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Hello peeps hope you all remember me and my crazy OS… ?????? Once again I am up with one more crazy OS of mine hope you all like it too…

After exposing Tia and her evil intensions, like usual Shivay proves wrong to do not trust Anika from the day she is warning him and even Shivay is regretting his words which he told her whike he is doubting her but his who is not letting him apologize her and Anika’s self-esteem make her taunt Shivay and this lead to a proper fight between ShivIka in front of family member and angry Anika quit her job and vow to never see Shivay again.

And that day after Anika left from there Shivay realised that in his ego h lost his love and that break him though in front of every one he behave normal and same tadibaaz but from inside each day he is hating himself more and more for hurting and blaming his Anika (How she become yours Shivay Singh Oberoi you yet not make it clear to her that you love her) Even h try to contact her, offered her job by she refused it every time and even she is not coming in front of him… And this all making his situation more worst….

And on other hand ever since Anika have left Oberoi mansion she is feeling sad because she had hurt her Billuji at the time when he is hurt due to Tia’s cheat and that make her heart soften but same time her mind remind all bad words and blames Shivay have said to her and she is confused now what to do or what not???

All this while OmRu and Priyanka have been support system for both ShiVika and after seeing both ShivIka” situation they decide to plat cupid between them and they decide plan and put it in execute…

According to plan next day morning OmRu and Priyanaka went to Anika’s home and somehow after so many argument and emotional blackmailing and all they make her agree to visit Oberoi mansion as they are throwing party just like that and soon they come to Oberoi mansion as soon as she enter in living hall she find Dadi, pinky aunty, Shakti uncle, Jahnavi aunty and the welcomed her warmly and they settled on sofa and started chit-chatring but Anika’s eyes were searching for someone OmRu notices it and they signal Prinku to and they smriked at each other and soon Prinku ask

Prinku: What happen Anika??? Are you searching for some one??? (With naughry smike seeing Anika’s expression as she caught her)

Anika: Nope, wo actually yes I am looking for Tej uncle I do not find him… And she throw daggers in OmRu and Prinku’s direction through her eyes as she caught them trying to control their laughter.

Their chit-chat continue for few more minutes sbf then youngsters level from there taking Anika along with them. The started walking towards Shivay’s room as soon as the reached they order Anika to take rest and leave her in Shivay’s room informing her that Shivay is not at home so she do not news to worry….

As soon as OmRu and Prinku left from room memories of past started creating havoc inner mind and she went to flashback

After fighting with goons for Anika Shivay have taken heavy dose painkiller and he startwd blabbring his feeling towards her when she come to visit him for asking quwstiin that why he save her??? An soon Shivay keep his face on Anika’s shoulder and he slept and when Anika make him sleep on bed he sleep in her lap instead of pillow..

And soon she careesses that bed remembering that day and a lone tear escape form her eye and she startes aelf-taling

Anika: Can’t he stay at home today??? I know he is aware about my today’s meeting but know he have to go to office calculator Singh Oberoi??? Wait he might be with some girl of his class??? #Pause# what the hell wring with you Anika why at you thinking he can be with other girls??? You kni he likes you the way you like him… #Pause# But who knows his liking turn into disliking after that fight and he might have found someone else on his life…

All this while she is pacing in room unaware of the fact that her Kanji eyes wala baghad billa is listening and watching her.

As soon as Anika’s words are register in Shivay’s mind a content smile from hi happy heart crept on his lips and he spoke

Shivay: OmRu and Prinku were right if I did not hide here then I won’t be able to know my Anika’s dil ki bat ever wait and watch Anika I am coming….???

And he enters inside room and lock poolside door and silently he bridge gape between him and her and slide his hand around Anika’s waist hugging her from behind who is lost in thoughts but this sudden touch surprised her and she turned back and there she find that Rainbow eyes of him who change color according to her she lost in that eyes keeping her hand around her neck and they share an eyelock but soon she broke it and speak

Anika: Wo wo when you come inside??? stammering and her breaths become uneven and heavy due to his close proximity and he smriked seeing his effect on he and he replied her with her one of his killing smile

Shivay: I com inside when you are fighting with your self rather to say blabbring about me…

As soon as words register in her minds her eyes become wide in shock knowing he had heard her… And she bent her head down in embarssment and shy. Shivay lifted her face up so she can face him and he speak

Shivay: You are looking more cute when your eyes turn into saucer size sue to shock and…

But he stop noticing tears in her eyes and wooriedly he asked

Shivay: What happen Anika???

Anika: All this while I misses you so much Billiji…

And she Hug him tightly this sudden move of Anika surprised Shivay but he hug her back and speak

Shivay: I too missed you… Rubbing her back he tighten hug even more leaving no space between them. Breaking the hug Anika speak

Anika: You are lying Billuji, if you have missed me then why do not you try to contact me…

Shivay: (Initially ake aback by her question but he replies) I tried but you did not respond hannn (In complaining tone)

Anika: So what??? You need to try harder you know me na (In no nonsense tone)

Shivay: Anika even after my tries you dis not budge I loose my hope that you may be forgot me and then I went to Singapore for three months for business deal…

Anika: So you forget me… (In hurt tone)

Shivay: His can I???? you are the one who thought me what love is and how can I forgot the girl whom I love so much????

