#Ishqbaaz #Shivika #TrueLove Triumphs All Evils – Few Shots – Part 5

Part 5 –
2 days passed but Anika didn’t talked to Shivay despite of all the efforts laid by him. He, on the other hand is now losing his cool with each minute passing of every single hour of every single day. Anika’s condition is also getting better. Arnav’s to be wife Khushi Kumari Gupta has also arrived in Mumbai & met her to be husband’s long lost best frnd abt whom he has told her so many stories & with her was her younger sister of abt 20 or 21, Nandini Gupta. Both Anika & Khushi were elated to meet each other, even Nandini too liked meeting Anika as she too had heard of her a lot from F4.
Now who’s F4? So F4 is a musical band of 4 rich spoilt brats (but good from heart) – Karan Abhay Rana, the lead singer & guitarist; Kabir Chauhan, the drummer; Saksham ‘Sam’ Chauhan, 2nd guitarist & Akash Srivastav, the keyboard player. They all r best frnds since kindergarten & currently r 3rd year students of Excel College of Arts & Commerce along with Nandini. The first few encounters of KaNan (ship name of Karan & Nandini) was very worse (imagine the heated encounters of MaNan in MTV KYY). He always tried to put her down but his evil intentions always got defeated by her courage which led Karan to develop some unknown feelings for Nandini. Karan was a happy go lucky guy till the age of 12 but after Anika went missing he turned out into a rude, arrogant, egoistic, heartless boy but when Nandini entered everything was getting normal again. Nobody means nobody even dared to speak up in front F4 but Nandini did it that infuriated Karan. Everytime when Karan troubles Nandini, Kabir comes to her rescue. Thus they both share a good bond of frndship which works as high voltage jealous factor for Karan. Kabir knows that both KaNan have feelings for each other but both r equally stubborn & in a fit of ego will never confess & he being a loyal friend will do anything to bring these 2 together. Kabir also shares the same equation as Karan with Anika. Karan & Kabir r cousins & after Kabir’s parent’s death Abhay took him in.
OK now enough of the intros let’s move back to the story….. ???
Oberoi Mansion –
Everybody was sitting & talking in the living room, discussions were going on abt ArShi wedding. Shivay on the other hand was just staring at his wife which made Anika a little uncomfortable she stood up to go when the sound of 4 bikes scratching the ground is heard. 4 boys wearing the cool jackets entered the mansion with full attitude. They all pull out their helmets & there is F4 standing. Anika was very happy to see them, Sam & Akash just ran & hugged her as tight as they can. Kabir moved slowly towards her seeing her from top to bottom, when reached to her he touched her face just to confirm that he’s not dreaming.
Anika :- Kabir…
Kabir :- it’s u, it’s actually u… ?
Anika :- of course Kabir, who would it be then.
Kabir :- u OK? ?
Anika :- I’m more than OK. Where’s Karan?

Kabir turned around to see Karan standing still trying to analyze that his Maaso is alive & is in ryt in front of him in flesh. Anika had tears welled up in her eyes, she lovingly called out his name & listening his name from her after 10 yrs he come out of trance. Nandini came to him, hold his hand & brought him to Anika. Karan bends down & touches Anika’s feet much to the surprise of Oberois & Khushi but Nandini was shocked more than surprised cuz the Karan she knew was full of attitude & ego & never likes to bend down in front of anyone not even his parents. Anika blessed him & they both hugged, Anika signalled the other 3 boys to join the hug & they all had a group hug.
Karan :- Maaso how r u? U don’t know how much I missed u.
Anika :- I missed u too bachcha.
Kabir :- Maaso, Anjali Mami said that u got married is it true?
Anika :- yes & (before she speaks abt the divorce, Shivay interrupt)
Shivay :- hi! I’m Shivay the one ur Maaso got married to (looking at Anika)
F4 :- hi! ?
Kabir :- so what should we call u? Shivay, Mr Oberoi or Mausa Ji ?
Sam :- I think Mausa Ji ? (OmRu & others F4 chuckled at this)
Shivay :- thnk u for the respect boys but I’m not that old to be called Mausa or whatever it is by the guys of ur age so u can call me either Shivay or Bhaiya what ever u want. ?
Karan :- fine but get this thing straight in ur head that if ever b’coz of u my Maaso undergoes any trouble be it physical, mental or emotional & if I ever found a single drop of tear in her eyes just b’coz of u I’m not gonna leave u. Take this both as a warning & a suggestion OK.
Shivay :- Karan ur Maaso is my wife & I assure u that now there will be no pain, no sadness, no trouble in her life ever & myself don’t like tears in Anika’s eyes.
Karan :- good for u.
Anika :- OK now leave all that I’m meeting with u all after so many yrs so just go & frshn up fast & update me abt all that happened with u all in the past 10 yrs.
Nandini :- I think I should leave now.
Kabir :- how r u gonna go, I mean Khushi Mami is going with Mamu for shopping.
Nandini :- I’ll manage. ?
Kabir :- no wait I’ll drop u off ? (listening to which Karan fumed at Kabir. Anika saw this & realised that something’s wrong b/w these 2)

