Ishqbaaz #Shivika Few Shots #Shot2 By #annie

Hey guys Annie back with next part of my few shots…

After knowing tia was the one who send those videos to media from anika’s mob shivaay fumes in anger and anika calmed him by patting on his back..

Shivaay and anika went to their room and Changed And left for kitchen where rumaya and Ompri was already present..

Shi:: U ? Here?

Om:: yes..
Ru:: can’t we come here?

Ani:: he means It’s So early and u all here and that too tensed..

Pri: woh actually bhabi.. maa..

Shi:: No .. don’t worry about badi maa.. I’ll make everything alright.. u just Stay relax..

Som:: bhaiyaa actually Tej uncle have Decided to Get engaged to Svethlana today.. And He have ordered some new dresses for us all..

Shi:: how could bade Papa do this .. I’ll talk with him..

Ani:: we’ve to do Something else too.. We need to Plan now.. this tia and svethlana Are Crossing their limits..

Shi:: we have to make plan against them..

Rud:: but why they Are planning against us.. i mean Sveathlana is doing this for some money but why lady baba..

Om:: not only they one more person Is involved…

Som:: what?

Om:: Yes.. I’m sorry Shivru for hiding this .. but i was Hurt and shocked and what not.. that’s Why i hided this.. Someone else is also Plotting Against Us.. and she’s taking Prianku as Victim.. i mean blackmailing Me by Her..

*prianku starts breathing heavily*

Shi:: om Say it clearly*fuming*
Rud:: Yes O dont play riddles *Angry*

Om:: Actually some days b4 when i was using rudra’s mobile.. i got Some MMS On that Mobile.. that was for rudra but luckily I saw that.. and that MMS was Of prianku.. *Hesitantly * While She was changing Clothes..

All Starts Fuming in anger..

Prianku lost all her controls and Starts crying..

Anika ran To her side and holds Her by her left shoulder.. while Soumaya By other.. And they three sat down On floor Hugging Crying Prianku..

Prianku *hugging and crying* bhabi.. what I’ll do now..

Shivomru Too sat infront of her..

Shivaay *Holding Her face in his hand* prianku Its not ur fault.. u know me na .. I’ll Finish The person Who did this with u..

Rudra *placing Hand on Shivaay’s Hand which was on prianku’s Face*
Prianku Why u Are crying.. we are here.. just Stay normal.. as u was b4 knowing about that MMS we will make Everything normal As b4..

Prianku* Looking Down* bhaiya .. i knew about that..

Shivru Removes hands and Looks at om..

Om Hold her hand..
Prianku when did this happened..

Prianku still looking Down..
Bhaiya when I went On tracking trip.. I was Changing Dress in my camp My Colleges Some guys Shoot That MMS..

Som:: u should have told us..
Ani:: We will Send them in jail..

Pri:: they are already in jail..
Shi:: what do u mean? U filed Complain without our knowledge..

Pri:: no i didn’t Actually Acp ranveer was there too and he Saved me From them.. and Sent them in jail.. but i think They Did that for some One else… and have sent that b4 going to jail..

Om:: Whoever That person is I’ll kill her..

Rud:: O what was the number.

Om tells the number..

Rumaya::*thinking * I’ve Read That somewhere..

After some time Of Silence..

Rumaya:: Romi..
Shi:: what romi?
Om: That Mata?
Pri:: who’s she..?
Ani:: That numb Wali?

Rumaya nods in Positive..

All Says romi..svethlana ..and tia..

We’ve to plan against them now..

Ani:: Rotilana..
Shi:: we are planning imp things And you need roti.. and whom u asking To bring roti?

Rud:: bhabi u have become somu Everytime thinking about Eating..

Ani:: It’s not eat wali roti.. i was taking That Chant’s name.. Ro (romi) ti (tia) lana (svethlana)..
So rotilana..

Om:: Genius..
Pri:: Wow
Som:: we’ll use this While Planning..
Rud:: *does logic sign*

Shi::* Gives impossible wala look*..

*They all plans something which is muted and Will be revealed In next Episode or after Plan Is Complete..*

In Evening..

DADI shakti And Shivika Are standing Tensed In hall.. Thinking about engagement..( in my story Dadi and shakti knows Already)
Shivika Are on call and Walking like a pendulum..

