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Shot One

All the time rituals of marriage is going on each and every family member of Oberois and Shekhawat are happy and reason their child are now bind with sacred bond of marriage but less they know this bind will be shattered in the very first day of it.

During the ritual of marriage Anika felt like Shibaybis less interested in all this and she thought may be he tired or don’t like this all drama so and she focus in each ritual with her whole heart and after completion of each rituals Priyanka and Saumya take her to Shivay’s room in Oberoi mansion and Anika is waiting for her husband sttng in decorated bed and scented candles are making aroma more romantic and some what Anika is feeling scared too of upcoming moments of her first night and her thought chain are remembering about all the things her friends have told her and suddenly this all stopped listening to footstep coming to room and then she heard giggle of OmRu and PriYa(Priyanka +Saumya) and next second she watch her husband is coming towards her nope actually their bed and heart started beating speedily and she is waiting for him to react but next second Shivay take Pillow and duvet from bed and started walking towards reclinerin room and Anika is surprised to see that and she is about to ask something rather to say something to him but before that Shivay turned in her direction and speak

Shivay: Listen, I am forced for this marriage and I seriously can’t love you ever because I am in love with someone and yeah tomorrow morning we are actually me leaving from here.

Anika felt totally numb hearing him and she felt like someone have blast nuclear bomb on her dreams and she is started shading silent tear and after few hours when she felt he is drift sleep she silently come out of her room and went to terrace and there she find OmRu sitting and at first OmRu are surprised to see her there at this jour of night an that to on her first night but soon Om notices her puffy red eyes and he speak

Om: What happened Anika??

Anika: Nothing Om I am just missing my home. (While she is staring at sky)

Om: Why are you lying when you don’t know how to lie????

And listening him Anika lost her control over her tears an she cried her heart out and told everything to OmRu and they are like angry but they are somewhat expecting this to happen and soon they informed everything to Anika regarding Tia and her intention and his she have trap Shivay in her fake love and listening this Anika is stunned and she is lost in her thinking and OmRu thought of Anika alone for some time and later Anika decide to saw that Tia her original place and she thought every thing in her mind and she smiled and decide to be strong to fight for her right and then she went to her room and drift to deep slumber.

Next day after completion of ritual of First Rasoi Shivay informed everyone that he will be living at flat only and giving shock to Shivay and family member Anika announced that she too will stay with him at flat and at beginning Shivay refused to take her with him but in front of her stubborn nature he have to band and agree and OmRu smiled at Anika and they did silent HiFi and Dadi saw that and she understand everything and she silently thanks God to send Anika in Shivay life as wife and after biding bye to everyone they started their journey towards flat after driving of half hour they are standing in front of a flat and Shivay pressed door bell and after few minutes A girl in her mid twenties open door and directly cling to Shivay and speak

Girl: Shivay baby I missed you so much in this three days.

Shivay hugged her back and speak

Shivay: I too missed you so much Tia.

Anika is stunned looking at them and she felt like she will cry at any time but composing her self she speak

Anika: If you both have done with your missing romance can we go inside???

Tia look at her like she have extra head and she give space to her to enter inside and and after entering Anika introduce herself to Tia

Anika: I am Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi and you??? (though she know who she is)

Tia is fuming hearing her and before she can speak anything Shivay introduce Tia

Shivay: She is Tia my girl friend.

Anika: Ohhh so you don’t have any other identity… Waise Shivay where is your bedroom I want to have power nap.

Shivay and Tia are looking at her with surprise and shock and Anika ave her hand in front of Shivay an he saw her room by hand and Anika walk in direction with her nag and next second she retire to bed.

And here both ShiTia are yet in shock with her attitude and after coming out tof shock Tia told Shivay to kick her out of room as its their bedroom and Shivay went to room but seeing her peacefully he returned and informed her he’ll inform this all to her later and giving her peck on lips he moved to office less he know is his wife is just pretending to sleep and listening to them and Anika is up with her plan no. 1 and after hearing sound of shutting door she spring out from bed an put her plan into action…

So that it with first shot… How’s it is??? Hope you all like it… Plz donleave your feedback whether its positive or negative…

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