His confession and words shocked her turning her eyes into saucer size and curving her lips into ‘o’ shape sewing her like that Shivay can’t hold her urge to kiss Ber and he press his lips on her as soon as her ‘o’ shape broken and started sucking her lower lips waiting for her response and feeling his lips she come to know that this all are not her dream and mimicking him she sucked her upper lips and their kiss lasted till they are not out of breath.

Breaking the kiss Shivay look at her beet root red face he wink at her and speak

Shivay: I am waiting for your reply…

Anika: I love you too Billuji….

After listening her answer once again Shivay press his lips on her initiating another passionate kiss and both kiss each other passionately and when they broke kiss Shivay bend down on his knees and took out solitier ring from his pocket holding it in front of her he speak

Shivay: Anika I am not good with words so I would like to ask you directly that will you marry me???

Her happiness are beyond any limits and tears of happiness are brimming in her eyes and controlling them she nodded her head in approval because for the first time in her lifetime chatterbox Anika is at sort of words.

Shivay smiled at achievement and slide solitaire on her ring figure and take Anika in bonecrashing hug which is reciprocating his love, passion and possession for her…

And after breaking hug wiping he tears he speak

Shivay: So would-be-Mrs.Shivay Singh Oberoi come we will share this good news with every one…

Hand-in-habd they walk downstairs and announce their decision which is happily accepted by everyone and after two years ShivIka’s fairytale marriage took place….?????

BDW this OS is dedicated to Nandu (for itching my mind) and Tulsi, Naina, Priyanka(both), Akshaya, Ishqkum, Yazhu, Sat, Jazz1, Nithu, Mukta, Sahana, Cuteprincess, Sancho, Priyali, Risky, Rivanah, Ananaya, Samsun, Fama, Barbieannie(and sorry if I forgot any one’s name)and all that lovely readers who have been there to support me always. You all are wonderful you supported each and every story of mine whether it is good or crap and love you all for your support… ??????

So, phewww done with typin this long OS… Hope you all like it…. #Finger crossed# else As you all know I am ready for your flying jutas and rotten tomatoes and yeah I am eagerly waiting for all of your feedback whether positive or negative… And my dear silent reader it is my humble request that plz drop few words of appreciation it will motivate me…???

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  2. Pinkyyy

    Awesome os dear loved it?????

  3. Nainaa

    Arey!! some one just bring me some cool water I am not able to cool down myself after such a cute and romantic Confession of our beloved Shivika……. Uff!! Hawa itni garmi hai yaar…..
    I really wanted to make a video tape of it and watch it evry time…..
    Dear!! Your ff just passed as a whiff of pleasant air on me after being in a trauma for a very bad response of my ff.

    Aww!! My Baby….. You have dedicated this great one for me along with many Cuties…..
    This one of you is a “Darwaaze phod OS” Haha In Anika’s language……

    I just enjoyed it thoroughly……
    Love you so much….

  4. Nansshivika

    Awww chocopie its like a complete ride of shivika. ????
    Omrupri playing cupid is so sweet
    Anika blabbering shivay listening all that is so good
    Perfect ending
    Loved it so much
    And ya I will always itch ur mind and irritate u also to get these beautiful os ??
    U know na I am too greedy

  5. Priyali

    Awesome ….. Shivika shared such a cute confession. Just loved it. .

  6. Nithu

    How nice it is…..romantic…ua os are always too romantic dear….and crazy…your name suits u well…i think ur crazy about romance….loved it dear…

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    super romantic priiiiiii
    nd shivaay’s proposal was out of the world 😀
    you nailed it again
    thankyu so much fo such a wonderful shivika ff dear
    nd ha come back soon wid another soon 😀

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    Aww my darling . Nowadays your oss are becoming romantic. But they are awesome.

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    Its too good. I liked it.

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    What gul didnt do in her show.. u did it in ur os… omg after reading it i m blushing..
    Shivika rocks…
    And v all will always support u dea..
    U write very nicely…
    WELL.. i m getting a dhak dhakwala feeling after reading this???

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    I will. Always support u….. So never feel low….. Just keep on writing…… ❤❤

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    Hey Priya dr…it was an awesome os yaar…loved it…no rotten tomatoes yaar cuz you did it so nice…I really enjoyed reading my Shivika moments…

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    Oh my mata! Shivika confession was just awesome superb and wonderful
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    This was such a wonderful OS.
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    How you do this??? I think you are bid heart romantic person the way you write their romantic scene it make me blush too and It take m on some romantic ride which I enjoy a lot ..

    OmRuPri’s cupid plan is awesome…

    ShivIka’s pain and feeling for each other are beautifully written and most important part of OS is proposal…..?????

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    I said it before and today too I am saying thatbyou are an amazing writer dear…. Keep writing….☺☺☺☺

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    Haaa chocopieeee……….a perfect confession……shivaay is damn gud…d way he came n hugged her from back suddenly…n anikas hug tellng she missed her…n their lovely la la la……omgg…blushng mode phir se on ho gaya…????????????

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    Awesome. You know what I wanna throw flowers ? ?????? on you.

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    Wow Dr ur are rocking the scenes BTW shivika was amazing and super Dr u have dedicated this to me and to all other drs I loved it.sorry for late comment dr

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    loved it to the core…the confession was soo cute…ohh soo cute..

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    This is the best shivika’s os i have ever read….. Perfect
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    I m really very happy aftr reading thz ff

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