#Ishqbaaz #Shivika #TrueLove Triumphs All Evils – Few Shots – Part 6

Part 6 –
Recap :- F4 entry; Karan & Kabir tiff; Karan accepts his feelings for Nandini.

It’s a new morning. Everyone was in the living room having their breakfast, talking, laughing etc etc. In the evening there’s a party in the Oberoi Mansion for announcing the merger of Oberoi’s business with that of Arnav Singh Raizada & Abhay Rana.
Abhay :- so I heard that last night my sons had a fight, is it true?
Anika :- Jiju that was not a fight fight, it was a charade put on by Kabir to make our Karan accept his feelings for Nandini.

Abhay, Anjali & Arnav :- what? ???
Karan :- Maaso…
Anika :- what? U can’t hide such things from ur elders, it should be known to them.
Anjali :- well now that Karan has chosen a girl for himself, we’ll focus on Kabir now.
Abhay :- yeah actually u r ryt. Even I had 1 girl for Kabir in my mind.
Kabir (coughs) :- what? ?
Anika :- what happened, have u also chosen a girl for u as well?
Kabir :- no (hiccups) it’s not like that (hiccups) actually (hiccups)
Anika :- Kabir r u hiding something from us? ?
Kabir :- why would I (hiccups) do that (hiccups)?
Karan :- since its ur habit that whenever u tell a lie or try to hide something ur hiccups starts. So there’s no point of hiding anymore just tell the damn truth.
Kabir :- actually.. I…don’t…wanna get married b’coz I… I… I..
Abhay :- what I I? ?
Kabir :- I’m already married ?
Everyone :- what? ????
Abhay :- u r kidding ryt, u r kidding. Anjali Ji ur son is really good at this, Kabir (shouts) u r kidding ryt?
Kabir :- No ?
Anika :- Jiju relax I’ll talk to him. (to Kabir) Kabir now tell me the whole truth. To whom u got married & since when?

Kabir :- Maaso her name’s Nisha Verma.
Karan :- Nisha…oh the girl u liked the very first day of college.
Kabir :- yes she’s the one. Actually what happened was Nisha was going to get married to the guy that her parents chose for her but they were greedy & their demands rose every single day. She invited me too.
Karan :- I remember 6 months ago u went to Delhi, this means u r married for the past 6 months & u didn’t bothered to tell this thing even to me & here I thought that we don’t keep secrets from each other. ?
Anika :- what happened in Delhi?

Anjali :- did u really went their to attend the wedding or to get married?
Anika :- Di relax let me talk (to Kabir) what happened there?
Kabir :- at the mandap the groom’s family was demanding money from her father, she being frustrated broke the alliance but u know the people, their mentality, they always point out at a girl’s character. I was not able to hear her insult so I proposed her there n there for marriage confessing my love for her & she too accepted my proposal. That’s how I got married.
Abhay :- u could’ve told us back then only. I know that I’m not ur real father but I never ever even for a single moment differentiated b/w u & Karan. U really have told that me & Anjali Ji r not ur parents, we both r only ur guardian.

Kabir :- pls Mamu don’t say like this. U, Mami, Arnav Mamu, Karan & Maaso r my family & I love u all. I always thanked God for giving me such a family who loves each other. Trust me Mamu, Mami I wanted to tell u everything but was waiting for the correct time but I didn’t knew that this truth will come out in such a dramatic way.
Anjali :- where’s ur wife now?
Kabir :- she’s in Delhi with her parents. She’ll be coming in the party tonight as before this revelation I thought to introduce her to my family tonight but guess the truth is already out.
Anika :- Good. Di-Jiju congratulations u both have now become parents in law from parents. & Nannav u r uncle in law ?
Arnav :- what r u chuckling at, u r also now aunt in law ?
Anika :- whatever. OK then let’s all get back to work as tonight is gonna be one hell of a amazing merger nyt. ?

Khushi & Nandini too had come for helping out the folks with the party preparation. Arnav had already informed Khushi abt Karan’s feelings for Nandini. As Karan came to knew that Nandini us also coming he made a plan to know her feelings for him. He asked his pals (including Anika & Oberoi gang) to just pretend that he suffered a tragic car accident & is very critical. When Nandini came Sam took her to the room where Karan was lying on the bed with machines attached to his body. Seeing it Nandini could not control her tears from oozing out. She sat behind him & held his hand while others swiftly move out of the room.

Nandini :- Karan how many times, how many times have I told u to drive carefully but u, u have promised not to listen to me ever. I know u must be driving in full anger, u na don’t have control over ur anger. Every time, every time when ever u r in ur angry mode u make stupid decisions, stupid conclusions etc etc in short u do all the stupid stuff in anger. I know that u think that me & Kabir r….but its not true, Kabir is my frnd was my frnd & will remain my frnd & not more than that, I never thought abt him like that way. Karan just get up cuz there r some talks that I wanna do with u, I wanna tell u something, I…. I want u to know what I feel, what r my feelings.
Karan (with eyes closed & a naughty smirk) :- so who’s stopping u? ? [she fully shocked looked at him while he just remove his oxy mask) tell na Nandini what r ur feelings, what u feel? ?

Nandini :- so u pranked me? ? (while Kabir, Sam, Akash & Anika came in) & u all too supported him ?
Kabir :- there was no other way to bring out ur feelings ? (then all left laughing)
Karan (leaning towards her) :- u were telling something ?
Nandini :- yes that I’m gonna kill u
She starts hitting him while he was trying to defend her. He then hold her hand & pulled her close to him & there was a deep eye contact b/w these 2 love birds. They were lost in each others eyes. (now let’s give them some privacy)

Pool Area –
The Obro’s, GaVya & even Khanna were there to discuss their plan.
Shivay :- so all set?
Om :- yes.
Bhavya :- Bhabhi has also agreed to come with me & Gauri Bhabhi to the parlour.
Gauri :- yes after a lot of pleading.
Shivay :- good.
Khanna :- but Sir is it really necessary to do it this way?
Shivay :- yes. & Khanna today u r off duty, u know what I mean?
Khanna :- yes Sir.
Rudra :- Bhaiya r u sure u will do this?
Shivay :- yes I’m 100% sure & u guys pls don’t worry ur Anika Bhabhi will not let any harm reach out to me. ?

They all disperse to execute the plan.

Precap :- Execution of PLAN; Shivika Confrontation; will Anika’s family let Anika stay in Oberoi Mansion after knowing the truth.

Tune in to the next part for sure…. ???
???????ADIÓS AMIGOS?????

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