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Hello peeps… (OK I am hiding a safe place so if any of you throw anything on me out of anger then I won’t get hitted by it.) I know it have been so long since last update but trust me things keep me busy so I am not able to update and today to I got this time with great difficulties so here I am with one of my crazy OS hope you all will like it…

Okay before OS there are few things which I like to make clear and it is

Shivika get married in awkward condition they love sach other but confession is pending and No Daksh and kapoor sisters in my OS, so done with all blah blah now coming to the shot enjoy it…????

Six month pass since ShivIka get married their tiny tiny gesture towards each other and the way they care for each other give crystal clear idea of they are deeply in love but to disappointment to Shivay’s naughty brothers OmRu Shivay yet haven’t confessed his feelings for his lady love though he told this to them so many times and last time Anika heard and some what she is feeling incomplete without listening his feelings so finally three devils OmRuNika’s mind worked on immense speed and they make plan to trap Shivay Singh Oberoi.

Next day

Almost after one and half hour of Shivay’s departure from home Anika called him and scream his name but before he can ask her about happening Dadi and Pinky who is holding phone disconnect call.

As soon as phone geh disconnected Shivay is sweating like hell remembering Anika’s scream and on the other side Anika is worried about Shivay’s state and Oberoi ladies and OmRu are smiling at her antics.

Almost after 1 or 2 minutes Shivay recover from his state and he dail Anika’s number but noe it come out if reach and grabbing his car keys leaving meeting he rush to parking lot and started failing OmRu’s number but they are not answering his call and later he tried Prinku’s and Ma and badi Ma’s number but none of them replied his call and this increased his tension and covering distance o half hour in 10 minutes he reach to Oberoi Mansion and next moment he asked passing servant about Anika and he told that she is in room and climbing two stairs at a time he rush to room and next moment site in front of his eyes feared him more cause Anika is lying in bed and her head is having injuries and he rush to her and speak

Shivay: Anika what happened??? (looking at OmRu) what happened to her???

Om: Actually Bhabhi skip one step when she is climbing nope coming actually climbing I think hai na Rudra????

All member present in room hit their own head invisibly as just because if Om their plan is on stake but Rudra come as saviour and speak

Rudra: Nothing much bhai she just skip step, fell down and become unconscious and yeah this make me remember a rhyme

“Jack and Jill but here Anika bhabi climbing the stairs to go to room and fell down and broke her head”

O help me na rhyming ho nai rahi hai…

ShivOmPrinkuPinkyJahnviDadi: Shut up Rudra this is not time for jokes.

Rudra: I am to just trying to make atmosphere lil happy( Making puppy eye face) But waise Bhaiya do you want to tell anything to Anika Bhabhi I’ll pass your message now go to office.

Shivay: Rudra…

Rudra: I am shutting up…

Shivay: Fine now all you go I am here with her.

All started leaving but Dadi stayed there and after everyone left Dadi speak

Dadi: Billu, I know you care for her so much but sometime you have to speak your feelings to other person so they can know.

And then patting his back Dadi left from there an Shivay’s mind processes Dadi’s word and hr take Anika’s hand in his hand and caressese it lovingly and with other hand he hmove her hairs which are blocking his eyes from viewing her angelic face and then he bend lil and kissing her forehead with full love he speak

Shivay: I hope I am not late in speaking my fellings to you but Anika I love you a lot but you know me na I am too bad when it com to express my feelings and even at words so I become late but trust me Anika I live you so so much and I can’t live my life without you you are mist integral part of my life just like OmRu and my family so plz now wake up for me plz.

But before Anika can reply he heard someone’s giggling from.back and turning back he saw his family smiling at him and before he can move towards them he felt warmth of soft hand on his body and before his mind can register anything he felt soft lips of his gorgeous wife on his chick and she pack his chick quickly and in barely audible voice she murmur “I love you too Shivay”

And soon all rush in room and sensing hi mind state Dadi speak

Dadi: Billu, khotiye this is push form we all so you can speak your feelings to her.

