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Hello peeps… I’m again up with an os of shivika.. *fingers crossed *
So Track same… I’ll start from when shivaay Saves anika From daksh than Pinky accusing her.. Shivaay defending her… Shivaay Saying sorry… She forgiving ..omru plans… Party They do party…tia mourning for death of his husband robin A.K.A dushant
After a week
Tia’s mom comes running to hall from guest room’s
and Gathers Everyone in hall… by shouting… Shivaayyy..

they comes running… Shivaay asks her what happened mrs kapoor…
She shouts Tia is trying to suicide… Just come…
They all rushes to Guest room And breaks the Door Smelling Ceresin…
Shivaay= tia what’s this non sense… Why you’re trying to do suicide .. Have u lost it?
Tia= so what else should i do shivaay you’re not Marrying me.. And now you’re not even giving Divorce to her… ( looking At anika )
Shivaay= tia .. Just… I’ll do it na.. WhY So hurry…
Mrs.kapoor= we’ve to do hurry shivaay..
Shivaay= But why ?
Mrs.kapoor = shivaay Because tia is pregnant… and you’re the father…
Shivika Shocked looks at each other…
Tia and Her mom Passes each other evil smile..

After sometime Everyone Gathers In hall..
(dadi and omru are there too)
Dadi= billu what’s all this? What she’s saying that she’s pregnant?
Jhanvi= how come?
Tej= shivaay We need an answer..
Shakti= are u Listening us shivaay..
Omru Are looking at him..
Somu and prianku too
Tia is faking Crying..
Her mom Faking Curiosity..
Shivika Standing Together…
Pinky = oh my mata.. why u all are Attackings hims with So muchs question.. this Newses Is Of Happiness.. I’ll be Grandma Soon…
Shivaay = ok stop it u all..
Tia how come u pregnant? We never Had something like that… I mean our relationship Never crossed limits.. You’re understanding What I’m trying to say…
Tia= yes shivaay I’m perfectly Understandable .. you’re pointing finger at me… you’re Questioning me If it’s your baby or not.. i know Who’s saying You’re repeating shivaay.. This cheap anika… manipulated u.. Who herself is characterless..
Shivaay= (in loud And Angry voice) shut up tia..! Don’t u dare to Talk Anything bad about anika…. i Told Before I won’t hear Anything bad about my wife.. did u Get it?
Tia= wow.. Shivaay ur wife.. Than who I’m?..
Shivika looks at eachother
Shivaay= Tia.. I mean Just don’t say anything bad About her character..
Omru Sompri was happy..
And Then shivaay Again Looks at anika…
Shivaay=anika..I’m sorry.. From her Side…
Anika and everyone was shocked to see shivaay Apologizing..
Anika= sh… And she faints…
shivaay holds her And shouts anika… and taps on her cheeks Wakeup anika…
And took her to hospital.. with omru… And Somu prianku.. (rest in house)

Doc checks her and comes out..
Doc= who’s her husband?
Shivaay who was really worried= Yeah.. Me.. I’m her husband..
Doc= Congrats sir She’s pregnant..
they were shocked… And looks at shivaay..
Shivaay was normal..
Shivaay= doc how’s she now ..And She’s pregnant from?
Doc= she’s fine but Weak And having fever.. So that’s why she faint.. just take care of her if u want Healthy child.. And yeah she’s pregnant from one week..
She leaves
Omru with raised eyebrow’s..
Bhaiya Yeh kab hua( When did this happened)
Som Prianku
Yes bhaiya how and when..
Anika comes out…
Shivika looks at eachother..
Fb. One week back
( in party rudra again mixed alcohol in punch and they’re Not in senses shivika goes to their room locked the room And Start Their romance and their confession.. And after That They consummate their marriage)
Fb ends..

Omru it means we’re Going to become Chacha’s
Som pri and we We’ll be mami’s
Som pri Hugs anika… Anika smiles..
Omru hugs Shivaay.. He too smiles…
As his All tensions just Vanished from his life… He got reason to smile.. .
Om= so you Remember Everything that happend btw u and bhabi..
Shivaay= blushing yes..
Rudra= it Means lady baba is lying ..
Shivaay = yes She’s lying.. Because i know nothing happened btw us that night..
They left for OM

