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After expose of villains true face,sahil dead anika left mansion.shivay left to London in guilt.after 5 years he returns and a emotional bond happens btw him n a kid ayan(4 years).later he comes to know he is his n anikas kid.

Fifth shot:

Here it goes.

Bcoz I did mistake shivay says.anika n anay gets surprised seeing at entrance with luggage.

Anay: billu!!! No no dad!!!

Shivay gets emotional listening this.anika looks at both anay n shivay.shivay kneel downs n stretches his arms for anay.anay goes running but stops in front of him.

Shivay: will u not hug ur dad?

Anay: mumma says my dad don’t know abt me so he never came to me.(shivay looks at anika with teary eyes) but y u never came to meet my mumma.

Shivay: its my mistake.

Anay: then I will hug u ,when my mumma forgives u.

Shivay gets up n comes in front of anika.

Anika: what r u doing her?

Shivay: anika i did a mistake give me any punishment but don’t say to leave u both.

Anika: oh!! U realised ur mistake after 5 years.

Shivay holds her: no anika!! I was regretting each n every second.I didn’t have courage to face u.thats why I punished myself going away from my family.

Anika looks at him shocked.

Anay comes in btw them: ha mumma arushi said they never meet billu personally he came now only.

Anika gets teary eyes but looks away.

Shivay: but when anay came and I got to know the truth,I felt a hope came in my life.

Anika: if u r thinking that bcoz of society I will come to u with anay then u r wrong shivay.

Shivay: I will never think like that anika.I know u r so strong.u raised anay alone ,u r so strong.I know u can live remaining life happily with anay .but I can’t.I was dying all these years plzz come back to my life.I want u n anay both.u r my life.

Anika: it will not happen.

Shivay: I know u will say this,that y I came here to stay with u.

Anika: I won’t let u stay here.

Anay pulls anika down.

Anay in anika ears: mumma think!! He hurted u na we will take revenge from him.
Anika: what?

Shivay can hear them but acts as if he is not hearing

Anay: ha mumma!! He did a mistake na ,he will get punishment. We will make dad do all households.

Anika: we will not do anything like this.

Anay: y ? Do u love him?

Shivay is eagerly looking at anika.

Anika looking at him: mera dimag kharab hai job inse pyar karungi.

Anay: then its done he will stay here.we will punish him.

He looks at shivay.

Anay(in commanding tone): u can stay here for 1 month but u have to do all those things we say.

Anika: billu…..

Shivay: done.

Anika looks at him in shock: r u mad? U don’t know about anay,u will regret later.

Shivay: I thought he is ur carbon copy but see after all he is my son.he knows to make deals

Anika:but not like you who runs after money,status…

Shivay: anika….

She leaves to her room.he tries to follow her,anay stops him.

He gets a stool and climbs on it and looks into shivay eyes.

Anay: if u try to hurt my mumma again ,I will punch in ur stomach.

Shivay: I will never hurt her.

Anay: pinky promise?

Shivay smiles n does pinky promise n tries to hug him.

Anay pushes him back:I know my mumma.if I say I want u she will not refuse me.she loves me a lot.but she loves u also a lot(shivay looks at him emotionally) I saw her crying many times holding her black thread(mangalsutra).she said its ur memory.it means she loves u n misses u.right?

Shivay nods n tries to hugs him again.anay pushes him.

Anay: I also saw u crying saying sry holding the PIC. That’s my mumma PIC na?

Shivay nods.

Anay: it means u also love her.then make my mumma agree with ur love in one month.if she wants to stay with u then I will come to u,if not I will not meet u ever.understood?(showing finger to shivay)

Shivay: yes sir(saluting)

Anay looks at him .shivay: but can I hug u plsss ?

Anay thinks looking here n there for a while and nods.
Shivay hugs him tightly n lifts him n makes rounds in happiness.

Anay: dad!!

Shivay gets emotional n holds him in arms.

Anay: I want my mumma always.I also want my dad.

Shivay looks at him crying happily n kisses him on forehead.

Anay: ewwww my face(he gets down from his arms)shivay laughs at him.

