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Hello peeps..????Though I am feeling low with less number of comments in my last update here I am up with another update and I’ll be busy today so almost it won’t be possible for me to another update. And plz Plz plz plz peeps do comments It inspire and motivate me to type another update hope you all give ears and eyes to my words and your hand will work too… Okay enough of my blah blah update time enjoy it…

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Shot Three

As soon as Shivay heard giggling of OmRu he come out from trance which his wife have spell on him and next minute he turn towards OmRu and look at him with deadly glares and You-both-are-impossible-look and OmRu controlled their giggling and Shivay turns to Tia’s direction and Tia who is looking at him all this while saw this and to make him dance on her tune she pretend to be hurt and she stomp her feet and started walking in direction of another bedroom and same minute OmRu’s phone beeped indicating text from Anika and after reading text Rudra run in Tia’s direction and blocked her path and speak

Rudra: Lady baba this room is mine whenever I come here so you can’t stay in that room.

Tia: What the hell is this Rudra??? You are not a kid for god sake…

Rudra cut her in between and speak

Rudra: I am not a kid but I am Rudra Singh Oberoi and once I marked things as mine no one mark my words no one can use it not even SSO and lambe balo wala prani Om so its simple na that you can’t even try. (With full to taxi and attitude)

Listening Rudra ShiOm together give him look just-shut-up-Rudra and Om come in action and speak

Om: Tia you know na that how immature and stubborn Rudra is so just adjust in guestroom till the time we are here.

And even Shivay who don’t want his baby brother to feel bad so he too speak

Shivay: Tia please adjust in guestroom. (In requesting tone)

Tia pretend like her heart and anger is melt due to Shivay’s request and she smiled and speak

Tia: Anything fir you Shivay baby.

Rudra mimick this in funny way and seeing this Tia fumes once again and she moved towards guestroom and here OmRu did invisible HiFi and smiled at their victory and before they can enjoy more Shivay turns and look at them and they saw anger on his face and they concluded that if he’ll stay with Anika today he’ll brust his anger volcano on her so they decide they will take him to their room and reason is they wanted to have their Oberoi moments and as soon as Om asked this over excited Rudra speak

Rudra: Are Bhaiya I’ll go and ask Anika bhabhi’s permission on your behalf (but after seeing Shivay’s angry ace he changed it and speak) I means to say I’ll inform her that you at with us.

And before Shivay can react Rudra rush to master bedroom and next moment he hugged Anika and informed everything happened after her text “Don’t let her sleep in bedroom move her to guestroom anyhow” and they laugh over Tia’s situation and even they danced lil in celebration and before Shivay come to call Rudra, he rush out of room wishing night to Anika and later all drift to deep slumber.

Next day morning

Tia come out from guestroom and lazily she walk towards dinning table and she take her sit and looking at Anika who is packing lunchbox she speak

Tia: Maria where is my coffee and breakfast????

Anika: Maria is on one month leave as per my orders so she is not here ans yeah I already had cooked for my family which does not include you so if you want to have something then help your self, kitchen is open else starving is better option for you and remember don’t bring outside food in house I don’t like this.

Tia: Who are you to bind me in rule?????

Anika: Shivay Singh Oberoi’s legally wedded wife and this house is mine be happy that I am not kicking you out from here and next time before raising your voice on me think twice else you won’t be able to regret for increasing your voice get that?????

And t second Anika left from there taking luchboxes with her and leaving shocking and stunned Tia, and happy OmRu whonhave heard their conversation behind.

After entering in room Anika saw her husband is looking smoking hot in metallic dark black three piece suite and his light beard and fresh gelled hair are giving him s*xy look and Anika is shamelessly checking him out and she saw that he is tying sky blue tie and next second she started moving towards him and she keep lunchboxea on dressing table and take tie from his hand she started tying it around his neck while her eyes are lost in his dark blue orbs and unknowingly Shivay’s hand move towards her waist and holding her by her waist he pulled her near him and Anika’s soft hand are moving on his muscular chest as she is tying tie and this touchbof their sending some current in their body and even Shivay is lost in angelic beauty in royal blue saree and Anika done with tying tie but don’t know somehow first button of his shirt break and he speak

Shivay: I need to change it.

Anika: Don’t worry I can fix it let it be on your body.

And in next minutes Anika took out needle thread and matching button and she started stitching it and Shivay is lost in her beauty and same time few hair strain of her is blocking her view and even disturbing Anika so Shivay lean towards her and slowly he blow air in direction of strain and she felt shiver in her spine feeling his hot breath on her neck and controlling her urge to kiss her husband right there she done stitching and seeing this Shivay hold her by waist and in his deep husky voice he whisper in her ears

Shivay: Thanks.

And next second Anika close her eyes and Shivay look at her face and her pouty lips and he automatically move closer to her and now their lips are an inch away but next second they come out from romantic trance hearing Tia who is standing at door

Tia: Shivay baby….

But seeing scenario in front of her eyes her words stuck in her throat and…

So done with update… Hope you all will like it… And plz plz plz plz do leave your feedback whether it is positive or negative….☺☺☺☺

Happy and wonderful day ahead peeps…??☺☺☺☺☺

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