they reach OM.. Everyone still Sitting in hall they too joins them… They were happy…
Jhanvi = u all looks so happy what’s the reason..
Rudra= arry mom I’m going to become chacha soon.. na that’s why..
Tia smiling..
Tia= so Sweet Rudra… you’re excited about My And Shivaay baby’s child…
Rudra= oh hello lady baba.. Did i said That I’m going To become ur child’s chacha??
Tia= what do u mean rudra? If not mine Than who’s?
Om= we’re Talking about Shivaay and bhabi.. Not u but anika..
Jhanvi = what om anika?
Prianku= yes mom Anika bhabi is pregnant..
They all stands in shock…
Dadi= billu is this true?
Shivaay= yes..
Jhanvi= but how?
Tej= is She Pregnant from u?
Shivaay= Yes bade papa..
Shakti= but u never Believe in this marriage..
Shivaay= dad it just happened…
Pinky= Oh my mata…! Razzia gundoo me phass gyi suna tha.. Aj tou shivaay bacho me phass gaya..
Mrs.kapoor= is it any Prank… And even if it is.. It’s bad.. Rudra= it’s not Prank..
Tia= shivaay what’s the proof if This is ur child?
Shivaay = tia i know this is my child..
Tia= i don’t believe… she… She is Just… Cheap.. She’s carrying someone else’s Child and Giving it urs name..
Pinky= yes corrects it must be daksh’s child…
Shivaay losts how he Blamed anika for having Affair with daksh..
Tia= Anika.. U spoiled my Life.. I’ll not leave u.. She Holds her by arm And pulls her to Main gate and pushes her Out from OM..
Anika falls Because her Foot Twists..
She screams In pain as her head too Hit with floor…
Shivaay hears her screams and comes to sense..
He rushes to her… Shouting anika…
And Makes her stand.. by encircling his Left arm on her shoulder and putting her Right arm on his Waist..
Shivaay with tears in eyes.. As he sees Anika’s Head bleeding (not So much but yeah It’s bleeding and dangerous for her)
Shivaay= a.. A nika are u okay..
She Nods in yes While holding her Head with her left Hand..

Shivaay shouting = tia have u lost it.. Why u pushed her.. don’t u know she’s pregnant..?
Tia= shivaay this isn’t ur child this is daksh’s child… I’m carrying ur child U should Care about me not About this cheap girll…
Shivaay raised his hand to slap her… But stopped by Listening.. Billu ji…
Shivaay= anika.. Are u fine?
Anika= w.. W.. Ater.. (water) …

She faints again…
Shivaay Lifts her up in his arms… And Take her to room.. Lay her down on bed.. And sprinkles water. she gets Conscious.. He make her drink water… And dressed her Head injury.. apply ointment on Feet.. And Leaves prianku with her…

In hall..
Dadi= billu how it happened..
Shivaay = tells Them how (u know)
Pinky= oh my mata..! It means I’ll get To see my 2 grandchildren soon..
Jhanvi = pinky how’s that even possible..
Tej= he announced tia as her wife and Honeymooned with anika..
shakti= we could have handled everything but Tia is also pregnant..
Mrs. Kapoor= Just tia is pregnant not anika.. I’m sure she’s playing some Tricks To stay here. .
Tia= yes i agree with mom.. That middle class girl Is Playing Game.. and Shivaay.. U could Even abort that child from Anika’s…
Shivaay = he’s my Child.. And I’ll not do abortion of anika…
Tia= How could U say that.. I’m pregnant from u shivaay.. What about that..
shivaay= noo.. Not from me.. I remember I never crossed limits… so i can’t accept that this child is mine or Even U r pregnant… And if you’re You too can Do abortion… Because now I’ll not divorce anika….
Tia.. = wow Shivaay you’re denying Your Own child and asking me to do abortion and accepting That illegitimate Child Of daksh as urs..

Shivaay Slaps her hard..
Don’t u dare to Call that child illegitimate.. He’s my child only.. And she’s my wife.. Just leave now… I don’t believe u…

Everyone cheers as she leaves…
Dadi= I’m happy billu..
Dadi does arti of shivika…

Everyone’s phone rings..
Same question is tia pregnant
Same answer no we don’t know..

They On tV and On news channel
tia Confirming That she’s Pregnant And Shivaay and she’s happy… ..
Tia enters..
And Acts Like fainting.. Shivaay rushes..
Tia crying shivaay baby why you’re not believing me.. this is only our child… And shows some pics of them in that… (iykwim)

Shivaay convinced..

Shivaay forced from Kapoors to do Marriage..