And after few Walks they bump into Eachother..

Shivaay:: are u blind Can’t u see and walk already I’m tensed bade papa isn’t picking Up my call..

Ani:: are u Blind? Me too tensed but Walking Perfectly u was the one who bumped Into me..

Shi:: Mind ur words..

Ani:: same to u..

Tej:: why u both always fights.. it’s A good day today so don’t Spoil it with ur Serial Fights..

(And all that Dramma wale dialogues u all know)

Sveathlana comes from Upstairs.. and Rumaya And pri comes from Kitchen..

Tej Forwarding His hands to her..: WELCOME MY PRINCESS..

Sev also Forwards Her hand And walks to him and Passing Him holds the hand Of omkara and after that hugs Eachother.. Tej Stands in shock.. with his hand Still up ..

Sevthlana :: Baby! Why u r so late..
Om:: I’m sorry honey.. i was Stuck in traffic .. u know na i went to The most Beautifull ring for my Darling..!

And Sevkara Exchange’s their Rings Hugs eachother..

Shivaay walking up to him..

Shi:: Om u know na she’s Witch cox of her badi maa is in this state How could u Choose her as ur life partner she is blo*dy..
B4 he could Complete his sentence..
Cuts by angry voice of Omkara..

ANGRYKARA:: Mind ur language Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi.. She is my fiancee..

Shivaay was taken Aback..

Rudra comes to Om and places his hand on his shoulder..

Rud:: O what happened with u why u behaving like this with Bhaiya..

Om ::*removing his hand..* Because I got to know Reality Of ur bhaiya.. He’s not my brother But enemy rudra was taken A back And shivaay’s eyes were Filled with tears..

Anika’s Patience Boundries broked and she Walked to him

Anika Holding Om’s hand :: om what are u saying How could u think Like that.. u forgot kitchen meeting? ONE FOR ALL ALL FOR ONE?

Om:: I do remember And i know that’s all fake.. and saying this He pushes her away..

She falls down and Her head Hits with a Table corner And table’s Glass Breaks On her Head….

Shivaay Looks At Unconscious Anika Who is laying In pool of Blood..
Somu and Prianku Runs to Her..

Rudra Looks at om Shockingly..

Sevthlana smirks While Tej left The room in deep thinking..
Dadi Sits On sofa Loosing her balance..
Shakti Calls doctor..
Rudra Runs to dadi while Shivaay Runs to Her anika ..placing Her head In His Lap he shouts At her and beg to open eyes.. Tears Flowing From his eyes..

He looks at Omkara And Shouts:: If anything Happen to my wife I’ll kill u both .. *painting finger at Sevkara*

Om: *Normally * whom U call ur wife? anika? She’s Just roads Dust nothing else..

Shi: om..* B4 he could complete doc comes and shivru dadi Prianku somu And shakti takes anika to her room and sevkara leaves the room Hands in hands.. and Doctor checks her there..*

After checkup
Shi:: Doc is she fine?
Doc:: Yes Wound was Deep .. but she will get well soon..

Dadi:: Anything serious?
Doc: i can’t say now That I’ll know after She wakes up..

Rud:: When bhabi will wake?
Doc:: in some time.. u can Come inside..

They all goes inside..and Stands Around bed shivaay Sits Beside her Holding her hand..

After sometime she wakesup holding her head..

Shi: are u fine now?
Ani:: Who r u?
Rud:: bhabi what are u saying?
Ani: what’s this place..
Somu:: di..
Ani:: what’s my name?
Pri:: Annika..
Ani:: Ahh my head..
Dadi:: puttar U fine?
Ani:: Who are u all..?
Doc:: Excuse me Please come with Me Mr.oberoi..

They all leaves..

Doc:: i think She lost her memory…

Shi:: Fhat the wuck?
Rud:: what the wuck?
Som:: hein?
Pri:: No!..
Dadi:: Oh my mata..
Shakti:: Hey bhagwan!

Done with the update..

I think u ppl don’t like my stories now that’s why none of u asked Khair do leave Comments Otherwise its Last shot.. bubye Tc..


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      Just right now i tought u all forgot and none asked so I dropped the idea of continue but now I’ll upload..

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