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Hello peeps..???? Happy and sweet Sunday to you all so here I am with most demanding epilogue of my readers and big sorry to all who have requested to me continue this but trust me continuing this will be like dragging this and I don’t like this so I can’t continue it and hope you all don’t mind too my decision. Okay fine here goes epilogue. Enjoy it…?????

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As soon as ShivIka reached airport both are feeling some ache in their heart but they choose to not show that pain for the sake of other one and as soon as Anika d first announcement for check up and all she is started leaving and Shivay hold her hand from behind and pull her towards her bringing her in hug and Anika to reciprocate to that hug and breaking that hug Shivay looking into Anika’s eyes speak

Shivay: Anika you know I am feeling bad because the day I decided to give chance to us you are going far from us and….

But he stopped in between as he notice his beautiful wife is lost in his deep blue orbs and he smiled looking at her and soon he find to much affection for him in that chocolaty orbs so smiling Shivay speak in his husky shaking his wife

Shivay: Anika are you in love with me???? (Duffer Singh Oberoi award goes to SSO fir this realisation..?????)

Anika coming to her sense nod her head in negative and this sad Shivay but he composing him pulling her more close he speak

Shivay: Anika soon you will confess that you love me.

And with their he is about give peck on her lips but one more announcement made for Anika specially and listening this Anika push Shivay and smilingly she turned and leaving from there she speak

Anika: Not so soon SSO.

And after Anika is out of Shivay’s vision Shivay left from there and there he find shameless Tia waiting for him with teary eyes and angry OmRu and as soon as Shivay enter Tia started her drama and speak

Tia: Shivay baby they are trapping me, there is nothing like that and don’t you trust me???

And Rudra called to Anika but she is out of reach as her phone is on airplane mode and sighing Rudra started shooting it on Om’s instruction and as soon as Shivay heard Tia his face changed to red with anger and breaking Tia’s grip on his hand he speak

Shivay: Tia when I’ve option to trust you and Anika at same time then I’ll choose Anika over you and don’t you dare blame her for trapping you as she can’t ever think about that she just bring your truth in front of me and this is last warning for you don’t saw your face to me else you can’t even imagine what is Shivay Singh Oberoi do with cheater (Actually I’ve not planned this before but after yesterday’s episode I want Shivay to speak this words to Tia so I added this)

And next second happy Rudra drag Tia out o the house and shut door on her face and later for first three days ShivIka chat with each other and get to know many things about each other and in this span of time Shivay completed almost task in office where his presence is required and later same day he planned to visit Anika and give her sweet surprise and next day he reached to flat where Anika is staying and there he find her already left for work and he soon put her plan in action and till evening he completed almost everything and at evening Anika comeback and she tried to unlock door but she find door open for her and after entering inside she find a kalash filled with flowers for her and soon she find her husband there and her lips curves into ‘O’ shape seeing him with a plate in his hand and Shivay smiled at her and speak

Shivay: Welcome to my heart and you can enter after pushing that kalash and here I’ve your favorite strawberries deeped in chocolate as sweet and your comfortable s go and change in this then we will have dinner and soon Anika follow his instruction and lock on her bedroom surprised her more but she choose to enjoy instead if spoiling in questionary and soon changing in her white loose crop top and denim hot pant she come out and she find whole dining table decorated with scented candles and all her favorite dishes are waiting for her along with her husband and Shivay pull chair for her and smiling Anika adjust in chair and they served to each other and while they are enjoying dinner Shivay give her, her favorite purple orchid and after dinner together they cleaned everything and Shivay heat Gajjar ka halwa for them and he bring this to balcony where his wife is waiting for him and he settlest on swing and Anika settled on chair in front of him but Shivay pull her towards her and then she settled on Shivay’s lap and they are feeding halwa to each other lovingly and both are waiting to hear that three magical word from another and soon Shivay choose to confess his feeling first and he hugging Anika speak

Shivay: Anika, initially I am angry at you for saying yes to this marriage and soon you entered in my life like a Strom and your possessiveness and your attitude and all attracted me towards you and that day your slap and outburst bring some sense to my mind and soon you disclosed to leave and I was like something rather to say someone precious and important person of my life leaving me and now as I am knowing you I am falling more and more for you and trust me Anika I’ll try to be the best life partner for you.

Anika smiled hearing this and like every normal girl she to want her husband to love her like this and now her dream is actually come to true and she happy more than any thing and turning lil she look into his eyes she speak

Anika: I love you Shivay.

Shivay felt content hearing confession of her wife and kissing her hard on her lips he speak

Shivay: I love you too…

And soon Shivay scoop her in his arms and move to thee bedroom to have wonderful night of their life.

Okay done with epilogue hope you all liked it.
Plz plz do leave your feedback and I seriously like to know from you all what you peeps like the most in this 5S???? Waiting eagerly for all of yours feedback…☺☺☺☺????? Silent reader this one is epilogue so plz do leave a comment for this 5S if you’ve enjoyed reading this.????

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