Om= bhabi I’m sure.. She’s lying..
rudra= yes This Tia.. is fraud…
Ani= i know This child is of D name.. Creature …

Omru= D name creature
She tells them everything.. (u know everything which she got to know about Tia)

Omru= but how we’ll prove.. And after Some hours is their Wedding..
ani Gets sad..
Om= bhabi why you’re getting sad. He will not divorce u.. It’s decided he’ll divorce her after Delivery..
Ani gets more sad..
Rudra= don’t tell me bhabi you signed divorce papers..
Ani= yes we both signed divorce..only then he could get marry to tia and Gets Merge their business..
Omru leaves to talk Shivaay…
Anika Silently slips from mansion and went to Tia’s home…
tia is in her home…
Anika reaches there and Confront.. Tia…
anika= i know Tia you’re making fool of Shivaaay..but I’ll not let u Succeed…
Tia = Hahahhaha Not Now anika.. We are getting married in some hours.. And you’re divorced.. So even something happens nothing will be affected..
Anika= why you’re doing this with shivaay tia..
Tia gets Mad.. And Shouts.. Not with Shivaay but With.. u I’m destroying u.. U killed Robin that’s why… I’m Making u Go Far from ur love..
Anika= robin? Ur brother?… When I killed him..?
Tia= bhai nahi tha woh mera..woh patti tha mera.. Mere iss Paida hone wale bachy ka baap tha woh.. ( he wasn’t my brother but he was my husband ..father of my unborn child )
anika= but He was ur brother Robin. Ur husband was Of some D name..
tia= yeS he’s real name was dushant.. But u killed him..
Anika=when I never killed anyone..
Tia= u killed him anika.. Who told u to follow me.. U followed me.. and i asked him to hide under pool But He refused then i pushed him and he’s head got Hit with pool Staircase and He dies… U are the reason u killed him… So I’ll take revenge now.. By Giving my Child Shivaay’s name..
Anika went To Guilt phase… Shocked…
Tia leans On her shoulder and cries..
Tia= but now I’ll Make Shivaay’s life hell After marriage.. I’ll snatch everything from him.. And for now I’ll not leave u…
anika still standing shocked and couldn’t digest the fact that Someone died because of her..
And Bummm…
tia hit her head With iron road… From Right side.. Than on left side.. (scene of anika and shivaay is flashing infront of anika’s eyes)
She falls Down On floor In pool of Blood… And she utters shivaay..
in mansion shivaay standsup from couch and shouts anika..
Just then mrs. Kapoor enters..
mrs. kapoor = shivaay Stop Thinking about anika come with me Pandit ji is waiting In mandap… He leaves as Forced by Mrs. Kapoor..
His heart Was Crying To Check anika if she’s fine…
He sits in mandap…

After 10 minutes tia arrives… Everyone wasn’t in hall so it will be late about 5 minutes
In Tia’s home
Anika’s heart and mind was Thinking only to save shivaay… She opened her eyes with difficulty.. And speaks.. Shivaay i coming…
She ties her duppata on her wounded head…
And comes out from tia’s home And with much difficulty tries to stop Cab… But no Cab stops.. she Stands in middle road And a car stops she with much difficulty walks to car..
She shocked seeing acp in car..
Anika= Acp please drop me to OM..
acp Shocked too And Complies he comes out And makes her sit… And then get in And drove off..
In mansion…
varmala going on..
Pandit ask them to stand up for rounds.. They Standsup..

In car
Acp asks anka what happened to her..
she Doesn’t reply as she was shocked weak and worried..
Acp sees Pendant in her neck and is shocked..

In mansion
2 phera.. everyone was sad except tia and her mom…
Anika enters in mansion with Acp’s support… shivaay feels Anika and looks at her room..
And Before they could take 3 phera
Acp Shouts shivaay…
shivaay looks at door and is shocked so does everyone… but tia was somewhat relaxed…as she knows That Anika don’t have any proofs..

shivaay runs to anika.. Anika Leaves Acp’s Support and Tries to walk to shivaay but falls in Middle But shivaay slips on his knees and holds her…

shivaay Removes warmala.. Stroller and ties his stroller on anika’s bleeding head.. And shouts call the damn doctor…
shivaay crying = hey anika… What happened…
Anika= billu ji… tia… Cheating… And removes something from her pendant and hands Him spy cam …
Shivaay= what’s this anika….?
Anika= play it billu ji…
Shivaay gives that to rudra and lay down anika on sofa with her head in his lap…

rudra Plays the video….
in starting
It was blank..
tia= Shivaay it’s her new plans to trap us and stops our marriage..
Shivaay ignoring her looking at anika…
tia= are u listening me
and there video starts…
all that happened in tia’s home btw tia and Anika was recorded..tia’s confession… Her madness.. She hitting anika…..
anika murmuring I love you bill..
shivaay Enraged Stands up and slaps Tia left right…
acp Arrests them… and leaves saying he’ll be back…
done with writing…
if u want I’ll write an epilogue.. so Comment down if u want an epilogue.. ??? ???
bye Tc
# annie

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