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Hello peeps…???? How are you all??? Hope you all are fine… Okay its been son long since I’ve not written any OS and now this current track itch my mind with so many idea but finally after discussing with my idea partner Nansshivika who helped me in finalising this with few spices of her I am up with this OS… Hope you all will like it…

My rather to our OS will start from today’s precap.

After knowing truth regarding how Shivay have forced Anika to get married to him everyone have boycotted Shivay and now Shivay is feeling alone and low and he went o OmRu’s room but they were not there so he went to poolside soot of their and there he find them and Shivay went to them and in barely audible voice he speak

Shivay: OmRu WO

Om: Shivay it will be better if you don’t speak to us and you don’t have to give this apology look to us because today we saw your actual face.

Rudar: Shivay bhiya not even iny wildest dream I’d thought that you can do such cheap things and can step so low…

Om: Rudra w don’t need to say more to him and come lets go to our room we’ve to handle Sahil too.

And before Shivay can speak anything OmRu left from there and Shivay felt like some one have stabbed him and lifelessly he sit on corner thinking about each words his brothers have told to him and how they are standing on Anika’s side and as soon as Anika step in his thought devil inside him wake up and without any thought he started moving towards his rather to say their room.

Here Anika who is watching all this from pool side window saw him coming and next minute she settle on recliner and next second Shivay enter in room but he didn’t speak anything just looked at her but Hus eyes are throwing daggers at her and his face is turn red due to anger which is bubbling inside him but somehow he is controlling it and god knows why but he choose to keep mum take of his night dress from wordrobe and he is about to step in bathroom for change but listening Anika his leg automatically stop and he turned towards her

Anika: Shivay wo I’ll explain OmRu and will try my best so brothers will patch up with each other.

Listening her Shivay’s anger brust out he move towards her and coming to her he hold her tightly by her hand and speak

Shivay: What else can you do Anika??? You know what Tia is right you are planning to stay permanently in this house by casting your charm spell on everyone and I should have trust Tia but no I said her you are not like that but every time you proves me wrong whatever I think about you is always wrong Tia is right about you are golddigger an you can do…

And he stop making faces and looking at him Anika ask

Anika: What??? What can I do??? And if you are thinking that I am doing anything to stay permanently in this house then no I’ll sign that divorce paper and will leave soon. And I…

Shivay: Wow, and what will you charge to sign that divorce paper????

Anika: Shivay yet you are thinking that I am doing this all for money????

Shivay: Anika, I don’t need to think I know it. Rather to say I should know girls like you who can sell her self can do anything for money.

Anika is shocked listening him and she felt week on her knees but she don’t want to saw him that she is weak so she asked

Anika: What are you talking about???

Shivay: Do not be shock Anika I know you’ve spend a high with Daksh in his room for 15lakhs before this marriage. I…

Before he can continue a tight slap on his cheek have sealed his lips due to shock and he looked at owner of that hand who have slapped him with utter shock and before he can speak anything Anika speak

Anika: This is for thinking such low about me and before I’ll do anything else which I’ll regret later just go out of my vision.

But Shivay is stunned and he didn’t move an inch from his place and crying Anika move him and run toward poolside not knowing she have to fight another battle with creep Tia there who have witnessed this all from poolside window.

As soon as Anika entered poolside area she heard someone clapping and she look into direction and there she find Tia and she look at her with anger and smirking Tia walk slowly in her direction and after standing in front of her she speak

Tia: Wow, finally universe give you some wisdom and you know Anika I am happy that soon you’ll be out from Shivay baby’s life and Shivay baby will be mine for forever. (With dreamy look)

Anika: You know Tia, dreams which we see with open eyes never come to true and Tia before my exit from this mention I’ll throw you out from this mention and Shivay’s life.

Tia: Awww Anika you are thinking to much don’t give stress to your little mind else it’ll brust out.

Anika: Tia at least I’ve this small mind but you are such a stupid brainless and shameless girl.

Tia: Shut up Anika.

