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Hello peeps…?????? Hope you are fine and have enjoyed your new year and wishing you all belated happy new year…☺☺☺☺ Hope this year will bring all success and prosperity in life. And thanks a lot for supporting me in this new story too and I am delighted with all comments and yeah Su_16, Nina(Cutiepie), Akshya (Swtypie), Sofiya.S. for suggesting titles for story all titles are wonderful and Su_16 your title is apt for my story and sorry other but I’ll go with remaining titles if I write something in future…. Okay now enjoy this…????

Character Sketch

Anika Shekhawat: Only girl child in Shekhawat family she is princess of Shekhawat and she used to be chatterbox and yet she is full of life, and cutely weird girl and once she was deeply and madly in love with Shivay.

Shivay Singh Oberoi: Ruthless and arrogant and businessman and he deeply in love with Anika.

Rudra Shekhawat: Younger son of Shekhawat and engaged to Saumya Tendulkar. And he can do every possible thing under his power to bring smile on Saumya and Anika’s face.

Saumya Tendulkar: Rudra’s fiancée and she is bubbly ad chatterbox.

Omkara and Ishana Shekhawat: Elder son and daughter-in-law of Shekhawat and they can do any thing for family’s happiness and they love Anika though they are almost of same age.

Rishi and Jayshree Shekhawat: Caring and loving parents and they choose their child over society’s norms.

Shakti and Pinky Oberoi: Shakti is caring and doting father but fail to show because of Pinky’s stubbornness.

Kalyani Devi: Shivay’s dadi and she is loving and caring but some time she have to bend over Pinky’s stubbornness.

Okay I know many of you won’t be okay with OmRu being Anika’s brothers but in real IB too they behave like Anika’s brothers too so I thought to give a try too it hope you all will like it too…And yeah may be two or three more characters are there but I’ll introduce them on right time…But now…??????

Part 1

Each and every member of Sekhawat family is running here and there just to make everything perfect to welcome Oberois. All of them are happy because for their princess’s (according to them) prince charming’s family are coming to home with alliance proposal and even Anika is seems to be happy after knowing this though she had lost her interest in marriage since last two year.

Jayshree is guiding servants in decorating hall while Rishi is busy in making few business calls as today neither he nor Rudra will be able to attend a single meeting as they wanted to beside their princess and Rudra went to airport to pick up his brother Omkara and his lovely bhabhi Ishana who have shorted their second honeymoon to make sure that they will be with Anika when Oberoi will be at home with alliance proposal.

After an hour or so all members are done with preparations and they arrives in hall and sit together but Ishana notice her mother in law lil more conscious and tensed so she asked

Ishana: Ma why are you tensed???

Jayshree:Beta,I heard that Pinkyji is blunt and biased and even Shivay is out of country as he has some important meeting to attend so …

Ishana: Ma everything will be ok… And you know right now instead of being tensed we need to support Anika she needs us with her so let’s go there.

Jayshree: you are right beta. And I am really lucky to have you as my daughter in law.

By saying so she hugged her and both ladies went to Anika’s room. And here in hall all three gents prays to God to bring happiness in their princess life.

After entering into Anika’s room Jayshree’s tear announced their uninvited arrival same like Ishana’s as both they noticed their daughter is sitting near window while hugging her knees near her chest and lost in her own thoughts.

But soon both control their self and went near Anika and with care and love Jayshree caresse Anika’s hair which bring her out from her thought world and she look at her ma and Bhabhi and smile while pretending to behave normal. But seems like Ishana have read tension in Anika’ mind so she asked her

Ishana: What happened Anika??? Why are you too tensed???

Anika: Ishana I do not feel like ok… I mean he is same Shivay Singh Oberoi the SSO then how???

Ishana: Anika, what are you mean by he is same Shivay Singh Oberoi???

Anika: Do not you remember Ishana he rejected me in college for Tia then now why he wanted to marry me???

But before Ishana can answer her question Jayshree come up with answer

Jayshree: May be he found out that your had loved him more then that random girl and Anika beta now do not think all this get ready they’ll be here any time.

Okay, I am done with update. And yeah now all of yours work starts so type your view in form of comment and I am eager to know whether you people like this or not???? *Nervous**Finger cross*

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