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Hello peeps…???? How are you all??? Hope you all are fine…. And big big wala sorry for disappearing but was busy so wasn’t able to update but now I am back…☺☺☺☺ Okay are ha Thanks a lot to all of my readers for appreciating my work…???????? Okay now finally update time…

Shot Four

As soon as ShivIka heard Tia their spell broke and they look into direction of voice but yet they are in same position only angle of their faces are now in door’s direction and Tia’s face turn into red due to anger and fuming seeing them that much close.

And OmRu who are following her to stop her from entering are now enjoying scene being silent audience of live entertainment ka tadka in flat and even in ShiTia’s relationship and here as soon as Anika saw Tia at door step she tight her grip on Shivay’s suit showing her right and possession over him and raising her one eyebrow she smirk first and immediately she changed her expression to anger and speak

Anika: What are you doing here??? Don’t you have manners??? And don’t you know you can’t enter in newly married couple’s room without knocking??? Remember from next time don’t you dare enter this room…

Tia: I am here to talk with my boyfriend

Anika: Tia keep one thing clear in your mind inside this room he is only my husband no one mark my words dear no one can saw any rights in him inside this room so from next time keep my words in your mind if you’ve any…

And she turned to Shivay who is surprised rather to say shocked beyond limits seeing this bold and fiesty nature of his wife but yet another shock is on the way for him as Anika cupped his face in her hand and seeing in his eyes she speak

Anika: We’ll continue what we are doing at night after locking door so no one will disturb us and as of now I’ve to go to office to help papa so bye my darling hubby…

And she give peck on his lips and she tak her lunch box fro dressing table and leave form there.

Color of Tia’s face turn into tomato seeing this and looking at shock Shivay she turned and started leaving from there thinking Shivay will follows her but he didn’t even move an inch from there and he is touching at same spot where his bold wife have pressed her soft lips and yet he can feel her touch there and feeling this he become busy in getting ready…

Here in hall Tia’s hope devastated as Shivay didn’t come behind her like usual and she sat in sofa and Rudra joint her and bringing his hand in front of Tia’s face he speak

Rudra: Are cameraman Om focus and Miss Tia what are your feeling after seeing that wonderful kiss my bhabhi have given to my Bhaiya would you like to day few words on that and grinning ear to ear he continues ohhh my mata how will you speak anything okay our lovely audience Miss Tia is still in shock state so she can’t express her feeling in her words and with this today’s news are finished as of now we’ll be back soon with hot news as soon as Mrs.Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi aka our SSO’s bride nope wife do another surgical strike… Jai Bharat Jai Hind…

Listening this Tia’s anger boiled and looking at Rudra she speak

Tia: Shut up Rudra…

Rudra: Lady baba not me you shut up and…

Before they can start their silly fight Shivay come out and looking at them he speak

Shivay: What happen guys???

Before Tia can speak Rudra run to Shivay and hugging him he act like he is crying and speak

Rudra: Bhaiya lady baba is shouting on me…

Shivay: Tia, Rudra is not of your age and how can you be immature???

Tua : Shivay baby this all is happening because of your so called wife and her stunts and I need to talk to you baby and I want some quality time with you I am feeling so lonely and low. Even last week you are not with me because of your marriage so baby plz don’t go to office today and spend some time with me plz…

Shivay: Tia…

But his phone ring and he received and he heard her wife’s voice

Anika: My Darling hubby my papa’s company have fix your meeting with me for merger and it’ll be starting in next 10 minutes and let me remind you I hate late comers and I keep my personal and professional life apart so wish you all the best to reach office on time…

And she disconnect call and send thanks text to Rudra who’vw kept her call on after she left from home and she heard Tia’s demand and she played her card after hearing her so well that Shivay will choose her over Tia.

And here Tia once again speak

Tia: Shivay baby Plz don’t go to office today.

Shivay: Not now Tia I’ve an urgent meeting with Anika an her father’s company and I’ve to leave so bye.

And next second happy OmRu leave to their room and Tia leave to guestroom fuming in anger.

After completing meeting with Shivay, Anika left from office and on the way she stopped payment from all credit card of Shivay and she reached home and directly went to her room and change into simple clothes and Sam etime door bell ring and Tia opened door to take delivery of her online shopping clothes and coming to payment she give one of Shivay’s credit card but it didn’t work and she true other cards but nine if them work and she have to return her order as of now as she don’t have cash but Anika come in action and giving cash to delivery boy she take clothes and shut door and Tia is about to take parcel from her hand but Anika stopped her and speak

Anika: Give me money which I’ve paid for it and take it.

Tia: That Shivay baby’s money and I’ve right on his money so I don’t need tonpay anything to you and give me that now.

Anika: Those money are my husband’s and I don’t like to spend on you and yeah now you’ve take out this topic let me tell you this flat is also my husband’s so I’ll let you stay here but as a paying guest so from now on you’ve to give rent to stay here and I’ve dumped all your clothes from wardrobe into laundry bag take that bag from my door step soon.

And she left from there leaving shocking Tia behind and next second Tia’s phone ring and she shocked seeing caller and sweat forming on her head but she received and talk to that person and thinking no one is hearing her but she don’t know OmRu are spying on her on Anika’s instructions…

After disconnecting call she get ready an Lev to Shivay’s office and she filled tired Shivay’s ears against Anika and same time shading crocodile tears. And after that taking cash from Shivay she left from there…

And Shivay too left from there…

So done with update.. Next shot will be last shot of this and may be there will be epilogue or may be not sonic any one want any specific scene then let me know I’ll try to add it if it is possible this one is to thanks for commenting and supporting me.. And yeah even drop your valuable feedback for this update whether it’s positive or negative…

And yeah from now on each day update in one FF so choose one FF in which you people want to read first and comment it… I won’t be update them together because if I update them together in one I get so much less comment that it upset e a lot so. plz try to understand… And drop your comment which one you wan to read Vivah or Dark FF??? Highest number of comment and that will be updated and yeah I am leaving it on you so don’t comment like whichever I want as I am confused in selecting one from them

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