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Hello peeps…???? How are you all??? Okay before you all count me crazy or gone case for starting another work keeping old one on ignoring note this will b continued by Nansshivika. This our 3rd collab work hope you all will like that.


A girl in her I’d twenties is sleeping o recliner hugging herself tightly but some nightmare are scaring her to the core but that are not nightmares that are the blames by her husband which is ringing like a bell constantly in her mind and she wake up from her sleep with a jerk and she look on bed but he is not there and flashback of previous night come rushing in er mind where her husband have blamed her that she is slept with someone for money and yet now she is feeling bad due to that words and soon tears started making way from her eyes and she wiped them remembering her plan with OmRu and her dever and soon she lost I thinking and soon once again she drift to deep slumber unknown of strom coming to her rather to say their life.

So this is prologue for 5S story all you nees to do is just drop your comment whether to continue it or skip it.And before that plz go through author’s note too..

Author’s note:

In this 5S may be you’ll find something same as our OS new begit but trust us this 5S is totally different and pole apart from that OS..

Now waiting eagerly for your response…☺☺☺

Have a nice and happy day ahead…☺☺☺☺☺

With love
Nandupie (Nansshivika) and Priya…

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  1. Dreams97

    Yay. Loved it. So excited that you are using the spoiler. 🙂
    I felt so bad for Anika. She is always crying in the show nowadays. She smiles 2 minutes means next three episodes she is crying. 🙁

  2. Yes we want it
    Prologue is good

  3. waiting for 5s

  4. Puvi

    Awesome waiting for update

  5. RichieRich

    Very interesting.. pls continue

  6. Samaira20

    Excited for this one…!!!!

  7. Diyaa

    Yes please. ?

  8. Tulasi

    Hey dears….. superb yaaar……… u surprised me wid dis 5s….. i was like dimplee phirse ek nayi os likh rahi hain n i opened it…. agar dono saath mein ho toh aur bhi dhamakedhar ho jaye gaaaa❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ luvd it

  9. Mukta

    Nice prologue!!!!! You should continue with this!!!!! Waiting for the next update……..

  10. Its exciting and waiting for further shots eagerly.

  11. Akshaya

    Ok let’s begin the journey?

  12. Intriguing!! Continue plzzz

  13. superb…….waiting for the episodes…….

  14. Shakthi

    Wow its great nans n pri joined to write dis…u both are very good writers…loved ur way of writing yaar…thn coming to diss u should continue dis it was very interesting…..I’m soo exciting too read ur collaborated ff…

  15. Alekhika20

    Anazing prologue,cont soon

  16. Nansshivika

    Thank you dreams97,saba,safaq,puvi,richierich, samaira20,diya tussy baby,mukta,aviana,akshaya,hirah,laitha,bhavana,shakti,alekhika20.thanks a lot for supporting us guys.

  17. Nansshivika

    Thank u shakti,alekhiha.thanks a lot

  18. Ayath

    osum chocopie………………..really great

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