Nandini left with Kabir leaving a angered Karan behind. Anika when asked him if something’s wrong b/w him & Kabir he simply said no but in actual these 2 brothers cum best frnds r at feud cuz Karan thinks that Nandini has feelings for Kabir & he once saw them hugging like the lovey dovey couples do. The young brigade was at the pool side talking but Karan was in his own wander zone but came out of it when Kabir came back.
Karan :- so Kabir how was ur “drop her off” date with Nandini? ?
Kabir (realises that now’s the correct time to strike the hammer) :- Karan to be honest…she’s not my type.
Karan (moves towards him in full anger) :- what did u just said ?
Kabir :- that what u heard. I mean after witnessing the encounters b/w u 2, I thought that she’s a tough girl, so fierce not like those mushy mushy girls but guess what I was wrong here. She’s just like those typical girls.
Karan :- enough of ur bulshit now ?
Kabir :- but dude there’s one difference she has a fantastic body ? (Karan lost his cool & started to beat him) why does it matter to u, she’s nothing to u?
Karan (still beating him) :- it does matter to me, u heard me it does matter to me (Shivika & Om came & made him free Kabir while Sam, Akash & Rudra handled Kabir) listen Kabir if u ever talk or even think ill abt Nandini, no matter u r my brother or not I’ll kill u that very moment.
Kabir :- u should have said that a little earlier then it was not required for me to play this charade (everyone was surprised) why looking at me like that? Me & Nandini r frnds not more than that. Neither do I not she have any such type of feelings for each other.
Karan :- u crazy bastard ? (& went from there)
Akash :- that was fun ?
Sam :- u could’ve told abt this gr8 strategy of urs.
Kabir :- he owed me a debt (no body understood) that punk broke my Robo Robot when we were 7.
Anika :- god u 2 r impossible.

Om’s Room –
Shivay, RiKara & RuVya, Dadi & Jhanvi r present for a meeting.
Shivay :- OK now only 3 days r left
Rudra :- for what?
Om :- duffer after 3 days Anika Bhabhi will leave us with her family as the puja for Raizada Villa will be done.
Shivay :- yes & for that we’ve to plan something so that Anika stays back.
Bhavya :- but Bade Bhaiya Anika Bhabhi still don’t know that u know the truth behind her that stunt of hers.
Gauri :- I even tried to talk to her abt that but she’s not in a mood to listen.
Shivay :- for that I do have a plan by which we can tell her that I know & may be she may confess her feelings for me.
OmRu & GaVya :- what plan?
Shivay :- before telling the plan I want a promise from u all that u’ll help me in it & no one will stop me from executing it OK.
Jhanvi :- Shivay pls tell me that u r not going to do any stupidity.
Shivay :- Badi Maa relax. This is abt Anika & we all know how she is.
Dadi :- Billu now u r making us scare. Tell us clearly what r u gonna do.
Shivay :- listen up. We’ve seen that Anika is loved by everyone in her family especially Abhay Jiju, Arnav, Karan & Kabir. They can never see her in pain. So I’m gonna show them how much pain I inflicted on their beloved Anika.
Om :- Shivay r u out of ur mind? If they come to know, Arnav will ruin u.
Rudra :- & those 2, Karan & Kabir may even beat u till death.
Shivay :- guys don’t panic. Abhay Jiju knows all as Anika already told him & trust me the anger he has for me at that time was clearly visible but Anika calmed him down & took promise from him that he’ll not reveal the truth to others.
Gauri :- Bade Bhaiya this is risky.
Shivay :- I know but this is the only way left to bring Anika back & for her I’m ready to take any risk. So what I want from u all is to just stand there quietly & no one will jump in b/w except for Anika. So r u guys with me.

Everybody finally agreed to Shivay after a lot of thinking. Nxt day is gonna be kind of a epic one as many unsaid feelings will be said.

Precap :- will Anika agree; KaNan moment & Kabir’s secret to be a out.

??????ADIÓS AMIGOS??????

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