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Hello peeps… Finally last shot of my 5S is up… Hope you all will like it….
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Last Shot
Next morning Anika felt something heavy on her waist aadn she look to figure out what is that and there she find her husband have hold her by his hand and Anika felt happy but next second she try to remove his hand and this wake up Shivay to and instead of shouting he tighten his grip on her waist and smiled at her and she look at him with confused expression and he smiled at her antics and he speak
Shivay:Waise you’ve not said sorry to me last night????
Anika: (Raised her eyebrow) Sorry, for what?????
Shivay: (Stammering and his smile eloped) I said you sorry foe that fight but you didn’t for that (Pointing finger at his cheeks)
Anika understood what he meant and removing his hand from her waist she stand up and combing her hair in messy bun she replied
Anika: You deserve that so no need of my sorry there plus you’ve to say thanks to me you know.
Now Shivay is surprised so he asked
Shivay: Thanks for what????

Anika: Despite of that fight I behaved nice with you and let you sleep on bed beside me instead of that recliner.
Shivay’s lips turn into “O” shape and laughing Anika checked her phone and taking her clothes she run to bathroom. Shivay move his hand in his hair and once again he try to have power nap of another 5 minutes and soon Anika come out wearing dark red net saree and she send Shivay to bathroom and she went to kitchen to prepare breakfast for them and meanwhile she received Rudra’s message that they are coming back.

As soon as Shivay come out he saw his brothers and wife are waiting for him and he is about to join them on breakfast table but before doorbell ring and he opened door and there he saw Tia and next moment she cling to him and speak
Tia: Shivay baby I missed you so much and I hope you have taken decision regarding our future.
But before Shivay can answer Anika replied to her from dining table

Anika: Tia, actually he informed me about his decision previous night only, come join us for breakfast. (With sugar coated words) (aage padhe bina gussa mat karna…)

Listening Anika Shivay is shocked beyond limit and he is taken aback because his wife is behaving totally opposite to her behavior and Tia smiled thinking Anika finally got brain. (Plz someone explain her that which brain she got) And OmRu smiled at Anika’s word and Tia along with Shivay come to dining table and next moment Anika stand up and take out chair for Tia and Tia enjoyed this attention while OmRu are laughing and Shivay is yet shocked beyond limit seeing this all. And soon Rudra whisper in Om’s ear.
Rudra: Anika bhabhi, bakre ko halal karne se pahele khila pila ke tagda kar rhi hai.
Om: (controlling his laughter) Shut up Rudra and enjoy live drama.
Soon they completed breakfast and Shivay is about to leave for office inhis confuse state but before that Anika stopped him and bringing him to hall where Tia is sitting on recliner she speak
Anika: Actually Shivay I’ve planned to watch movie together “Last time” (stressing word last time)

Listening this Shivay felt like someone is snatching his world from him while Tia is smirking silently thinking she do not have to do to throw Anika out and next second shivay hold Anika’s hand tightly and he drag her to their room and closing door on face of Tia who is following them he speak
Shivay: What do you mean by last time there??? Are you going anywhere??? If yes then listen me carefully you can’t go anywhere… and you can’t leave me just like that…
First anika is shocked with his words and behavior but soon his words register in her mind she felt happy but she think of playing with fire. So she replied
Anika: Excuse me??? What do you mean by I can’t leave and can you give me a single reason for which I’ll rather to say I can stay here.

Shivay: I thought we can have a fresh start and can give a chance to this marriage.
Anika is on cloud nine hearing him but keeping her expression plain she replied
Anika: Are you serious??? Now do not you think I am problem in your life who has messed up everything????
Shivay: Anika, I said sorry to you for that words and we can have conversation but plz do not take decision in haste.
Before Anika can reply anything their door knocked and Rudra speak
Rudra: Bhaiya and Anika didi plz come fast na…
Anika without answering him move from there and Shivay felt low seeing her reaction and next second Rudra drag him in hall and he speak

Rudra: See I’ve make popcorn for us and everything is ready lets enjoy the movie and soon they settled on sofa Shivay is in middle of OmRu and Tia and Anika are on another sofa and soon Rudra started video and on very first scene Tia and Shivay’s eyes pop out from their socket out of fear and shock respectively and Anika hold Tia’s hand and who is about to leave from there and in stern voice she speak

Anika: Sit back else I’ve to tie you.
And in whole video of 55 minutes Shivay see true colour of his so called girl frien where she is planning and plotting against him with her husband and even her intimate scene with her husband and as soon as video get over Shivay stand up from his place and first he give back to back tight slap on Tia’s cheek and after that he throw her out of house and he is about to loc himself in room but Anika entered and she take out her bag and started leaving from there but next second Shivay stopped her and speak
Shivay: Anika do not leave me please…

Anika: Shivay I have to go…
Shivay: Anika, I think we can give a chance to our relationship and this marriage.
Anika: How??? Yet you are crying for your ex eho have betrayed you and you are saying these words… Give me a single proof Shivay so that I can trust you that you seriously want to give chance to this relationship and marriage.
Shivay: Don’t you trust me Anika??? (In broken and shaken voice)
Anika: No. (In plain voice)
Shivay felt bad listening her answer but he vowed to win trust of his wife so he speak
Shivay: Ok, give me chance to prove you that I want this marriage to work.
Anika: Ok, done. I am going to Bangalore for office meeting for a week in this time prove me that you are serious. (With wide smile on her face)
Shivay: Ok fine but I’ll drop you to airport.
And next second Shivay by one hand hold her hand by another hold her bag and they depart to airport happily.

Done with update… Hope you all enjoyed it… And plz drop your feedback for this update whether it’s positive or negative. I know this one is totally crap update but though I want to now all of your feedback and silent reader it a humble request to all of you to leave at least few words as feedback. Now epilogue to this will be up after at least 25 to 30 comments.

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