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Hii peeps.. Hope you all remember me…. Okay I am kidding and I am stopping it now… My sweeties and cuties one more time another OS hope you all like it…

Warning: Read this without remembering any of previous OS.

Clarification: Anika exposed Tia on wedding day that shattered Shivay but he thanked her and same time he come to know that now her Anika is in love with his best friend Dhruv so he get them married with heavy heart (Do not throw daggers at me)… Anika is not aware about Shivay;s feeling for her. AniRuv are happily married since two years and AniRuVay is now sharing strong friendship bond and…. Now read my story…

Shivay is running from here and there to complete all decoration today is his both best friend’s AniRuv’s second marriage anniversary and Dhruv have sudden meeting with foreign client and he is out of town since two days and his 3 month pregnant wife is throwing her tantrums on Shivay as Dhruv is not beside her on day of their aniversary so to pacify her Shivay decided to throw party and he left all his office work on side and keep himself busy in pampering his love and best friend’s wife and same time decorating venue….

Anika is sitting on sofa in living room of Oberoi mansion Pinky and Jahnavi are feeding her food with smile but as soon as they eye caught Shivay who is staring Anika they smile vanished and pain is breaming in their eyes seeing their child suffering from immense pain but soon they mask it with smile seeing frown on Anika’s face.. Same time OMRuPri and Dadi who is helping Shivay in decoration also shed silent tear seeing Shivay in pain…..

After a while Anika told Jahnavi and Pinky that she is full but they are forcing her to have milk but listening name of milk Anika scream Shivay’s name and Shivay stand by her side and stop Jahnavi and Pinky from forcing Anika and a smile crept on Anika’s face and she hugged Shivay but soon she broke hug seeing Dhruv’s call on her mobile…. And she got busy in talking but after a while she screamed “Dhruv” and her mobile feel down from her hand and she is about to fell on earth but Shivay caught her on time and he scoop her in his arms and laid her on sofa but by this Anika become unconscious seeing that worried Shivay called Doctor and after checking her doctor informed that she become unconscious due to some trauma and this remind Shivay that to check on Dhruv as she become unconscious whike talking to Dhruv so he take out his phone and dialed Dhruv’s number after few ring a girl answer call as soon as Shivay heard unknown girl’s voice he started throwing end number of question to girl

Shivay: Listen who are you??? Where is Dhruv??? And why the hell his phone is with you????
Girl : Phone owner met with an accident before few minutes a car hit him and we are taking him to Appolo hospital…

And next second phone disconnected by that girl and everything become crystal clear in Shivay’s mind and immediately he run to hospital and he request on duty doctor to save his best friend… But seems like luck is not in his favor as Dhruv died during operation…. And along with Anika Oberoi family too soak in mourning over Dhruv’s death…. All this while Shivay and Oberoi family have been string support system for broken Anika…

After few months of Dhruv’s death every family member of oberoi suggest Shivay to get married to Anika and even they explain, request Anika to get married to Shivay but Anika keep refusing but finally for the sake of her unborn she agreed to get married to Shivay as she do not want her child to have life without father… (Dadi and Om explain this all to her in alone so she agreed)

In next few days ShivIka got married in simple marriage as per Anika’s wish and Shivay strictly prohibits everyone from teasing Anika in any way and he left for kitchen to bring food for Anika and Prinku take bride Anika to Shivay’s rather to say now their room and soon she leave from their…

After a while Shivay enters in his room and glanced his room like other normal married couple’s room his room is too decorated with flowers and candles but he do not like all this because according to him it might hurt Anika and seems like his thoughts are totally right he do not find his newly married wife in his rooms so he put plate full of food on side table move towards poolside and there she find his wife love of his life Anika…

But she is not even aware anout his presence she is staring at sky without any emotion and her eyes are shedding tear and seeing her in such situation it broke Shivay’s heart in million pieces he cursed his destiny cause today his love is with him but with thought of some other person but soon he control himself and move in Anika’s direction he stand by her side turn her face towards him and wipe her tears and he is about to sooth her but before that Anika hugged him tightly and speak

Anika: Shivay, am I that bad that Dhruv too left me alone in this world????

