from there.

As soon as Jayshree left from room Ishana took her charge and stand up rather to say drag Anika to dressing table and make her sit on her table and start doing her hair but soon she found Anika is yet lost some where so she put everything aside and took Anika to bed and make her sit and then she too sit beside her and speak

Ishana: What happened Anika???

Anika: Nothing Mumma I am just…

Ishana: Anika, Do not lie come out from your thoughtland I am not mumma I am Ishana your Bhabhi. Now say me what is itching your mind???

Anika: Ishana though mumma present her philosophy but I found it weird.

Ishana: Silly girl your overworking mind always find something weird in everything. May be he is over from her ex and want to start his life with most perfect and sweet girl of world.

Anika: Okay I agree with your argument but…

Ishana: Now what???

Anika: what about Pratham????

Ishana: We’ll handle that too… you just stop worrying about that all.

Anika: Okay as you say my Majesty but keep one thing in mind that he is…

Ishana cut her in between and speak

Ishana: Trust me Anika we all know how much important he is for you and I know Pratham ment more to you then Shivay and you can level Shivay form him but you can’t see him sad and all so now stop worrying.

Soon discussion topic of their divert to IshKara’s honeymoon…

Same day London

Oberi Industries

Shivay and his personal assistant cum best friend Ranveer both are busy in studying legal paper for deal while few other employees are working on a presentation as per Ranveer sir’s order till late hours and there is pin drop silence in office but soon this broke by a mobile ring which cause to loose Ranveer’s temper as he has instructed employees to do not use phone in office so he shout

Ranveer: Whose phone is ringing??? Didn’t I make it clear that cell phone are not allowed when you are in office???

After hearing that Shivay’s mind strike and he checked his mobile which is ringing with a reminder so to save employee from his anger professor who taught him how to be angry’s wrath he shouted (Shivay ka anger Professor… Howz that????)

Shivay: Ranveer that was mine phone.

Ranveer: What?

Shivay: Yeah and its quite late now let them go.

And before Ranveer can react he ordered employees to leave and come to Ranveer and speak

Shivay: Ranveer, sometime I feel like you are boss here.

Ranveer: Whatever and why your phone is ringing at this time?(Jag gaya Jagga Jassos..??)

Shivay: I’ve set reminder so..

Ranveer: Reminder for what?( Only God knows that why he is behaving like his girlfriend..???

Shivay: Wait man let me complete my task then I’ll tell you everything.

After that Shivay made a call and talk for a while and all this time curious eye of Ranveer is staring him and as soon as he disconnect call he throw will-you-please-explain look at Shivay. And knowing that look Shivay start explanation.

Shivay: Actually today my family is going to Anika’s home with my alliance so I’d set reminder to ask them whether they are going or not???… Hope this time she won’t reject me. (Crossing his fingers…)

Ranveer: Wait are you talking about Anika Shekhawat??? If yeas then I can’t believe yet you love her….

Shivay: Yeah I am talking about Anika Shekhawat, and my love for her will never been a point less.

Ranveer: But Shivay when you send your proposal with Tia in collage she rejected you then…

Shivay: May be this time she won’t reject me.

Ranveer: Do not you think you too need to be there today??

Shivay Nope yaar do not you heard a saying

Ranveer: Which????(With serious look)

Shivay: Kitna bhi try kyun na kar lo par crush ke samne paglo wali harkat ho hi jati h…(I just love this line… Imagine Shivay saying this for Anika ????????.)

Ranveer: Oh god I can’t believe Shivay Singh Oberoi the great SSO is behaving like a majnu..

Shivay: Ranveer I love her so much and I can do anything for her.

Ranveer: I know that and I’ll pray to God that you both will be together forever.

So here I done with Update. All of you peeps work starts now give your feedback post a comment and let me know your view on how was update??? And any guesses regarding who is Pratham????? First few chapters will be lil short as I’ve to bring some twist which will not be possible in long update so plz manage kar lena and agar gusa aaye throw your shoes and tomatoes I am already hide in safe place…????

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  1. Post next part soon

  2. Nice on chocopie, well maybe pratham is Anika’s pet or best friend…not sure.

    About the secret, which causes Pinky to humilate Sekhawat family is maybe that Anika is adopted because they had no daughters…

    Update next part soon, love u…

  3. Shivika

    It was osum….post nxt one asap

  4. Really good writer and I don’t have any word.

  5. Nansshivika

    Shivay such a majnu ……superbbb and I know pratham and u too know that so skip that.lol.the episode was awesome.anish n shiran convo and bond acha hai.shivay toh anika ki pyar me pagal hai.

    Ab jaldi next part post karna????????????love u chocs??

  6. Jayashree

    Interesting… plz post next Part asap:-)

  7. Akshaya

    Shiveer was cool dear. O bête ki Anika- pratham and Shivaay- Tia in college days??
    Waiting for the next

  8. Di now this is confusing…???? Shivay is saying Anika rejected him and Anika saying Shivay rejected her ye ho my raha hai??? And ye Pratham kon hai?????? Kitne sare twist la rahi ho di poor my mind will brust so plz update soon re…

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    Mind blowing episode……

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    I love that majnu wala line and you are right it will look so cute if shivaay says this for anika!!!!!
    and I am starting to guess what must have happened in college so pls post the next part soon

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  19. This one is amazing di. I didn’t comment in other part of this as I am not well ans didn’t checked TU and let me tell you di this on sis quite intriguing concept as well as confusing coz both are thinking another one rejected them ans even I am confusing and above all no this Pratham kitne sare twist sirf do ch.me and bad me cliffhanger banake chhod dete ho ye bhi koi bat hui??? Ab next wala jaldi update karna I am dying out if curiosity and Shivay is so much deeply in love with Anika and his that crush wali line OMG he must be looking Cutiepie like Ranbeer in ADHM. Plz update soon and sorry for not commenting on other parts from now I’ll comment regularly pinky promise..

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    fantastic epi dear…

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