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Hello peeps…????? sorry for this super late update and already I decided punishment for me for this and this is after request o few readers and I.e. I won’t be completing this in this shot I’ll add one more shot to this and thanks for your comments…☺☺☺☺

Shot Five

As soon as Shivay left from office his mind and heart both are thinking about Tia and her words and his mind went to flashback of half hour


Shivay is giving presentation for his most important project which will be first project for company “AnShi Construction” after Oberois and Shekhawats merger but all in sudden door of conference room opened with thud and terribly crying and uncontrollably sobbing Tia entered inside and hugged him and speak

Tia: Shivay baby, How can you atop payment for credit card and due to you I am starving from morning plus from last on week we are not together, just tell me Shivay baby are we together or not????

And next second Shivay switch on light of conference room and Tia pretending to be surprised and she silently went from there to Shivay’s cubicle and next second he have to handle Anika’s father as well as financial supporter and all and after that when he went to his cubicle Tia was not there and a sticky note is there which read

“Shivay baby after your marriage you started behaving differently with me and now I am become like a buggage in that house and this hurt me a lot and I feel alone and lonely so I am giving you time to think of action which will decide future of us till tomorrow morning and till then I’ll not come in front of you.”

And Shivay in his anger tore that sticky note into pieces and he try to take out his anger on all visible and breakable things come in his vision but I didn’t calm his anger and finally he thought to have face to face conversation with his wife due to whim this all mess is happening in his life and next second he move to alivator and when he reached to receptionist’s desk he stop and looking into his receptionist Nandini he is about to speak but before that Nandini stand in her place looking his boss at her place in anger and speak

Nandini: Sir I tried to stop Miss Tia and even I told her that your meeting with Mrs.Oberoi’s father is going on but she didn’t give ear to my words and she come up there, I am sorry..

Shivay: (Controlling his anger) Miss Nandini you don’t need to be sorry as you are not at fault and yeah cancel my meetings if there is any and don’t make any one wait I’ll be at office tomorrow morning.

Nandini: But sir it’s just 4:30 and your meeting with European delegate is at 6:00 sir.

Shivay: Do not you heard me I said cancel them Miss Nandini..

And next secot Shivay left from there leaving Nandini confused because according to her, her boos can never cancel his ordinary meeting but today he is cancelling his meeting with European delegate and next she cancelled meetings watching her angry boss waiting for chauffeur to bring his car at entrance door.

And later Shivay left from there.

Flashback end.

Scene shift to Flat

As soon as agent Rudy heard Tia talking with some Dushyant,he informed this OmNika and they decide to follow her to find out to whim she is meeting and Runika kept spy camera along with microphone in purse as well as somehow Rudy fix spy camera on Tia’s watch and in excuse of praising her ear rings Anika fix microphone on it and after Tia left from there OmRu started following her.

And almost after an hour angry Shivay enter in home and he didn’t find any one and he rush to his room and there he saw his wife cuddling with blanket and reading some romantic novel he went to her and snatch book from her hand Anika raised her eyebrows at his action and speak

Anika: What’s wrong with you????

Shivay: Everything. Ever since you step in my life nothing right is happening ever since you come my life, everything is messed up more and more with each passing moments. Top of that you stopped payment of my credit cards and due to you I ignored Tia we had an argument she left from this for the first time for whole night and root if this all is only and only you… And

But before he can continue his blaming game soft hand if his wife land on his both cheeks one by one and she speak

Anika: This is for all your baseless blame you put on me.

Yet Shivay is not out of slap shock his wife have given to him and Anika give it one more time on each cheeks and this time she slapped both cheeks twice and she speak

Anika: This is for being ciwrd at initially and two timing a girl.

Shivay: What the hell was that??? And Imyblames aren’t baseless this all is happening due to you. Everything is going perfect and if you don’t have said yes for this marriage then anyhiw I’ve make my family agree for my marriage with Tia but you didn’t said no and this all happened due to you If you have said No then hamari companies me merger bhi ho gaye vote and him hamari happy life bhi ji rahe hote. but you spoiled every thing.

One again Anika’s anger raised and she saw his hand to Shivay indicating him to stop and next second she speak

Anika: Not a single word after this, now I’ll speak and you’ll be listening to me..’what do you think of yourself huh? And what did you say your life is messed because of me? you can’t blame me for everything. You know what in simple words you are a coward who couldn’t face own parents and present your opinion and decision to them. If you don’t want to marry me you shouldn’t agree at first but no great SSO can’t say no to their parents as it’ll spoil your good boy image in their eyes but do you have ide a your this live-in have already spoiled your image in their eyes and above that you are blaming me for spoiling our life like a typical boy. If you wanted to marry your girlfriend then you have convinced your parents by being stubborn like how you are stubborn in not letting me into your life but no that time you are worrying for deal and merger so you didn’t be stubborn and marries me and noe easily blaming me. You are just a coward but I wasn’t like you the moment I saw you Ibliked you I informed my parents and they put this deal in front of you on my saying only’ She paused for a second and their room was full of silent.

Do you know how a girl will feel when she gets married and comes to her new home or world happily and finds another girl there claiming herself as her husbands girlfriend and hold his hands infront of her where she was the one to hold his hands forever. do you know how it feels when someone says on your face that they don’t love you and not even like you. When a girl is with her husband in their room in their own world and someone comes inside without your permission.’ Her voice started to shake but she never want to show herself weak so she took a deep breathe.

its just a waste of time to talk to you about this. You will not understand this. But make it one thing clear into your mind that I am not the one who messed your life and I didn’t regret marrying you till now but please don’t make me to regret that one day.’

And she turned and settled on bed and covering herself with blanket she dozzed off leaving Shivay lost in thinking about each and every word of her and same time he is caressing his own cheeks where his wife have slapped tightly and in evening without a word they cokked together and had dinner and return to their room and Shivay is about to sleep on cough but Anika speak

Anika: I am expecting you on bed.

Shivay: But you are

Anika cut him in between and speak

Anika: So what do not you’ve control over your self or you are finding me so tempting that you won’t be able to resist me???

Shivay froze on his place because he didn’t expecting her yo be back on her usual self after that outburst but he skip thinking much and move towards bed and take his side and sit on bed an looking into another side in barely audible voice he speak

Shivay: I m sorry for the words…

Anika: Good waise keep one thing in your mind from now on You are my husband and no girl can snatch you from me and yeah soon you’ll throw your Tia out of this flat.

Shivay: Are you serious??? (in his husky voice and looking into her eyes)

Anika keep her hand in his neck and speak

Anika: Yeah my darling hubby soon you will throw her out from this flat.

Shivay: We’ll see who win this challenge???

Anika: Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi don’t like to loose my darling hubby. And as if now good night.

And she press her lips on his lips for fraction of second and then she turned on another side and drift to deep slumber smilingly.

And Shivay touched his lips and his lips curve into smile unknowingly and he lost in thinking about his wife and he to drift to deep slumber soon..

So done with update.. how it is??? Give me your feedback whether its positive or negative….
Jo bhi anaap sanaap dimag me aaya WO San likh dala hai so hope you all like it.. Waiting eagerly for all your comments.. ☺☺☺☺☺????Solent readers plz do comments re…

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