And later all family tease him a lot and at dining table Both ShivIka share few eyelocks which eventually break by one or other family member and finally its time to head to room and then bed an Shivay prepare whole scenes in his mind but before ShivIka an move towards their room Prinku interrupt them and speak

Prinku: Anika Bhabhi can you help me in selecting and packing of dresses plz??? And thehn Ma and chhoti Ma too want your help…

Shivay: Prinku an you do it all tomorrow morning???

Pinky: No we are leaving to attend Shekhawat’s family function tomorrow early mornings so we haves to do its nows…

Rudra: Chhoti ma it means Bhaiya and Bhabhi will be all alone tomorrow???

Om: Shivay you can do all your pending romance tomorrow when you both are alone so as of now let her go.

Anika didn’t speak a word but she wink at him and next second she received message from Shivay which is reading ” You’ve to pay for this all…? X?X?

And later all packing of ladies done with Anika’s help an later almost at 2 am they depart to sleep and instead if disturbing Shivay’s sleep Anika choose to share besh hhwith Prinku and next morning they bid bye to all.

After that they entered in hall and breaking silence Anika speak

Anika: Shivay, I am sorry for yesterday and yeah tell me what would you like to have in breakfast today I’ll make breakfast for us of your choice.

And Shivay remember her paneer butter masala and and he speak

Shivay: No Anika you don’t need to cook more experiment.

Anika: Shivay this time I’ll make with help of internet tell me what you want to it???

Shivay: Anika we together will prepare pancake and then we will eat it caressing her chick he move to his hand to her hands and he I about hu her from back.

But Anika push him and speak controlling her breathing

Anika: No we cooking only me cooking you just stay out of kitchen romantic sigh Oberoi.

Shivay smirk at his new nick name but he is not in mood to leaving so he speak

Shivay: But Anika you’ll burn something if you’ll watch vedio while making so let me stay and help you.

Anika: You are not staying in kitchen that’s final and if you have any idea other than this then tell me else eat burnt pancake.

Shivay: How about I attach phone to TV in hall and keep it on full volume it’ll be helpful and I’ll help if you forget anything by chance.

Anika: I won’t forget anything and you are not staying in kitchen now go attach mobile and start vedio Romantic Singh Oberoi.

Shivay: Your wish my command Mrs.Unromantic Singh Oberoi.

Anika: I ignored that you handsome Singh Oberoi.

Shivay: Whatever Mrs. s*xy Singh Oberoi.

As soon as Shivay come out of kitchen something strike in his mind and hr smirk at his self and he move to TV and he attached phone with TV and after getting confirmation from Anika he started vedio.

In Kitchen

Anika collected all the stuff required to prepare pancake but soon she heard take out your floor carpet which you are using daily she felt weird but she murmurs

Anika: His weird favorite things ko cook kare ki recipe bhi weird hai and she rush to room and telling Shivay to pause vedio but in haste she forget to notice smirk of Shivay’s and soon she bring carpet and once again Shivay resumed vedio.

And according to se heard she started mixing all the ingredients but once again her mind itch hearing keep you one leg up from floor and hold youth breath but she reminiscences his Shivay always want her to inhale smell of his espresso so she followed direction.

And next according to direction she spread butter on pan waiting fir it to melt and she heard now lay down on floor on your stomach and try to hold thumb of your leg using your hands and once again Anika follows it blindly.

But wen it come to spread batter she confused because yet she don’t heard of getting up but ending confusion she heard now stand straight stratch your leg in direction of your back hold it and now spread batter on pan and she tried to I but cause if her one leg is up she lost control and she land her self in carpet and batter bowl which she us holding pour on her and this cause sprain in her ankle and next moment she scream

Anika: Shivay.

Shivay: You want me to come??? (Hiding his laughter)

Anika: Yeah Shivay come now…

Shivay: Then I’ll do whatever I want.. OK???

