#Ishqbaaz #Shivika #TrueLove Triumphs All Evils – Few Shots – Part 4

Part 4

It’s a new day, a new morning for the people. The sun is shining ? high up in the sky emitting it’s light on the people of the planet Earth. It’s one ray of sunshine is falling in Shivika’s room which disturbs the sleep of our heroine i.e. Anika. Normally people starts their new day with a happy face but in this case as Anika opens up her eyes she was shocked + surprised + terrified to find herself sleeping on her bed of her bedroom of Oberoi Mansion & these expressions reached at the top most peak when she saw Shivay sleeping ryt besides her that too holding her hand.
Anika (to herself) :- what am I doing here, how I came here? Did Di & Nannav….? No no….why would do bring me here, I didn’t told them anything yet then how? Does Shivay…did OmRu told him the truth….no…no….no…they’ll not break my promise. God, before he Shivay gets up I should leave without coming in anyone’s notice…

She slowly frees her hand from Shivay’s & got up from the bed with much difficulty as she is really weak & moves out of the room tip toeing. As she was moving she collided with Arnav & Anjali.
Anjali :- Ani…bachcha where u going?
Anika :- Di how I came here & what r u 2 doing here?
Arnav :- Anu first of all relax OK u r not well. This is my frnd’s house, remember I told u that for one week I & Di would be staying at my frnd’s house.
Anika :- what (starts to freak out) ?
Anjali :- Ani bachcha u shuld rest see ur condition is not good, come I’ll take u to ur room (Shivika’s room)
Anika :- no…..no…..no. Di pls take me to ur room, I don’t wanna stay in there. ? (starts to feel dizzy)

Arnav picks her up in the arms & take her to the guest room where Anjali is staying. She got frshd up & was again ordered to lay down on the bed for rest. Both Arnav & Anjali tried to talk to her abt her relationship status but she too was not less than a stubborn kid, she didn’t told them anything b’coz there r some incidents which if she tells especially to Arnav then it would not take time that thing to reach to her Jiju’s & nephew’s son & then Shivay’s condition will be worse than her. She asked both of them to leave her alone, she made them out of the room & locked it. On the other hand, when Shivay woke up he didn’t found Anika by his side. He freaked out, in that second many thoughts surfaced his mind & heart like has she again left him or is she well etc etc….. He started to search the house, when asked he told everyone that Anika’s missing. Just then he saw Arnav.
Shivay ? :- Arnav… Arnav have u seen Anika, she’s missing. I…. I….don’t know where she went. God this girl always makes me freak out.
Arnav :- she’s here only.
Everyone :- what?
Anjali :- yeah we both found her when she was coming out of the room.
Shivay :- Di where’s she?
Anjali :- she’s in my room. We tried to talk to her but she made us leave the room on the pretext of wanna stay alone.
Arnav :- I guess she’s hiding something (looking at Shivay suspiciously) ?
Anjali :- what & why will she do this?
Arnav :- oh come on Di have u never noticed earlier too when she was upset or troubled abt something she never used to tell us & this time too she’s troubled abt something which is big, really big.
Shivay :- I’ll go & talk to her.
Arnav :- no Shivay she doesn’t wanna talk to u.
Shivay :- why? I’m her husband, problem is b/w us, we’ll sort it out.
Arnav :- no Shivay ryt now she will not talk to anyone be it u, me, Di or any of us
Anjali :- expect for one person…
Om :- & who would that be? (a manly voice comes from the entrance)
Man :- me (a tall, fair, handsome man walks in)
Anjali/Arnav :- Abhay / Jiju. ?

Yes it’s Abhay, Abhay Rana, Anjali’s husband & is a more than father figure to Anika. Though Anika is not related to the Rana & Raizada family with blood but they all love Anika very much especially the men of both the cults & can do anything & can go to any extent for her happiness. All of them have given her names by which they address her like Arnav calls her ‘Anu’; Anjali calls her ‘Ani’; Abhay calls her ‘Guddan’; Karan & his frnds call her ‘Maaso’. Both Arnav & Anjali hugged him while he greeted the Oberois.
Anjali :- Abhay u said that u’ll be arriving on Puja day then how come this fast? ?
Abhay :- the moment u told me abt my Guddan I booked the very nxt flight to Mumbai to meet my daughter. Anjali Ji where’s my Guddan? It’s been 10 yrs that I haven’t seen her, she must be grown up ryt?
Anjali :- yes, ur Guddan has grown up to be a beautiful, smart & a mature lady.
Abhay :- no matter how much she’s grown up, for me she’ll always be that small, little, cute girl who always came running to me & sit on my lap when I return home from wherever I’ve gone, no matter how much I was tired but all my tiredness used to vanished by just having a glance at her.
Anjali :- Abhay talk to her. She has locked up herself in the room not talking to anybody not even me or Chote. I’m scared for her.
Arnav :- yes Jiju pls talk to her. If u’ll ask her what’s the thing troubling her she’ll tell u, she’ll never deny u.
Abhay :- Anjali Ji go & call her, tell her that her Jiju has came & then see how she opens that door.
Anjali :- Abhay u r not understanding it’s been 10 yrs & people change in 10 yrs so do ur Guddan.
Abhay :- 10 yrs people change but not my Guddan so go, tell her that her Jiju is back home & then see how she comes out of that damn room.

