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Hello peeps… ????Good morning…☺☺☺☺???? Happy and sweet Sunday peeps… Okay, enough of blah blah coming to point now.

Actually I am hell fed up, upset and irritated with all drama currently going on IB, I don’t like the way they potraiting Anika so here I am with my wild ?????? and mere ???? imagination of how Anika will handle further drama so basically on current track I am up with 3S or max to max 4S. So below is concept and some conditions read it and later….. (Last me bata dungi)☺☺☺☺☺


Shivay and Anika get married due to Family’s force (no forced marriage by Shivay)
Shivay is in so called love with Tia as per his thinking.
Shivay is in leave-in with Tia at some other fakt or mansion. (As family is not happy with their mov-in)
Daksh is no where in story(I’ll handle him in another 3S which I’ll start after completing it, if I start this)


On day of marriage ShivIka come to Shivay’s flat to live and there Tia and Anika’s fight happens and Anika give Khidkitod reply to Shitia and this continues till the time Shivay become angry on Anika due to some problem Tia faced and this lead to ShivIka’s fight and then….. Okay that I’ll reveal in 3S.

So now all you have to do is let me know whether to continue with this 3S or not??? And it is interesting or not????

So waiting for all of your comments…☺☺☺

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  1. Rithik

    Its awesome continue

  2. Nansshivika


  3. Nainaa

    Please continue Dea??
    I really wanted someone to write something like this… I don’t have time you know right I am full with my 3 ffs.
    I really loved the concept…
    Love you?

  4. SamSun

    Nice conditions and good plot. Well I guess many r not happy with current scenario of serial. But u have given it a very good twist, so pls continue and post soon.

  5. Mukta

    Nice concept di….. plz continue & post asap!!!!

  6. Samaira20

    It is gonna be amazing dear…. super excited for it….

  7. Akshaya

    What is this chocopie? If the concept is nice, you have to continue. Why are you asking questions ? Waiting for the tadibaaz and khidkitod jodi

    1. Nainaa

      Most wanted Jodi of television…
      Our very own kidkithod Paanika and Tadibaaz Billu…??

  8. Sat_9492

    Awsm concept…… Plz continue……. It must be interesting…

  9. Pinkyyy

    Nice one dear
    Interesting dear
    Continue soon eagerly waiting for it

  10. ShubhangiRokxx

    continue nd update soon

  11. Fama

    It is really interesting and do continue it
    Waiting for your update

  12. Barbieannie


  13. Akansha

    Its nyc to c anika back in her old form… Continue plzzz

  14. Sanchi

    Do continue dear

  15. Jayashree

    It’s nice and plz continue..

  16. Just go ahead di just update it Di…

  17. Continue re, even I am frustrated with current track so plz give bring Anika in her original way.

  18. Plz continue and update soon…

  19. Continue and update it.

  20. Nice concept go for it

  21. Ishqkum

    Super Dr

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