How much he wanted to say her that she is not alone he is by her side always but once again let her shattered heart broke into million pieces one more time he sooth her and speak

Shivay: Anika, things are not like you thinking and you know Dhruv loves you more than his own self … And Anika plz stop crying plz come inside its too cold here and it’s not good for you and baby and plz eat something since morning you have not eat anything and staying hungry in this situation is not good and plz change into some simple clothes I’ve arranged your clothes in my cupboard…
Anika: I want to stay hear please leave me alone.. And I am not hungry while shedding tears…

Shiavay: Anika at least for unborn listen me… And do not you think seeing you in such condition Dhruv won’t be happy above…
As soon as Shivay hit this masterstroke her blank face saw some emotion but what they are is not known to Shivya but his words work she enter inside and change into simple white anarkali and sat on bad and Shivay sat beside her started feeding her and she is munching food like a robot… And after completing dinner Shivay give her medicine and milk and she have it silently and Shivay make her sleep but she stop him and speak

Anika: You know Shivay my love may not be enough so he left me alone for forever and left the world… And started sobbing once again…
His eyes to become tearful, he take her hand in his hand and see in her eyes and speak
Shivay: Trust me Anika there is nothing in your love and I ‘ve never seen Dhruv as much happy as he was with you… You are best thing that happened to him and who say he left you alone he have left his love part of him inside you with whom you can live your life…
Anika: Hmmm.. And she started caressing her baby bump with a small smile seeing her smiling Shivay too become happy and same minute he vow to make her same happy Anika that she was while she get married to Dhruv… But soon his thought were broken by Anika

Anika: Shivay, Have you ever loved anyone????
Listening this he stammered and lied to her No…
Anika: That’s good Shivay…. You know sometime love is nothing but immense pain specially your loved one is not with you…
Shivay once again hmmed and after few more minuted Anika drift to deep slumber under effect of sedatives and then Shivay caresses her cheek…

How much he want to wake up her and informed her that he is in love with her, since when that not known to him, but seeing her love for his best friend give him pain, he was not angry at his best friend but seeing his love happy with someone else is hurting him and daily he die thousand time seeing them together…
And soon sleep overcome his eyes but his mind is yet thinking
Will she ever love me the way she loved Dhruv????

(I am already hiding, I know many of you are angry in me right????) After typing I am too like what the wuck is this??? Hope you all like it????? Eagerly waiting for your feedback whether its positive, negative, flying juttas, rotten tomatoes whatever it is?????

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  1. Sanaya_malik

    Don’t know Why I am feeling so you have a great shade of being a writer……
    Really really enjoyed the os thoroughly reading your ff…..❤❤

  2. Akshaya

    That’s it. No continuation.loved it. But sometimes my heart cries for stories which is incomplete

  3. Sanchi

    I want to b really really really furious with you right now but however I cant.. I hav a weakness for angst maybe so clearly loved it?.. marvellous shot once again

  4. Ishqkum

    Sry it made me feel heavy but its new story line

  5. Mukta

    Honestly, I liked ur way of portraying the scenes…. the way u described each and every scene with immense and deep emotions was just flawless…. ur writing is so awesome!!!! But seriously I don’t like the thing that u made Anika married Dhruv and Shivaay’s pain…. I just couldn’t bear it… it really was hurting!!!!! Please don’t take me wrong…. I don’t like the plot much but ur way of writing is just super awesome…. so emotional!!!!!!!