As said Anjali went to call Anika but she didn’t opened the door. Defeated Anjali went back to the living area & told Abhay that Anika is not coming out. Abhay’s face becomes sad from happy, he turns to go but stops when he heard Anika’s voice who was standing on the staircase with the support of the railing. Abhay turns & happy tears welled up in his eyes while Shivay went to support her she jerked him away which hurted the poor guy but he knew why she’s behaving coldly with her. She came down herself but losses balance due to weakness but Abhay hold her on time. Both have a heart touching meeting after 10 long yrs. Then Abhay took Anika to the kitchen which confused the others except for Arnav & Anjali, made her sit comfortably & started preparing her favorite “Devils Own”.
Rudra (to Anjali) :- Anjali Di why Abhay Jiju took Anika Bhabhi to kitchen.?
Anjali :- to make her spill the beans. ?
Rudra :- what ? but why will Anika Bhabhi spill the beans ?
Bhavya :- Rudra seriously u r a DUFFER.
Om :- Mr Dumbell Singh Oberoi spill the beans means Abhay Jiju wants Anika Bhabhi to tell him what’s troubling her, understand…
Rudra :- that I know but why kitchen?
Arnav :- that’s cuz its a trick. Just like a person speaks truth after getting drunk the same way Jiju tricks Anu to tell her issues, her problems to us by making her favorite “Devils Own” other wise she always keeps her problems, worries with herself.

In the Kitchen –
Abhay (preparing the “Devils Own) :- so its been 10 yrs. Many things changed. U r married
Anika :- yes.
Abhay :- & a little birdy told me that u r not enjoying ur married life.
Anika :- it’s not like that Jiju every relationship has road blocks, similarly our’s too. Some r able to overcome those road blocks while some r not. Me & Shivay r counted in the second some category.
Abhay (gives her one glass & sits besides her with the other glass) :- & will u plz throw some light on that road block.
Anika :- Jiju it’s not that I was not happy with Shivay, I didn’t wanted to live with him. Of course I wanna live with, wanna grow old with him, wanna die with him, I wanna be with him forever and always even in after life but my fate doesn’t want this. Every time in a war b/w me & fate, fate always wins. First it separated me from parents, then from u all, then from those who saved me & now from Shivay & this family.
Abhay :- Guddan a person writes it’s own fate & I can’t believe that my Guddan who used to be so strong will become this weak, vulnerable.
Anika :- I’m no more that strong Jiju.
Abhay :- of course u r. Anyway leave all that how u met Shivay, got married & all. & pls ?? I wanna hear only the truth OK…..as u can’t help hiding things from me….. (Anika then told him everything means everything all that happened b/w her & Shivay, all the misunderstanding, his accusations listening to which Abhay’s blood boiled but Anika calmed him down)
Anika :- Jiju as asked I told u everything but now u’ve to promise me that u’ll not do anything with Shivay & will neither tell Arnav nor Karan & others abt it else I’ll do something which u all will regret.
Abhay :- Guddan (Anika gives him a serious wala look) fine it’s a promise.

But little did the 2 of them knew that there’s a 3rd person who was listening to their conversation & it was none other than Shivay.
Shivay (to himself) :- Anika I know I’ve hurted u a lot & ur family [abt whom he just came to know] loves u a lot & will never appreciate what all wrong I did with u. It doesn’t matter that u don’t want them to punish me for my wrongdoings but u can’t stop me from punishing myself. If by this way u’ll forgive me & come back to me then so be it. So be ready Mrs Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi to be back in my life…..

??? ????ADIÓS AMIGOS ???????????????????????

Precap :- some new entrants…

??? ????ADIÓS AMIGOS ???????????????????????

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