Ishqbaaz #Shivika #True Love..?? Chapter 1

Hello everyone. I supposed to submit this part yesterday but then things didn’t work in my favour so here I am presenting belated ch.


It has been more then 20 day since Shitia’s brake-up and Shivay have been at almost club of his choice to pick a girl whom he can address as his girl in parties but almost have been fling and passing clouds with whom he is not able to spend more then one day and some corner of his heart is missing Tia but then her over possessive nature strike in his mind and he disconnect his mind through that thoughts and dressed up in one of his dark black three piece Armani and apply his one of most favorite after shaving gel and smelling himself he grab car key and wallet and started moving towards Chadda’s house who invited him for welcome party of their daughter.

Almost after half hour he reached to destination and after more half hour he completed his scanning to search some girl but he failed and he thought to leave but before he can exit from there his phone buzzed with Prinku’s name and he received call and take seat near to bar and their conversation went like this.

Prinku: What is this bhaiya??

Shivay: What- what Prinku??

Prinku: I heard something.

Shivay: And what is that??

Prinku: How can you be so mean bhiya??

Shivay: Will you please stop this questionry and come to point??

Prinku: I heard you broke up with Tia.

Shivay: Yeah that’s true and who told you this??

Prinku: I met her here in London and she is broken that to so much.

Shivay: See I am not at fault and she started being demanding and over possessive so and noe can we stop this discussion??

Prinku: Fine as you wish and listen My best friend is coming over there and I had promised her that I’ll be accompanying her there but now I am not so she haven’t booked hotel..

Shivay: So you want me to book hotel for her right??

Prinku: No listen me first she will be staying at our home during her India visit so..

Shivay: Listen Prinku she can’t stay here. You know I am staying alone here and I can’t handle a girl with me in same house..

Prinku: Then learn to control your self bhaiya..

Shivay: Prinku I not meant in that way I mean leave it she can’t sty here, If any of you are here then I don’t mind with her stay but..

Prinku: You only send all of here at London now you are giving such excuse. You are in India and you are saying no to your baby sis think once again Mumma-Papa yet don’t know about your break up with Tia…

Shivay: Okay fine but with one condition after this you’ll never bothehr me with Tia’s name then only I am up for this deal…

Prinku: Okay fine deal done. Please tomorrow send car for Anika Singhaniya at 10 am.hhhhhhhhh

And next moment he hear his baby SIS’s giggling and disconnecting of call and he felt happy hearing her happy giggling.

And soon he exit from there and reach to some club where he passes his time with some hot fling and soon they both exit to OM to celebrate wonderful night ahead.

Next day morning

Shivay give money to fling and she move out and after that he to left for office after getting ready.

Shivay is busy in preparation of his presentation when his phone ring grabbing all his attention and as soon as he receive call he heard a voice spatting fire at him

Caller: Am I talking to Mr.Shivay Singh Oberoi??

Shivay: Yes..

Caller: Have you sent car?I didn’t find any for me here.

Shivay: Listen miss who so ever you are I am not the one who us handling any taxi service so you might have mistaken me with some one else.

Caller: Mr.Oberoi if I’ve hires any cab then by now I’ve been to home and why are you propose to do things when you are not able to do it??

Shivay: Fhut the wuck man what are you saying??

Caller: You supposed to have send car for me aka Anika Singhaniya but you didn’t and now don’t trouble yourself I’ll reach by myself and yeah one more thing don’t try to apologize for this mistake of your when out come face to face.

And before Shivay can utter a word line from other side got disconnected making Shivay burst his anger on innocent cell phone who kissed land after being shattered in pieces.

So how it is?? Plz comment and let me know.☺??????

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