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Hello peeps…????? Okay you all have already read title so you all know today I am up with pending epilogue of #It started with dare. And all I want to say is hope you all will like it.
*Finger cross* *Nervous*

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Read previous part from ??? link to know story so far.


It have been two years since ShivIka are living together but in all this span obl once they had serious fight when IshKara are getting hitched over marriage issue where Shivay is not ready to get hitched and Anika want to become his official and this lrqd to their serious fight and Anika de to part away but almost a week later she left from their flat Shivay take her on a romantic weekend vacation to Bali where Anika’s anger melt due to his hard efforts to bring smile in her face and to bring her back in his life and finally they are once again back together and after that Anika never open that topic again.

But once again they are in déjà-vu situation as RuMya decide to be forever and their marriage rituals are started and Anika are participating in each with smile on her face but sadness behind her smile and dazzling smile in not hidden from Shivay but he choose to ignore discussion over that matter.

And finally after completion of reception they came back to their falt and before they can retire to their bed Shivay received a call from his PA that he have to attend a conference call so Shivay move towards study room and here Anika who have holder her emotions this long lost control over it and she sat in recliner and hugging Shivay’s picture she speak

Anika: Shivay I know you are not ready for marriage because of rough married life of your and my parents but how can I explain you we won’t have same married life and even I don’t want to loose you by forcing you for marriage.

And she hugged Shivay’s picture close to her heart unaware of the fact that Shivay who came to take file listen her and he left from there to study and he barked orders on his few staff and he soon complete all his preparation and came back to their room and he sat beside Anika hugging her and he lost in her angelic beauty and he too soon drift to deep slumber.

Next morning Shivay is first one to wake up and sight in front of his eyes Anika is sleeping peacefully while holding his hand and a sweet smile is on her lips make his heart happy and content beyond limits and he bend to kiss her forehead but same moment Anika blabber “Don’t go away from me Shivay” in her sleep which stop him and after listening that a tear escape from his eye and he gave a small and light pack on her lips with utmost care so her sleep do not get disturb.

After packing her lips Shivay scoop Anika in his arms and start walking towards bed where she can sleep peacefully after reaching near bed Shivay carefully put Anika on bed and went outside with determination in mind to make everything perfect between them…

Near around 10 Anika wake up and find herself in bed which surprised her but seems like today is surprise day for her while she is taking off duvet from herself she find a note on corner of duvet which readsreads

“Bathtub is ready for princess, have relaxing bath you’ll find next note after bath.??????.”

After reading note Anika is sure that Shivay is behind all this with a happy face she leave for bathroom. After completing her bath she took bathrobe to wear and there she find another note attach to bathrobe

“Today’s dress is on bad get ready and prays to God you will find next note there.????”

Anika smiles after reading note and went to bad and there she find dress which surprise her and take her in small flashback


Shivay and Anika are at mall where Anika likes a dress which has Sky blue and purple color Shivay want Anika to choose Sky blue but Anika wants purple and this leads to their small cute fight and later shop owner said them that both dress are sold so ShivIka leave from there…

All this time of flashback Anika is caressing dress and she felt like a paper attached to dress and it brings her to present and she find a paper fold in heart shape,stick to dress with tape and Anika carefully unfold heart she found a note which reads

“Sweetheart do not be surprise I am sorry for that day’s fight but seems like this dress is made for our special day BDW this is not next note and you know where you can find next note”

Anika again smile and starts being ready. After being ready she went to temple in their room and prays to God and she pick up matchstick box to lit diya and she find a note attached to match stick box she complete her pooja and read note which reads

“Come to terrace breakfast is waiting for you along with me.”

Smiling Anika went to terrace.

As soon as Anika enter inside she saw whole terrace land is hidden by heart shaped white and red balloons and carefully sh made her way not popping any of them and she found table for two and Shivay in deep blue three piece suite and as soon as Anika reach near her side of chair Shivay pull chair for her and she sat in it with smile and Shivay push it slowly and he sat on his chair and he started serving breakfast to her and he serve heart shaped Dosa and heart shaped omelette to her and she is happy with it and soon in comfortable silence they had their breakfast and soon Shivay bring heart shaped creamy gajar ka halwa for her and she is happy seeing her favorite dessert and she soon started gobbling it but in very first bite she found a paper in halwa and same time s felt metal on her tongue and she take out it and that chit and she find a solitaire studded with tiny diamonds ring and soon she unfold paper which is reading

“I know just because if my stubbornness you are suffering alot but now no more suffering sweetheart, you know I am very bad at words especially when I’ve to speak in front of you my lips are zipped seeing you so I choose to write I down just turn it now.”

And Anika turn the chit and continue reading

“Anika our story is started with dare so I think we need to bring it to another level with dare so
Miss Anika will you like to change your surname with mine????
And if no then are you ready to deal with me and our child’s team against you in near future???”

And happy tears are started making their way from her eyes and soon she felt a pair of hand hugging her from behind and she turned and look into his deep blue orbs and smiled through her tears and wiping that tears by kiss Shivay bring that ring in front of her eyes and speak

Shivay: So are you ready for challenge????

Anika: More than ready…

Shivay make her wear ring and very next second Anika cupping face in her hand started kissing him and Shivay to kiss her back with same passion and soon they broke as they are in need of oxygen and Shivay speak

Shivay: What was that soon to be Mrs.Oberoi???(In teasing tone)

Anika: I am preparing for your double dare Mr.Oberoi..

Shivay: Then you don’t know how to work smart let me help you.

And saying that he scoop her in his arms and make his way to bedroom and he laid her on bed beneath him and started kissing her hardly and soon their clothes are on land discussing with each other how their owner ditch them and Shivay give full demonstration to Anika for the preparation of his double dare.

And in next month they get married in Anika’s parents and Shivay’s parent happy presence along with whole family.

So done with update now all of your task starts so plz give your feedback regarding this update I am waiting eagerly for all of yours feedback.☺☺☺

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