Anika: Better you keep your mouth shut and leave form here.

And fuming Tia leave from there and long back Anika forget her pain which she having due to Shivay’s word and she move towards omRu’s room and soon they discussed something and after making whole palm to expose Tia she left fro there and try to retire to sleep sitting on recliner but Shivay’s word are echoing in her mind and tears are not stopping and she looks at bed but Shivay is not there.

Next morning too Shivay didn’t enter in room and soon Anika lock her self in room and she is crying constantly remembering Shivay’s words and soon her heart and mind started arguing

AM: Anika why are you crying for the person who have blamed every now and then.

AH: But he is the one who has locked her in his heartbeats, he is ruler of my heart since so long .

And she remember how Shivay have spoke about his confused feelings for her under effect of sedative after he has saves her from goons.

AM: But he is the same person who have throw you in this fire where you are burning with each passing second.

AH: But he too burning with each passing second along with me.

And Anika is totally tired and weak after her fight with Shivay, Tia and stress plus she have ate anything after that roti rasam plus now this fight of her heart and mind have increased stress level and before she can think anything more she felt everything turning black and next second she is on land in unconscious state.

Here in hall every family member at having their break fast with heavy heart and OmRu, Sahil and Anika are not there but no one ask about them but Saumya informed that OmRu went to drop Sahil school and no one ask Shivay about Anika thinking she might be fighting with her inner turmoil and soon Tia make her entry and she is blabbering something and something to gain attention but no one is interested in her tactics and soon OmRu make their entry and looking at family members they speak.

OmRu: We need to saw something to you all. and Tia we need you too there in hall along with family members.

And soon all come to hall and Rudra started vedio sawing Tia is upset and bursting her anger in her mother and looking at this few sweatfoam started forming on her forehead and before vedio can continue further electricity went off and Tia take breath of relief but soon her breath hitched listening Rudra

Rudra: Sumo, plz bring your laptop.

And soon Saumya bring her laptop and switch it on and soon seeing Anika’s picture as desktop background she speak

Saumya: I don’t this one is my laptop seems like Daksh bhaiya forget his laptop in my room that night when he stayed in my room and I stayed in his room with Anika didi.

Listening this Shivay’s eye balls pop up from socket and before he can ask anything to Saumya vedio started and he started seeing it keeping in mind to ask Saumya about that night later but once again his mind and eyeballs pop up seeing Tia hugging Robina and listening their conversation Shivay’s anger along with every family members brust out and next second he heard “Thud” voice and he saw hi mother have did honour of slapping Tia before he can Di and next second Dadi too join Pinky and later all interrogate Tia and she blurt out truth which is recorded by Rudra and within half hour Shivay sent Kappor’s behind bar for all this fraud and he come back to home and he asked Saumya bout that night and Saumya informed him everything about that night nie guilt is at a level from where if he die out of guilt he won’t be able to earn forgiveness of his Anika.

And remembering Anika he started thinking that how come she is not there in all chaos and he run to study but she is not there next he check Saumya’s room but she is not there too and like maniac he check every room of mention and in between he hears OmRu saying this whole is Anika’s idea and how she thought that if her vedionis there in room then Tia’s vedio too will be and how they get that vedio and all and he felt proud for Anika and he rush to their room in tension but his room is locked and and she jerked the door but it didt open and next second he forced little more but no benefit and he feel scared because his Anika can fight with him can speak anything to him but she can’t lock herself like this and she can’t stay silent. And next second he banged the door and speak loudly

Shivay: Anika, Open the damn door Anika listen to me and open the damn door.

And he kept slamming,banging, pushing and shouting on her to open door but everything is in vain he didn’t heard a single word from her and hearing this all family come there and they to join Shivay and next ShivOmRu together push door forgetting their difference but in vain and Shivay felt scared not listening single word from Anika’s side and soon Pinky speak

Pinky: Shivay kanji Anika me suicides to nai…

But before she can complete her sentence Shivay shout and speak

Shivay: No she is my Anika she is string and brave she can’t do things like that OmRu just tell na she can’t do such she can’t harm her self..