Anay: don’t laugh.there is a very big task in name of my mumma.

Shivay: that’s true(giving worried look)

Anay: buy don’t wry.y fear when anay is here.I will help u but if mumma don’t want to come you even after 1 month then I will also forget u for forever.(making sad face)

Shivay kneels down: it will not happen.when u r on my side then I will win her.

Anay: I will be always on mumma side(he shows his tongue n runs into street,Shivay runs after him )

Anika sees them running after each other from room window n cries happily.

Anika: anay I know u want ur dad.I don’t have any right to keep u far from him.I will never make u far from him if its ur happiness. But for me he is just ur dad not my husband.(she becomes sad)


Anika makes dinner n keeps plate for herself n anay on dining table.anay is playing with spoons.shivay sitting on sofa n looking at her with a hope she will call him.
Anika looks at him n keeps a plate for him too.shivay smiles n joins them.anika keeps aloo puri in her plate n keeps the bowl in front of shivay.

Anika: billu!!!

Shivay/anay: ha

Anika: I am calling my billu.

Anay: ha mumma!

Shivay: I am also ur billu na(making a puppy face)

Anay giggles.anika gives him angry look.anay keeps mum.

Anika: come sit next to me.anay goes n sits btw shivay n anika.

Anika feeds him lovingly.shivay all the while glaring at his wife n son.anika makes him drink water.anay then leans towards anika.anika fastly gets up.

Anika: don’t stain my dress with ur oily mouth.go n wash ur face.(saying this she kaves to kitchen)

Anay makes a pout n then turns to shivay. Shivay covers his kurta with his hands.

Anay: think well(showing anika)

Shivay takes his hands back.anay goes n wipes his mouth with his kurta n then kisses him n runs to his shelf area.Shivay smiles looking at him.anika comes n keeps glass of janjeer in front of shivay.(as shivay is not habituated of oily food)

Shivay smiles n abt to say something but she leaves without saying anything.

The house is simple but was has all love.there is small living area with sofa n dining n book shelf.a small kitchen and a bedroom with joint bathroom.

Anay took a story book n looks back at shivay.

Shivay: I will read for u.

Anay: no way!! U read story like a song without sur.

Anika remembers his singing skills n bursts out into laughter.shivay gets mesmerised with her.anika suddenly looks at him n stops her laugh.

Anay: billu! U sleep on sofa.I know u will get hurt in back but u have to get punishment na !! Right mumma?

Anika: u can sleep on bed with anay.I will sleep here.

Anay holds both of them n drags them to bed n makes them sit either side n he lay downs in middle.

Anika makes him listen story with her anika mode on,moving hands here there,expressing as if she is in story.shivay also listening to the story as if he is a kid.eventually anay skips into sleep.anika covers him n takes pillow n leaves to hall.shivay follows her.

Shivay: anika ! U sleep there.

Anika: its OK.

Shivay holds her hand n pulls her: anika I did mistake ,so punishment should be given to me.

Anika: this is the difference I can’t even punish u.when u can easily make people helpless.

Shivay: anika plsss forgive me.for our love.

Anika: our love ? There is never such thing.

Shivay holds her tight: there is always love btw us.now also.anay is symbol of our love.if u don’t love me why u shared things related to me to anay? Why u cry holding ur mangalsutra? Y r u still wearing it ? Answer me anika(in painful low voice)

Anika cries: I don’t hve answers shivay.but understand one thing for me u r just anay father that’s it.

She pushes him n tries to leave.shivay pulls her back.he wipes her tears n kisses on her cheek. Anika pushes him.but Shivay lifts her in arms n takes her to bed and lays her on bed.

Anika: u…

Shivay:shhhh(showing anay)

Anika looks at anay.shivay goes to other side n lay downs on bed.anika starts to get up but shivay holds her hand n keeps it on anay chest.anika stops resisting as it would disturbs anay sleep.

She angrily looks into Shivay blue loving eyes.with minutes passing down her anger turns to pleasant look n she skips into sleep.shivay looks at her ,kisses her hand n then kisses anay.he adjusts blanket n he too sleeps eventually holding her hand.