Anika: Shivay now… (With higher pitch voice)

Next moment Shivay rush to kitchen and it took a lot of control to hold his laughter after seeing scenario in front of his eyes but finally he lost control and started laughing but soon he control seeing rolling perals coming down from her eyes kissing her chicks and she rush to her and without thinking of mess he hugged her and kiss her on her chick and suck tears and soothing her he asked reason for crying and she told about sprain and next moment Shivay scoop her in his arms and then he turn off burner and move towards their room and bring her to bathroom and he make her sand on her legs under shower but due to sprain she is not able to stand properly so he hold her and both they look into each others eyes and without breaking eyelock Shivay help her in cleaning herself and later once again he scoop her in arm and bring her out and help her in getting ready. And once again Shivay scoop her in arms and bring down and all this while Anika is blushing furiously.

After coming down Shivay make her sit on sofa and looking into her eyes he speak

Shivay: So now my blushing wife is serving me what in breakfast???

Anika: Wo… I am sorry…

Shivay: Okay don’t worry we’ll prepare sandwiches for us together now come and yeah wait first let me apply spray on your sprain it’ll help you.

And Shivay apply spray on her sprain and once again scoop her in arms n they enter in kitchen and Shivay make her stand and he support her by holding her from back and then Anika take out bred slice and Shivay holding her hand help her in applying one by one ingredients on bread slice increasing Anika and his own heartbeats and meanwhile his lips are busy in applying trail of kisse on her back and finally capacity of Anika to handle this romantic torture of her husband is completed and she turn towards him and Shivay hold her face between his hands bend towards her and gently he captured her lips and started kissing her and Anika too mimicking her action started sucking her lips one by one and both are lost in that kiss.

So done with one shot. So now all of your work starts noe leave comment whether positive or negative but not the demotivating one and if you don’t like OS then feel free to throw flying chappals and tomatoes and even sandwiches or pancakes (no egg I am strictly vegetarian)…???

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      Thanks dear… ☺☺

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      Thanks and I glad that you enjoy.☺

  5. Shivika

    Hey fab…….post next part for this……..i just loved it…….

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      This one is one shot story only and thanks for loving this… ☺

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    Beautiful and romantic is what all I can say chocs….. ?????????

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      Thanks fir loving it and this one is only one shot story dear.

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    Romantic and super cute update.

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  20. Priya very romantic one shot but somewhere plot is weak which make your one shot more funny then interesting so dear if you don’t mind consider my suggestion write something which has strong plot like u usually do and that keep us stick hope u don’t mind and I don’t hurt u

    1. Hi sweetie I know we both have same names and that’s confusing my buddies in many ways they r reading ur comments ( misunderstanding wali situation ho rahi hai yaar so from now I will add 1 to my name ) ?hey shama dear thx yaar kafi logo ki confuse karne ke liye …

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      Well actually it’s a romantic shot with some fun added. Anyone can clearly see that it was just a shot to bring smile n not a ff to focus on plot n all.. And u felt it romantic n funny that’s what she was portraying. Hope u don’t get hurt my words n don’t mind I was just sharing my opinion.and ya take my advice for ur better that don’t say like words weak, and really don’t they hurt it was just my advice

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        Thanks Nandupie speaking my unspoken word and taking stand for me. And love you Nandupie. And yeah Shama I didn’t write this OS for any specific point it just to bring smile as Nandupie said☺☺☺☺

  21. ☺☺☺?????????????

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    Di something from you after so long I am happy to low that you are up with something and this is amazing OS Oberoi trap Shivay in their prank and Om he is to much na lier and Rudra and his rhyming are cutest one and Shivay confession aww so sweet and Anika’s reply is superb and their eyelock at dining table and OmRu’s teasing is just wow and pancake making is funny and their nicknames to each other is wow and their bathroom scenes is romantic and hot and then again kitchen romance I enjoyed this OS. Plz now update FF plz Di.???

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      Thanks for descriptive comment and once I’ll get rid of my stupid schedule I’ll start updating regularly.

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    Excellent. By the way,when will you post the next part of Ishqbaaz Janina marriage or revenge?

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      Thanks and I’ll update after I’ll be free from my extra busy schedule.

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