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Hello peeps…???? I am happy and feeling overwhelming with all of your love for this 5S and finally here I am with final epilogue of this 5S enjoy it.

Last part:


Epilogue 2

One year have passed of Shivika marriage and noe they are living a happy life with family. Shakti and Tej have taken retirement from business and hey are now devoting their whole time witht thier grand child and Dadi is happy with her whole family is united now and having a normal happy life.

Sunday morning.

Anika,Ishana and Saumya are making breakfast for family members as their husbands have ditched cooking over their cuddling with each other in single bed after long time and TeNvi and ShaNky are sitting in living hall enjoying time with grand children and soon a voice from hall grab Anika’s attention along with Ishana and Saumya.

Voice: Anika where is my coffee????? Where is charger of my laptop and where do you put all the file????

And all stunned seeing Anay imitating his father. And soon all brust into laughter seeing him like this and soon Pinky hug him and speak

Pinky: O my mata, he is carbon copy my billu… Wo same taddi and all and style.

And soon Anika bring hot chocolate for children and she make them drink it and soon Ishana Saumya and Anika ordered them to wake up their respective father and happily they rush to Shivay’s room ShivOmRu are sleeping while Rudra and Om is hugging Shivay and soon they rush to them sleeping on tummy of their father they speak

AnHanRushi: Papa wake up. Mumma is waiting for you at dining table for breakfast.

Instead of waking up ShivOmRu took them I’m their arms and speak

ShivOmRu: 5 more minutes baby.

After half hour none of them wake up causing naughty mind of AnHanRushi to work on abnormal pace and soon an idea click in their mind and they went to bathroom and bring tumblers full of cold water and emptying it on their father and all three elder Oberois wake up with a jerk feeling cold water and they saw them children gang giggling on them so they rush to catch them and soon they three run away from there like rabbits on skating board and ShivOmRu followed them shouting them to stop an soon they hide behind their mom to be safe from their father’s wrath but Shivay angrily speak

Shivay: Om count of three I want all you three to come in front of me.

But before he can start counting Tej speak

Tej: What are you doing Shivay they are kid… And don’t forget you were more naughty them then in childhood and you know na…

Shivay: Bade papa aap bhi….

And seeing his anger calm down AnHanRushi come out and rush to him.and hug his knee and Shivay bend to their height and hug them and OmRu to join them and soon lil Anay speak

Anay: Dil bole Oberois.

And they all joined him and later they all happily enjoyed breakfast and soon mommies order fathers to give bath to children and they went to clean kitchen. (Oberois bahus love to do kitchen kamkaj so they don’t appoint servent for it) and it been half hour since no one is out from bathroom so Anika, Ishana and Saumya went to their room to check what their hubby and child are doing in bathroom which take this much long time but soon their eyes become delighted seeing scenario daddy Oberoi are playing with child Oberoi and soon they scold the to complete bath fast else they will catch cold as soon as bath is completed child Oberois rush to their grand ma’s room to get ready while daddy Oberois take benefit of that situation.

Shivay’s room

Shivay: Anika I am now tiered after giving bath to Anay so come and help me in getting bath and Anika turned crimson red listening this and soon Shivay scoop her in his arms and enter inside bathroom locking door of room and bathroom. (I too don’t know what happen next as they have closed the door…????)

Om’s room

Om: (Shouting) Ishana where is my towel baby???

And Ishana find it on bed and she tak and rush to give it too him but soon Om pull her inside and her back is facing him an he keep his head on her shoulder and started kissing her earlobe and Ishana is feeling butterfly dancing in her stomach and soon he started kissing her neck and Ishana turned around facing his face and cupping her mouth he captured her lips with full delicacy and Ishana to started mimicking him…

Rudra’s room

Rudra: Sumo this tap and shower is jammed and I am not able to open it and this bodywash is itching my eyes come and help me.

And worried Saumya rush in bathroom and she tried to on shower under which her hubby is standing with towel on his waist and same time she is checking out her hot hubby but naughty shower get open and Saumya too become wet and she is about to go out but she slipped due to body wash spread on floor and Rudra catch her on time and they share an eyelock and breaking eye lock Rudra slam his lips on her lips and soon they are lost in their world.

And children Oberois are enjoying their play time in garden along with their grand parents and great grand ma but soon they stopped their game seeing their Prinku bua entered with their small sister Rehana with their Ranveer uncle and soon they get busy in playing and adoring new born Rehana.

Okay this is final epilogue to this 5S. Hope you all will like and enjoy this. This epilogue is not planned bit seeing all of your love for this 5S we come up with this epilogue as a gesture of bada wala thank you.☺☺☺☺☺

So now all you have to do is let is know whether you all like this gesture f our or not????

With love,
Pri and Nandupie….

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    Love you pies

  6. Nansshivika

    Awwww cuteness overloaded obros sleeping n pulling kids also in their arms ,dil bole oberoy moment,family moment ,bathing moment,romance,prinku entry so cute and lovely.????????????????? finally we succesfully completed our 5s.buddies plzz share ur views.

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    Waah!! This is something out of my word bank anb something out of this world….
    Full on family, masthi, nok jhok, Kiddos, Super romantic couple and Super cute epilogue.
    Prinku and Ranveer entry with Rehana is a super cute move…
    Be back with another OS, TS, SS anything…
    Love you loads…



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