Next mrng: shivay wakes up by hearing noises of anika from bathroom.he slept peacefully without sleeping pills after a long time.anika is shouting at anay as he is doing shaitani with water in bathroom.shivay peeps inside n smiles looking at them.anay runs out with towel after bath n shivay enters.
Shivay: will u help in my bath also?
Anika gives him a plain look n is abt to leave.shivay pulls her back n gives her a peck on her lips instantly.anika eyes get widened n she runs out immediately.
She composes herself n makes anay ready for school.

Days r passing like this anay makes shivay clean the house which makes him get fever n anika takes care of him for 2 days completely with shivay not leaving single chance to hold her ,tease her,romance her,apologise her making her fall in love again.anay makes shivay cook his fav dishes which he did happily.

Shivay witnessed anay teaching anika maths.and he also joined anay n teased anika when she does wrong calculations.which resulted in anika panibaazi on shivay.shivay trying to take revenge from her with romance.they played togther as anay insisted.anay gave all those tasks to shivay intentionally so that his mom cares for him n support him.Shivay with the help of anay almost won anikas heart now she talks to him directly without any hesitation.now she gives instructions to shivay like she does to anay.at times when they both tease her,she calls both of them Baghdad billa.they both make a puppy face to melt her.shivika even participated in parents day competition n made anay win.Shivay even taught anay his signature step. But our anika teases both of them doing that.

Omru also getting updates daily from shivay,they even visit them sometimes n dine together.they all even play cricket in streets with anay n other kids.shivay living there got to know the real meaning of life.

Shivay even gone through her financial state.he saw anay waiting for school bus along with anika in sun.he saw anika saving money n dividing it for all needs of house.he saw her busy with her canteen works.he saw her asking time to landlord to pay rent.but he never said I will drop anay in car,he never said I will buy this house,I will give u money.he knows anika will get hurt with this act.as a father he wants to give best to his son though his son is not having anything less in his life bcoz of his mom.he is waiting for them to come to mansion so that he can keep them like a queen n prince.but he did support her in this phase also. He worked along with her in her small canteen business.he also waited for school bus along with them,he made a perfect outplan of running house.

Anika of course realising his love ,his pain ,his regret,his care n concern.she is totally meted with shivay love in her n anay.may be she melted the day she got to know he punished himself staying away from family but she was not ready to accept.but now she is ready to accept her love for him but she just want him to ask her once.

Its last day of his stay.

Shivay is sitting sad in his room.
Anay goes to him:billu!! What happened?

Shivay: its last day but anika didn’t say anything .

Anay: oho!!! If u don’t ask her how will she say? Did u proposed her ?

Shivay: propose?

Anay: propose her to return to ur life like u proposed her for marriage.

Shivay: its….voh…..I….never…..proposed her…for…marriage.I just married her.

Anay gets angry n throws water on his face .

Shivay: fhat the wuck!!!

Anay: u r so boring.haye haye….what will I say to my friends about ur love story.they asked me yesterday I said I will ask u n say.but u didn’t proposed my mom?

Shivay: its ….that…time……circumstances…

Anay: chup!!!!

Shivay: okay! What u want me to do?

Anay : propose her now.

He drags shivay to hall.he brings anika from kitchen n makes her stand in front of him.anay goes behind anika n signals shivay to do.

Shivay: anika its……I…will…..u……

Anay hits his head n comes btw them.he kneels down on one leg.

Anay: mumma, billu!!! I want u both in my life.will u both be together with me rest of my life? Will u love me always?
Shivay ,anika get emotional n hug him together kneeling down.they both look at him nodding their head.they both try to kiss him on cheek,but he backs off.shivika gets closer n moment becomes awkward.anika tries to get up but shivay stops her.

Shivay: anika!!! I love you so much!!! Will u marry me?

Anika: marry? Shivay we have a kid also.

Omru enter just then: so what? We will do ur marriage again.

Anay shouts “ billu ki shadi hogi,billu ghode pe betega,billu ka sehra sajega…”

Rudra dances.om giggles.anika laughs.

Shivay: oh man!!!! Not again!!!!!


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