And tears started making their way from his eyes and seeing him like that every one felt bad for them and ladies are crying but soon Shivay handles himself and he run towards poolside and coming in front of window he broke the glass by his hand and glass pieces injuring him but ignoring his own pain he enter inside and OmRu who followed him enter inside carefully and they open door from inside and family members run inside and they saw room is covered with darkness all windows are closed with curtains and this scare Shivay mor and he switchbin the light and there he saw her lying on floor and he rush to her and taking her in his arms he speak

Shivay: Anika open eyes Anika you can’t leave me like this Anika plz open the eyes for your billuji plz Anika.

and he check her hand if she have any cut or any thing but everything is fine and he thought may be she’d taken sleeping peels and he told OmRu to check if bottle is there but unfortunately it is not there and he list all his strength listening this and he hugged her more tightly and he bring her near to his heart which is beating like a racer car running in formula race and he speak

Shivay: Anika, you can’t leave me like this plz come back to me plz , I can’t survive without you plz come bacfor your billuji plz. And he broken and tears are now making their way from his eyes and they drop on Anika’s face and yet Shivay have hugged her near his heart and feeling something warm on her skin Anika move a lil but this bring thousands Walt smile on Shivay’s face and next second he started showring his love to her by kissing each corner of her face and feeling this Anika open her eyes and seeing this Shivay lost in her eyes and Anika to lost in his eyes and soon breaking their eye lock Shivay caresses her cheek and speak

Shivay: Anika, I am sorry plz forgive me from now on I won’t let anything happen to you plz forgive your billuji plz.

Anika looked at his bleeding hand and she take it in her hand and drap her saree to stop bleeding and she look at him and speak

Anika: Only if OmRu forgive you.

Next second Shivay and Anika together look at OmRu and they rush to them and they share group hug and elder bless them with happy heart and leave from there and Anika is doing first aid of Shivay with love and care and same time Rudra asked

Rudra: Waise Anika Bhabhi how come sleeping peels don’t have ant effect on you???

Anika: Which sleeping peels???

Rudra: Are those which you swallowed for suicide mission.

Anika: I didn’t swallow any.. on just throw them out saw your bhiya won’t eat them like pipperment.

Shivay: What that word is??? (making faces)

And soon she said that she become unconscious due to empty stomach, stress and all and soon OmRu and Saumya left from there leaving love bird alone and Saumya send food for them and they feed each other with love.

After that Shivay explained her how Daksh have planted seeds of misunderstanding in his mind and later he speak

Shivay: Anika, I know I don’t deserved to be forgive but if you can then okz forgive me for all that words I have said to you yesterday night plz.

And once again guilt rule his mind and he stand up to leave from there but he felt Anika’s hand which is holding his hand tightly an he turned and Anika come near him and cupping his face in her hand she speak

Anika: Shivay I forget you at very same moment OmRu forgive you and that words are due to that misunderstanding so you don’t need to regret for it anymore as that misunderstanding is clear now.

Shivay hold her by her waist and pull her near and speak

Shivay: So Mrs. Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi now you have forgive me and we are back to square one with everything cleared between us so can we start new journey from here????

And Anika nod in approval and he look into her yes and there he saw same desire of love as he is having and he find her more tempting with that desires and next second he scoop her in his arm and move towards bed and Anika is holding her neck and they are looking into each others eyes he keep her on bed and beneath him and next second she cupped his face and their lips met with each other soon the heat of passion added and their clothes started subsiding from their body and meeting with each other on floor and here two body and souls meet each other and mark their new beginning of their journey…?????

Okay Jitna bhi Anaap sanap Jo bhi dilo dimag me that San likh diya hai hope you all like it… And yeah I’ll submit other update of old work later. And if you enjoyed and like this then plz so comment and silent reader plz drop few words.

With love
Nandupie and Priya.☺?

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