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Hello peeps…????? first all of thanks a lot for showing a lot of love on our collab work and me and Nandupie is feeling overwhelming with this love and keeping loving our work like this and now big wala sorry for being super late in posting epilogue but trust me peeps few things ave kept me busy and I was stuck in that so wasn’t able to update it on time but now I am here with delayed epilogue.

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Soon all family member of Oberois come to know that Anika is agrees to get married to Shivay and all are happy for them and soon they decide to bring her home so they can do all the rituals properly but when they reach Anika’s home they get biggest surprise as Anika and Anay and Shivay are ready with their bag packed and OmRu with gloomy face is sitting on sofa and Mallika and Siddharth are sitting on another sofa and soon Dadi and Pinky speak together breaking silence.

Dadi/Pinky: Oh my mata/ O khottiye why are you sitting like this???

Rudra: Chotti ma, Dadi see Mallika and Siddharth wants to tak Anika didi with them till marriage….

Mallika cutting him

Mallika: Shut up Rudy, Dadi Anika have helped me and Sid a lot so I actually we want to fulfill duty if her elder brother and brother-in-law in this marriage so allowed us to take her with us.

Everyone one present is delighted with their decision and after arguing for a while they decide that Anay will go to OM while Anika will be staying with Ranas.

And preparation of ShivIka’s marriage is going on full swing and on day of haldi and Mehandi while hall is being decorated by different color of Orchid but soon Anay come to Shivay and OmRu and speak

Anay: Aap meri mumma ki choice jante hi nai ho and kanji annkho wale baghad bills tum se ye expect nai kiya tha (With sad face)

ShivOmRu: What happen Anay????

Anay: (Hitting his head) Are baba mumma loves red roses then why are you spending money on this flowers with weird name.

Shivay: Its Orchid bacha and they are classic but royal.

Anay: I don’t want thi boring flower in decoration I want it to be as per mumma’s choice so Chang it now.(In ordering tone with taddibazi)

OmRu: But now how it is possible???

And next second he cried rather to act to cry grabbing attention of Oberois ladies and soon they come to know while scenario and making him happy Pinky punished OmRu to decorate whole hall with red roses and smiling Anay hug his Dadi making her feel blessed and she kissed his head and forehead with love and content. And Shivay is smiling while looking at this bundle of joy. And soon father-son duo send everyone out as they want to discuss something important and and HiFi each other and soon they left taking Prinku with them and on the way to their destination they call Mallika to reach there and soon they completed half mission.

And soon all rituals are done an finally biggest day of their life come and grabbing attention if media beautiful and perfect couple enter marriage venue hand in hand and soon their bundle of joy joined them and they take place in altar and Anay did their “Gathbadhan” and Mallika and Sid did “Kanyadan” and Shivika take nupital vows and pheras and tying “Magalsutra” around her neck and filling “vermilion” in her partition Shivay finally make her his in front of whole world. And they take blessing from elders and soon Shivay blindfolded Anika and along with her all are surprised excluding Prinku Anay and Mallika and Shivay scoop her in his arms and bring her to room and here Mallika and Prinku told everyone to wait.

In room Shivay romantically tease blindfolded Anika and change her clothes.( OK no description let them have privacy…??) And again he scoop her in his arms and take her out and he but he stop in midway in front of mirror and remove her blindfold and Anika is surprised to see herself in white wedding gown which is simple yet classic and elegant with diamonds studied on it and silver work adoring that diamond and he bring his hand in front of her and she hold his hand and they walk outside and soon Shivay announced that they are getting married in Catholic way as this one is Anika’s wish and Anika is having happy tears as love of her life is fulfilling her wish and soon Shivay is directed to stage where their bundle of joy is standing as a priest and Sid and Rudra bring Anika and ake her stand by his side and soon Anay speak

Anay:Mr.Shivay Singh Oberoi do you accept Anika as your lawful wife????

Shivay: (Looking into Anika’s eyes) I do.

Anay: Miss Anika do you accept Mr.Shivay Singh Oberoi as your lawful husband???

Anika: I do.

Anay: Now you may exchange ring.

And Ishan and Arushi bring ring for Shivay and Anika an they make wear eachoher.

And finally cutest priest of world speak

Anay: You can kiss your bride now…☺☺☺☺

And Shivay give a light peck on Anika’s lips and Anika’s face turned into crimson red due to this.

So done with Epilogue. And and and I’ve surprise actually I am happy with all of your response on this 5S so I’ve plan to writ one more epilogue for this 5S so are you peeps interested in reading 2nd epilogue for this 5S???? Let me know how it is??? And yeah I don’t know much about Catholic marriage so if I did any mistat any where then sorry go that. Waiting eagerly for all of our feedback.

With love,
Nan’s and Pri.☺

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  1. Nice epilogue

  2. Nice epilogue. But plz don’t end this I lobe this 5S so much.

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  4. Hey girls…… I m late i knoe… But thoda busy thi…. N d epi u r amazng duo…. I m jn luv wid it…… Munhe anay bahottt accha lagaa…. More than shivika… His tadi
    ..his cute lill acts..omgggg soooooo sweetttt❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ i m sure ki readers also want tht secnd epilogue soon…even i m waitng a lottt for it…..luv u both…

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