Ishqbaaz #Shivika #True Love..?? Prologue

Hello everyone. Before today I’ve read almost all of FF here and I loved many of them few writers are my favourite and I’ve commented as guest but finally today I decide to give chance to writing and here I am with my first ever story so plz read it and tell me should I write further or just drop idea.


You said you can’t see me getting hurt so did you close your eyes when you hurt me????

A direct question raised by Tia to her boyfriend Shivay Singh Oberoi who is standing in front of her and looking at her shattered figure and teary eyes.

And soon he replied to her without pinch of any emotion in his voice

Shivay: Careful Tia, Do not you dare blaming me for the things which I didn’t do.

Tia: You said you love me. Right???

Shivay: Still I do Tia but does it mean that I am ready for this bullshit marriage business so don’t start once again I am tired of hearing that emotional drama of yours. So plz give me some break.

Tia: Enough is enough I can’t stay a single more minute with you Shivay I am feeling suffocated with you and your such damn attitude.

Shivay: And I didn’t stop you. Just walk straight and open the door and leave.

Unstoppable tears of her didn’t affect stone heart of Shivay singh oberoi. And next moment Tia started moving from there but before leaving she come near himand adjusting his collar she speak

Tia: Shivay one day you’ll be in my condition, you and your stone heart will face the pain through which I am going today and that day you’ll realise value of my true love. And…..

But before she can continue Shivay remove her hands from her collar and bring her near to door and he speak

Shivay: Tia everything ends between us so better you get the hell out of here before I lose my control over my anger.

And next second he shut door on her teary eye and helpless face. And within few minutes he once again becomes eligible bachelor who is on hunt of his next girlfriend.

So how it is???? Waiting for all lovely reader’s response…

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  1. Promo sounds interesting.. waiting for the episode

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    Nice… Post next soon… A different Avatar of Shivaay and Tia

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    It’s unique. Please continue?

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    Nice one dear…
    U should definitely continue…?

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  10. Interesting one……. Plz continue….

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  12. This is out of the box !! Wow. New Avatar of Shivaay !!!

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    Soo differnt…. too good

  15. When is the first part going to be out??

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      Today night I’ll submit 1st part.

  16. It’s amazing dear must continue waiting for anika to come

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