  6. Nansshivika

    Arey chocopie at first I was like ye kya kar diya tu ne shivika ko alag !! Hay hay par for tum ne dhruv ko universe ki space me bech diya ???
    Par kya tum shivay aise devdas hi rehno doge second part bhi likoghi na?? but as far as this one shivaay this side is fresh one and all ur concepts are totally different sometimes hot romantic emotional fairytale now sweet friendship bond with hidden love
    Loved it and next part jaldi update karo varna rotten tomatoes jarror milenge

  7. Priyanka_22

    it was out of the world priiii…
    as title defines it few things left unsaid..
    i hv no idea wt to comnt dear but it was simply superb…
    i felt like crying i cant see great sso like this 🙁

  8. Priyanka_22

    Aftr reading first para i thought to throw some flying juttas n rotten tomatoes on you 😛 😉
    how on the earth can you do this to my SSO priiii 😛

  9. Fama

    ?? no one will throw daggers at you at least not me sweet Singh Oberoi doesn’t deserve that pain but stone Singh Oberoi deserve it. So I will rather pass kisses and hugs to you

  10. Though I am feeling terrible bad for Shivay…

    He is too much broken and his pain is omg I am really felt angry when I read first oara for separating ShivIka but as soon as I read further I get to know their pain, feeling and all…

    Girl you are a versatile writer you have gave us some sweet cute lovely hot shot romance, and filmy romance wale shot and ff so daigesting this is like tough but but but this ibe is beautifully written I liked it…

    But its an humble request please do not write such Sanjay leeka bhansali type of OS plz…

    Hope I do not hurt you…

  11. Ruksy

    This was truly amazing

  12. Tulasi

    Omg pri……wat a story…i cnt see my shivaay in pain…..anika is not in luv wid shivaay?? but u narrated it sooo perfectly……suprrb dear…waitng for d next part soonnnn…

  13. Tulasi

    Omg no other part of it……awwww……luvd it ……she ll luv him i know?? u know tht title is apt for d story…n its my fav novel till date…..??? u rocked it chocopieeeeee

  14. Jazz1

    First, I am so sorry for late comment. It was really awesome. Are u gonna write anothet episode for this one or not. If yes then it’s nice, if no then plz write one more episode for it plz if u can to make the story complete

  15. U killed me with the first line of ur story??????????
    But later on… the story went ahead and i liked it…
    Its just soooo different?
    I always love teading ur os dea?

  16. Yazhu

    I’m sooooo in anger with you Priya dr…seriously…you made my Anika marry Dhaksh(Dhruv) leaving my Shivaay…it’s sooooooooooo not fair yaar…but it’s ok you gave a different phase of Shivaay….so I forgive you…this OS is really nice dr…claps for your new attempt…

  17. 15novvaishnavi

    Title said whole story few things left inside. Its very nice.

  18. Diyaa

    It may be sad but leaves a world full of hope at the end and enough for imagination. Very well written?

  19. Owww Pri for the first time you make me cry I am feeling bad for Shivay… Though initially I am angry in you for separating ShiVika but shot is written beautifully and brilliantly…. And title is just perfect and I am love this OS too…

    WO kya hai ki we are habituated with happy ending wale romantic OS so this give us shock and we at taken aback but this can’t stop atleast me from praising you work and I’ll like to request other reader that at least acknowledge our dear Pri’s wonderful work she will come up with her crazy OS soon… Hai na PRI????????

  20. Nainaa

    Woww!! Priya Di……. You just damn rocked every emotion….. And now I can say you are the one who can express every emotion so perfectly and cutely….. Loved every bit of your Epi…..Lived in every emotion in your OS…… You rocked it Baby….

    Coming to the Epi::
    Shivaay’s love for Anika is shown in a immortal way…… Oberoi’s Pain for their elder kiddoo is Just making me gaga…… How can they can support someone? Through out their pain…..
    Anika love for Dhruv is Fab…..

    Dear!! You just stole many hearts and ovations with this OS of you……
    Hmm….. I am gonna give you a name Muffin….. Hope you like that name….
    Love you….

  21. I am truly very impressed of ur OS. Ofcourse it was mature,neat and interesting… U hook me to read till end.. and crave for more.. something never ending story…I wish u b a writer someday..
    The way u hv handle the relationship of Anika n Shivay…it shows ur level of quality writing… U make it quite Visual effect of the scene. Loved it darling

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