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Hey guys annie here… how’s u all..? Hope u all still remember me..

I’m up with one shivika few shots..

#Shot 1

I’ll statrt from Shivaay Falling asleep In anika’s lap..

So Starting..

shivaay is sitting on couch near pool side of his room..

Shivaay’s pov…

Today’s Drama Was hell.. badi maa blazed herself.. om Said so Much in anger without realizing what he said…. Anika Was blamed For the thing she never did…prianku Has fallen Ill and Dadi Is also Not fine.. rudra is trying to be Strong but i know he’s not.. i wanted to give them Support but They slept Early… i was lost In all these thinkings when i felt a Hand on my Shoulder..
“Anika I’m sorry from mom’s side i know.. b4 i could complete my Sentence i heared..

Shivaay baby it’s me Tia..

“Tia u..” i kinda Whispered…

“Yes is there any problem ? That i can’t come here or to u? ” She Questioned making cry faces…

I tought what is wrong with her Why she’s behaving like that.. did i Said anything?

“No tia ! Actually I’m trying to sleep! ” i Replied..

“BABY! I know U are stressed come let me release ur Stress… ” she said while coming closer to me..

“NO! I’M okay with it.. ” i took a back..

” Shivaay i think u r much tired .. I’ll leave but i want to say Don’t be sorry To anika She Heared what she deserved And i know she did this Think about that bye baby Tc ” she Told and left waving her hand

Oh God why these ladies wear So much Jewellery Her bangles Were so sparkling They irritated My eyes..
I just kept on Rubbing my eyes ..

Anika’s pov..

I saw tia Filling Shivaay’s Ear against me but Shivaay didn’t Spoke anything which relieved me alot..
He was Rubbing his eyes.. i ran to him And sat next to him Placing My Pallu on His eyes And blowing on that..

“Anika it’s okay That was just Due to lights nothing went in my eyes relax..” He told me..

Removing my duppata from His face i nodded..

“Shivaay i didn’t Send those Vids..” i Said.. while looking down at Floor…

“Anika Don’t be sad.. and don’t explain.. i know Very Well That u wasn’t the one who send that videos but someone else..” he Explained to me..

” i know but i tought u will also doubt me now As tia..” before I could complete..

” anika don’t think about her .. i won’t believe on her.. as she was drunk! ” he told me a really shocking Thing..

“Drunk? Shivaay that’s not good for a child we should stop her.. Child’s life is in danger..” i showed my concern..

“Anika U cares about tia’s child so much why? ” he asked me While staring me without any expression..

“Actually not her.. ” he interrupted

“Oh So u care because that’s mine child..” he Asked while Looking away with a sad smile..

“NO! NO shivaay not because it’s ur.. because its an unborn baby its not his fault if he’s tia’s baby.. why should we treat a child bad and Give him punish of his mom’s deeds..i do care about child and ofc of tia also as she is having babyy i mean carrying baby… and let me clear u i know that baby is not urs so never ever say that again..” i kind of shouted at my last sentence

Shivaay’s POV…

i got happy hearing that she still thinks same that … that baby is not mine..

“Anika! ok i’m sorry i’ll not say that again now calm down..” i said in very low tone

after calming her down i felt very strong pain on my wound that was aching too.. i slightly scrached on that place but from upside of shirt..

“Shivaay u had ur medicines?” she asked me while holding my hand..

“Anika No i dont want to ” i replied..

“shivaay ! u stay quite i’m going to bring that medi u have to take them and i’ll not listen ur refusing..” she ordered me..

“Anika no one orders me .. ” i said while she left..

after coming back..

“U know everything is done for the first time by someone and i did ordered u for the first time and now u should used to it as i’ll order u everytime when u will not have ur medicines..” she replied and was smirking..

“Anika! ” i whispered

and she looked at me lovingly uff u r beautiful my heart shouted and i just stay num..

*(POV Ended)*

they both looked at eachother and got lost in eachother’s eyes..(ALLAH WARRIYAN plays in background)

after sometime shivaay slowly closes his eyes and falls in anika’s lap.. anika caresses his hair and gives a peck on his right cheek and kept on looking at him..

shivaay wakesup and looks at his watch still in her lap..
shivaay: what the wuck? 9 am why she did not wake me up..
and saying this he turns to otherside while getting up.. and looks at anika who was sleeping still sitting and she was uncomfortable.. shivaay slowly gets up from her lap but she wakes up sensing some movements..

anika: u woke up..
shivaay: uhh yeah.. actually i’m sorry for distrubing u whole night as ..
anika: sshh.. its ok are u okay now..?
Shivaay: yes..

both stands up from the couch and starts leaving to bedroom when anika noticed a camera on side of decoration tree ..

“shivaay is that ur camera?” anika asked shivaay while pointing finger towards decoration tree..

“no i think that is of om but what it is doing here that must be with om” shivaay replied to anika while looking at her..

“i’ll give him ” said anika and walked upto that camera and picked that up as she held that shivaay started leaving ..

anika after looking at camera carefully shouts for shivaay and he turns to her and walks up to her and asks her the matter on which she replies that this camera is not of om but some ahil look at this sticker on camera shivaay takes hold of camera and starts checking its pictures

“oh now i got it its that camera man’s camera who came with chadda’s for photot shoot of soniya and rudra..” said shivaay..

anika: maybe we can have some clues about the one who took my mobile ..
shivaay: how?
anika: maybe ahil have captured some images?
shivaay praised and she wonders and they both goes through the album of camera and found some one taking anika’s mobile and later putting it back in some of random pictures…

Anika: zoom in shivaay on that hand..

shivaay zoomed in.. and they found its some lady..

Shivaay: i have seen that bangles somewhere..
Anika: where shivaay think ..!!!

after couple minutes of thinking shivaay tells that its tia’s bangles..

okay done with writing do leave ur suggestions..


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